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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Melbourne Anti-Racism - Friday

17-12-2005 02:14

Response to Racism and the Terror War
Masses of Melbournians unite to demonstrate as a response to Racism and the Terror War.

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17-12-2005 01:30

THIS IS PROBABLY THE FIRST TIME YOU WILL SEE THIS PROOF -- BUT NOT THE LAST.......The meeting gave the US permission for "renditions" -- kidnapping Muslims off the streets of Europe -- and CIA flights to take them to prison without trial (and, it turns out, to torture). I'll quote from an EU-US meeting and show you the web link, you judge. Here's the link:$File/st05762.en03.pdf Furthermore, the US has secret CTICs -- joint-venture spy nests -- in over 25 countries! Condoleeza Rice is right, Gerhard Schroeder is wrong: The secret services in these countries certainly knew what we were doing because they were doing it with us! I will list the countries I know about. While poor Bob Lady (alleged CIA renditioner) sits out an exile (possibly in Punta Gorda, Florida, instead of his retirement villa in Asti, Italy), lying hypocrites in European governments deny knowledge of renditions like the one he allegedly did in Italy.

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Inspiring photos from the WTO summit in Hong Kong

16-12-2005 23:30

Here some more inspiring photos from the WTO summit in Hong Kong. See feature for more info.

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Pictures of Glasgow No Borders Blockades

16-12-2005 18:04

Wednesday, workers could still drive in
This is a compilation of photos from this week's two blockades of the Home Office in Glasgow.

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Sydney beaches unsafe

16-12-2005 18:04

Searched at checkpoints
Those who ignore the advice will have their cars searched at checkpoints and will be turned away by police, unless they have a valid reason for going into the areas.

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Support the July 7th survivor's online petition for a Public Inquiry

16-12-2005 17:54

"Apparently it will 'take too long', 'be too expensive' and 'only tell us things we already know.' We have spent a thousand days in Iraq and £3.1 billion. Is that too long? Is that too expensive? Is the link between Iraq and July 7th what we already know?" - Rachel, London Bombings survivor

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Opposition leader jailed in Venezuela

16-12-2005 13:25

Carlos Ortega, one of the top opposition leaders in Venezuela, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for inciting civil unrest during a strike. Following a military coup d'etat in 2002, the two-month strike battered the country's oil industry in a effort ot oust the elected president Hugo Chavez.

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HoWARd's Muslim scapegoat captives ask for mercy!

16-12-2005 06:02

Shame hoWARd shame on you!
So the only difference here is that these men are being used as scapegoats by ASIO via john hoWARd to wipe their arse on, anytime they feel like it, based on what this group allegedly said in a private conversation. Shame hoWARd shame on you!

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Victory against New Labour: Edinburgh says NO to privatisation of Council Housing Stock Transfer

16-12-2005 00:40

logo of Britain-wide Defend Council Housing Campaign

Grassroots tenants groups have celebrated today the "no" vote against transfering Council Houses in Edinburgh to a newly founded Housing Association.
The City of Edinburgh Council publicised the outcome of the ballot.
53% of eligable tenants voted "No" in the ballot which had a turnout of about 60%.
The grassroot groups took on a battle against an estimated £21 million PR campaign funded by the Scottish executive - and won!
The ballot was brought forward from Spring 2006 to November 2005 to avoid unpleasant findings by Audit Scotland, which researches the effects of council housing stock transfer at the moment, and then furthermore brought the vote forward another six days to make a possible legal challenge by the Scottish Tenants Organisation impossible.
[Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House! | Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: feature | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: article | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: feature | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: article]

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Uruguay's political prisoners freed

15-12-2005 20:59

Fellow activists and family members celebrated the release of Uruguay’s four political prisoners in Montevideo’s central plaza moments after the detainees’ release on Friday.

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South American Death Squads and Tasers

15-12-2005 16:49

Chile swings from hard right to hard left
The connection between Taser International and the country of Chile dates to before the millennium. Shortly after assignment of their Middle Eastern sales territory to former Steman International representative, Malcolm Shermer, the South American territories were awarded.

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CIA extraordinary rendition

15-12-2005 16:15

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, that is the chorus of George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair and Jack Straw. Or are they all just blatantly lying?

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MP discredits Aspartame

15-12-2005 10:54

Pushed through legislation, this sweetner is in many products if only you looked at the list of ingredients! "potentially" unsafe for you!

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Canada v. George W. Bush - The Trial of the Millennum

15-12-2005 05:16

I again, near the end of your free time here, am asking for Americans to help
me protect our freedom as it pertains to the false allegations that have been
leveled against myself as a true living god by your seriously criminal demon
leader dictator, the truly evil, Mr. bush Jr..

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Cheney's January 2005 trip to Poland to visit secret CIA torture center

15-12-2005 01:39

Informed sources in Washington report that when Dick Cheney flew to Poland for the 60th anniversary ceremonies marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp last January, his three day visit also included a clandestine visit to a secret CIA camp in Poland where suspected "Al Qaeda" prisoners were being subjected to torture.

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An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Government Terrorists

14-12-2005 21:37

An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Counterintelligence Agencies Who Operate Under The Facade Of Legitimate Law Enforcement While Perpetrating Covert Forms Of Terrorism Against Targeted American Citizens

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Australian state government prepares savage attack on democratic rights

14-12-2005 20:56

To further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda
Likewise, in the wake of the racial violence, there will be no public discussion or even the semblance of a parliamentary debate on Iemma's new legislation today. Having created the social and political climate that has led to the clashes in Sydney, the political establishment is rushing to exploit the situation to further its own right-wing "law and order" agenda.

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Turk dissident Orhan Pamuk- trial due...

14-12-2005 16:03

As I recall the Turkish writer and dissident is due in court on December 16th over his comments about the 'massacre' of Armenians and Kurds during the 1st world war.
Here's the article in the ObserverOctober 23nd.

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Court agrees to review constitutional questions in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

14-12-2005 15:43

Supporters of Pennsylvania death row inmate and independent journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal celebrated on December 6th as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted two "certificates of appealabilty" to Jamal for alleged violations of constitutional rights in his 1982 trial and his 1985 state appeal. The court also called for a brief on a third point that had been previously certified for appeal