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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The Revolution Is Televised Here

30-01-2011 07:19

Rage Against the Machine
Dialectic is dialogue between people who may hold different

views but who wish to find the truth of the matter discussed,

in the exchange of their views, while applying reason and


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Internet Access: Formidable tool to curb and control mass mobilizations!

29-01-2011 18:50

The Egypt Lesson: As soon as the oppressed working people start making use of the Internet - as they should - for political or even emancipatory purposes, the ruling classes respond ever so "democratically" with the suspension of free access to free information and communication.

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UG#536 - Beyond Hierarchy (Anarchist Audiocollage)

29-01-2011 14:16

This week we mark a year since Lyn's last new episode by deviating from our usual format. Instead of a few separate speeches, an audio collage of speakers, some with backing music. The most prominent voice is Noam Chomsky's, but he is supported by a couple of dozen others from earlier episodes and other sources. The overarching theme is the need to question the existing reality, especially to shake off the hierarchical institutions and prejudices of the past, and embrace a new spirit of autonomy that respects the individual.

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tadamonan maa massr – In solidarity with Egypt, London last night

29-01-2011 11:12

Folks gathered outside the steps of the British Museum as it was closing last night to show solidarity to those on the streets of Egypt.

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Admissibility of WikiLeaks Cable to be tested on Sri Lanka massacres of 2009

29-01-2011 09:18

Chief Guest at Brittania Naval College Do - 2007
TamilNet reports that the use of Wikileaks cables as admissible evidence is to be tested in US courts as Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka runs away from another private visit to the US.
This has significant impact on UK wide legal attempts to indict the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes in Sri Lanka, 2009 - many residing in the UK if not frequent visitors.

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Egyptian protestors' tactical guide

29-01-2011 06:19

"How to protest intelligently"
The attatchment is a translation of a guide for Egyptian protestors. Contains some advice that's pretty useful against oppressive state forces in other parts of the world as well.

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REVOLUTION: Can Egyptians revolt?

28-01-2011 23:45

Inspired by the Tunisian example, Egyptians take to the streets in their own protest. But can it last? ... The traditional wisdom has always been that Egyptians don't revolt simply because they are an agricultural society. Farmers require stability and patience to tend their land. Farmers also need a strong central government to protect them against natural disasters, such as floods and droughts. Egypt is no longer an agricultural society.

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Anonymous Press Release January 28th 2011

28-01-2011 17:19

Anonymous address governments of the world re : Egypt Uprising.

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Emergency Solidarity Demo for the Thessaloniki 4 // 11am Saturday Jan 29th* // G

28-01-2011 14:11

The saga of the trial currently taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece continues with a judgement on the four now due on Monday January 31st.
It was always clear that the trial and the repression which preceded was motivated and directed at the highest levels of the Greek State.

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Egyptian day of action becomes revolution

28-01-2011 13:32

Overnight dissidents have been arrested. The state has forcibly downed the mobile phone and internet networks. Info on today's events is therefore reliant on corporate media reporters present at the scene. Currently it seems mass groups around the country are overpowering rubber-bullet wielding cops and seizing state infrastructure. Expect the fall of the government.

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Activists blockade Belgian detention centre

28-01-2011 12:51

merksplas 1
Activists are blockading the Merksplas immigration detention centre in Belgium. Updates through the day on indymedia bruxelles and

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Cops clampdown before demo on Sat 29th?

28-01-2011 09:56

The cops appear to be clamping down in advance of the demonstrations in London and Manchester on Saturday.

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Help stop a massacre in Egypt

28-01-2011 09:49

At least six protesters in Egypt have already been killed in the recent protests, many more injured. Today is going to be the biggest day of protests yet.

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Open Letter From ANONYMOUS To The UK Government

27-01-2011 19:04

Anonymous respond to arrest of 5 members in the UK...

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5 Arrested In UK For Anonymous Cyber-Actions

27-01-2011 14:45

Scotland Yard has arrested five people under the Computer Misuse Act as part of its investigation into alleged attacks by the Anonymous hacking collective.

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document of shame

27-01-2011 14:17

the story of the missing kids Where do all the missing children go? This true certified documentary from the French tv station gives us an insight into the European child trade. Think the police or gardai will aid you when your child goes missing? Think again! Money corrupts.

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mark Kennedy was invited to Germany to infiltrate the anti-fascist movement

27-01-2011 11:21

The Guardian have run a story, based on a article,,1518,741826,00.html (which credits for it's photo!) which "Kennedy's involvement in criminal activity during his time in Germany highlights concerns that he was working as an agent provocateur and not just an observer of the activists." An extract of the article in the Guardian follows.

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Senior woman anti-nuke campaigner jailed for 45 days in Scotland

27-01-2011 10:11

Nuclear weapon - ICJ could find no lawful threat or use
Georgina Smith, aged 81, jailed for second time over refusal to pay for 2006 'redecoration' of High Court in Edinburgh

Georgina Smith was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday 26 January 2011) to 45 days' imprisonment by Fort William Sheriff Court to for refusing to comply with a compensation order for damage for painting the sandstone wall of the Edinburgh High Court in Scotland in 2006, during the year-long Faslane 365 campaign. Georgina and Helen John had already served sentences in Cornton Vale prison in relation to this action, but had refused to pay the compensation order.

Check back here for details of where to send letters and cards of solidarity. In the meantime, messages of support can be sent to media [at] . These will be forwarded to Georgina.

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Holy Land 5: "The Nelson Mandelas of the 21th century"!

26-01-2011 22:42

It can always become worse. In 2009 5 members of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) are tried to 15 - 65 years of detention in the Wild West. Why? For donating emergency (medical-food) goods and supplying money to the refugees of the Gaza-strip! In 2001 the Bush administration shut the foundation down, although no direct links have been found with Hamas. Guilty by association. Israël and the FBI were folowing HLF from 1993 onwards and harrassing the members of HLF.

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Anonymous Press Statement : Operation Egypt

26-01-2011 17:24

To the Egyptian Govt : Anonymous challenges all those who are involved in censorship. Anonymous wants you to offer free access to uncensored media in your entire country. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your govt websites, we will also make sure that the international media see the horrid reality you impose on your people!