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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Guantánamo Activities in London last week

18-02-2008 23:06

A series of events took place in London this week calling for justice for Guantánamo detainees past and present, and for the detention camp to be closed down, taking in protests outside the Spanish Embassy and Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London Fashion Week and a packed meeting with Moazzam Begg in East London.

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Pauline Campbell arrested at HMP Styal

18-02-2008 14:35

Another death, another demonstration.
On January 23rd Lisa Marley aged 32 died in the ‘care’ of HMP Styal in Cheshire. On February 5th veteran campaigner Pauline Campbell brought her unique form of protest to the prison and was promptly arrested for the fifteenth time. Lisa was the sixth woman to die inside the walls of Styal since the death of Pauline’s daughter Sarah in 2003. She was the forty-first woman to die across England and Wales since that time.

Pictures below:

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Verdict awaited in Harmondsworth 4 trial.

18-02-2008 12:50

Photo by Endo
On Friday 15 February the judge finished summing up in the trial of four men who were in Harmondsworth IRC at the time of the protest there on 28 November 2006. This morning, Monday 18 February 2008, the prisoners will be at court waiting for the jury to return with its verdict on whether they should be found guilty of various charges, the main one of which is conspiracy to commit violent disorder.

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Kurds march in London for Ocalan and Peace

18-02-2008 12:38

Police at the head of the march
Roughly a thousand Kurds took part in a march in North London on Friday 15th Feb, calling for the release of Abdullah Ocalan and for peace in Kurdistan. The march marked the 9th anniversary of his illegal kidnapping in Kenya.
Pictures are copyright: (C) Peter Marshall - all rights reserved.

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international womens day:faslane!!

18-02-2008 12:37

international womens day:faslane!!

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Concentration camps in America: The consequences of 40 years of fear

18-02-2008 12:23

The incursions on civil liberties in the United States in the past 25 years, and particularly since 9-11, are mind-boggling. It matters not whether you are a Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, conservative or liberal, you have been deprived of substantial freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, unnecessarily, in the War on Terrorism. Fear the loss, perceive the danger, and do something about it!

The calendar may say 2008, but, increasingly, we’re living in 1984. America may not have concentration camps yet, but we’re sure enough working on ‘em.

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Food Not Bombs (Brixton) - Police Repression.

17-02-2008 23:26

Sunny Winter's Day, Tasty Vegan Food, Anti-Social Behaviour?!?!
Those enjoying the regular open picnic were forced to leave Brixton Town Square today in a typically heavy-handed Metropolitan Police fiasco.

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Support The Harmondsworth 4! - Demonstrate 18 February 9.30-10.30am – Jury is no

17-02-2008 14:00

On Friday 15 February the judge finished summing up in the trial of four men who were in Harmondsworth IRC at the time of the protest there on 28 November 2006. The jury are now considering whether the four should be found guilty of various charges, the main one of which is conspiracy to commit violent disorder. There has been a demonstration each Monday morning throughout the trial, and solidarity is even more important for this final week. Please join us!

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Holding Barack Obama Accountable

17-02-2008 11:12

What would holding Barack Obama accountable on war and peace, on social security, health care and other issues look like, and is it possible to hold a political "rock star" accountable at all?

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How U.S. Government Can use NSA Spy-Wiretaps against European Citizens in Court

17-02-2008 00:18


See former U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft's intentions to use illegal-wiretaps against ordinary U.S. Citizens, going back decades: not only against potential terrorists.

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Dead Prez concert ends in a riot after arrest

16-02-2008 17:46

The incident began when a campus police officer arrested a suspect on misdemeanor assault charges... Rioters then smashed in the cruiser's windows, graffitied the car and looted its contents, which included a laptop and radar gun before flipping the car over.

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Sheffield activists ruin Friday for army recuiters...

16-02-2008 15:12

To mark the fifth anniversary of the 2,000,000-strong anti-war demo in London, members of the Sheffield Activist Network (SAN) blockaded the city's military recruitment centre on Church Street.

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More CDG lies exposed

16-02-2008 13:38

Following inquiries by DWP concerned at adverse comments on Indymedia UK, CDG were asked to comment. Their comments make interesting reading and reveal the extent to which they are prepared to lie to hang on to their lucrative training contracts.

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Unlawful Detention

16-02-2008 10:24

An asylum seeker continues to languish in Britains (Guantanamo Bay) Harmondsworth Detention Centre for 8 months after been detained despite the facts that it is against Home Office published policy on detention, on parents enagaged in Child Contact Proceedings and Case law regarding eminent removal.

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Midsummer House – Valentines Protest

15-02-2008 20:42

Valentines Day demo at Midsummer House, Cambridge.

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Disability to be privatised

15-02-2008 16:47

Disability claimants to be outsourced to private companies.

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Brown gives yet another speech on training

15-02-2008 16:40

Today Gordon gave a major speech on training to a Labour conference in Wales.

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Warfare of the Whisper –dividing the people and keeping them ignorant

15-02-2008 15:30

When the truth is too horrible to acknowledge, then it becomes very easy to believe in a series of lies instead. If the truth is that our leaders are really monsters, who have purposely manufactured a planned genocidal world war, in order to preserve America’s fading position in the world, then the truth becomes almost impossible to believe.

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Guantánamo Britons’ Spanish extradition request: an update

15-02-2008 13:47

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” reports on the latest stage in the Spanish government’s attempts to extradite Omar Deghayes and Jamil El-Banna, two of the three Britons freed from Guantánamo in December, on long-discredited charges.

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Scientology: what it is and why we fight it

15-02-2008 13:14

0. Prologue.

Tottenham Court Road, 10th February 2008. A busy London high street filled with shoppers. On one side of the road, the “Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Centre”. On the other, a crowd of people clad in V for Vendetta masks, dancing to Rick Astley and holding placards. Fair Game. Lisa McPherson. The Rehabilitation Project Force. What in the name of Xenu are they on about?