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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Make Poverty History-what Taiwan has been doing for 40 years

03-07-2005 16:38

An article about Taiwan, an isolated county
in the global community, and its support
and participation to Make Poverty History.

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Arrival and demonstation pictures

03-07-2005 14:57

Pictures from the train arrival, and the july 2 anti-capitalist march.

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Israeli army invades Nablus again - ISM report

03-07-2005 14:56

Scores of Israeli army vehicles invaded Nablus today. Surely there can be no claims of a ceasefire on the Israeli side now.

Israeli armed vehicles entered Nablus just before 1pm, speeding around and firing randomly. Newly arrived international visitors, unused to the thunderous echoes from town's rocky hillsides thought they were under full scale military attack. Apache helicopters whirred overheard, their conspicuous presence preparing residents for an assassination. F-16 fighter jets screeched across the sky (Fighter? The Palestinians have no anti-aircraft weapons, let alone an air force).

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Supporters harassed by odd copper, as detainees starve at Campsfield.

03-07-2005 14:55

Abusive policing mars demonstration of solidarity with Zimbabwean hunger strike.

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Inside the anti-capitalist pen

03-07-2005 13:15

Photos from inside the anti-capitalist pen at the Make Poverty History marck, july 2nd.

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Geldof's Live Shame Show

03-07-2005 13:13

Urging the G8 leaders to do more to help Africa is begging the same people for mercy who represent the inhuman systems. And nothing was said about poverty's origins, stopping the illegal wars or the taking of the African oil: again cheating Africa out of trillions.

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Britain taught Uzbek killers "marksmanship" two months before Andijan massacre

03-07-2005 10:45

British military advisers trained Uzbek troops in "marksmanship" shortly before a massacre in which hundreds of people were killed. The training was part of a larger programme funded by Britain despite concerns expressed by the Foreign Office at the time over the Uzbekistan government's human rights record.

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UK-based airline running guns to Congo killers - Amnesty calls for inquiry

03-07-2005 10:41

REBEL groups terrorising civilians in eastern Congo, where a devastating war marked by widespread atrocities has killed nearly 4m people, are doing so with weapons and ammunition flown to Africa by a British-based airline.

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Unidentifiable Police arrest protestor outside Forest Cafe

03-07-2005 09:32

When uniformed police moved in to close down an impromptu street party outside the Forest Cafe (which had a late license until 5am), a protestor was arrested by cops with all id removed and taken in an unnumbered van to an undisclosed location.

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Anti-Mugabe on the march

03-07-2005 08:51

The MPH march with the noisy and colourful anti-Mugabe section

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Monster of the moment

03-07-2005 05:57

Zimbabwe is being hypocritically vilified by the west for forced slum clearances that are routine throughout the developing world.

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Confrontation between anarchist bloc and cops.

03-07-2005 00:56

Today there was a minor ruck between the anarchist bloc and local plods who seemed to be taking their orders from MET Police.

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Pictures of Police Pen in Edingurgh demo

02-07-2005 19:44

Report to follow soon...

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Pics of autonomous march attacked by police

02-07-2005 18:30

passing a cafe just before the police rushed the front of the march
an unpermitted march left the meadows at around 2pm today and was very quickly blocked by police. soon and it was on the move again before police rushed the front of the march hitting people with batons and chasing people with banners. after that some bins were dragged into the streets before riot police with full shields were deployed and hundreds of people surrounded for several hours. people came to support them and played music by the cordon and they were eveantualy let out several hours later.

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video: G8 meeting in Sheffield 11-17.06.05

02-07-2005 14:23

video still1: young woman and police
This is a edit of a film put together by IMC Nottingham since the G8 demonstrations in Sheffield between the 11th - 17th of June 2005.

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02-07-2005 06:56

It is a well known fact that police do not like paperwork.

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street views of edinburgh

02-07-2005 01:38

pics from walking around

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Council Spokesman Agrees to Remove CCTV at Jack Kane after Pilrig Park Camp

02-07-2005 01:27

A large group of people from the Resist train into edinburgh chose not to go to the Jack Kane campsite with its CCTV, private security, fences and so on.

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Pilrig Park being Evicted HELP NEEDED

01-07-2005 23:27

I have just heard Pilrig Park down Leith Walk is being evicted right now. 50 cops 150 protesters. Please come down to help!

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G8 Train Kings Cross (video + audio interviews)

01-07-2005 20:57

Video Video
This 15 minute 'video' of the departure of the G8 train from Kings Cross is mostly audio due to: the prevention of terrorism Act | a station by-law | because I have long hair [delete as seems most applicable]

The audio from this video (most interviews) may be used as a radio segement.