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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The Games Must Go On!

06-07-2005 10:33

The issue dominating the news today is... you guessed it, the bid to host a sporting event seven years in the future, the Olympics!

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Stop and search - a taste of things to come.

06-07-2005 09:34

Even Joe Public needs a pass now
As protestors drifted away from the Sheraton and the "ordinary public" started to arrive for work, we got a taste of what Britain might be like post the introduction of ID cards.

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G8 whithout any news from ten french activits arrested monday

06-07-2005 01:49

Sunday July 04, the police forces made a massive descent in Edinburgh where were converging thousands of anti-G8 militants. 120 militants were arrested arbitrarily.Among them, members of the European sambas network taking part in the pink block, festif and nonviolent.

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Crane occupation in Edinburgh - further details

05-07-2005 18:54

Crane stoppers protest against 'Brownwash' of anti-poverty movement

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Carnival Violence. Pics & Analysis.

05-07-2005 18:24

First they came for the medics...
Pictures and report from Carnival of full enjoyment.

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Changing The Spots?

05-07-2005 18:21

Fascism in the UK and America.

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Section 60 serches or just ID checks?

05-07-2005 16:17

Someone being searched under section 60.
The police has stopped under section 60 (search for weapons powers) 3 people around the media center and the only thing they did is note down their ID numbers and description -- nothing about weapons!

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Stories from the back passage - the scene behind Edinburgh courthouse

05-07-2005 16:06

They said that the G8 was going to be bad for small business, but the seedy sauna at the back of Edinburgh's courthouse is probably feeling the pinch more than most

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Court Solidarity action in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 14:21

A small group of protesters are staging a solidarity demonstration, in support of those arrested yesterday. Around 20 people are holding a banner outside the back door of the Edinburgh courts where those arrested will be driven through.

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Small Video - Local retaliation Monday

05-07-2005 13:40

Local relatiate to Police taking over their town. Small Video not duplicate of earlier one.

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Be advised

05-07-2005 13:37

Information on police

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From Patient to Mass Murderer

05-07-2005 13:28

Terror group manipulates vulnerable Arab woman to blow herself and kill her doctors.

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Australian Industroal Relations Terror

05-07-2005 11:29

"Bosses are waiting with bagful of money to give a way to workers – but the bloody union leaders are standing in between because they don't want to loose their powers".

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05-07-2005 11:25

Five people were detained under the Terrorist Act at Stanstead airport this morning, Tuesday 5th July, and interrogated about whether they had been involved in yesterday’s Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

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Happy Independence Day to The Land of the Free

05-07-2005 10:07

Each year, there are some 3,000 reported deaths-in-custody
Each year, there are some 3,000 reported deaths-in-custody. Ten years ago, only 150 deaths-in-custody were reported. The incarceration rate in the USA is currently 726 per 100,000 people. Almost two thirds of world countries have incarceration rates of 150 or below, per 100,000 people. The USA has the toughest prison sentences in the world, which include the death sentence and life in prison without parole.

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Injustice of Land Ownership in Scotland

05-07-2005 09:22

Inequality in land ownership and the difficulties of siting Hori-zone

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Edinburgh G8 Carnival - Soundsystem Seized by Police

05-07-2005 08:08

graff from geneva - evian G8
Yesterday on Monday 4th July police in Edinburgh seized a sound system near to Princes Street at around 12.30pm.

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Princess Street G8 Carnival Rooftop Pics

05-07-2005 08:05

Pics from the Carnival for full enjoyment - edinburgh - monday 4th July.

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Hospital workers report treating 30 fence spike injuries (carnival edinburgh)

05-07-2005 07:55

When police laucnhed baton charges against people at the Princes street park yesterday they were forcing people to climb over a fence with spiked railings. There was no choice for many as the police rained down blows and they were forced to climb the metal fence.