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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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NEW GROUP-NGOs for Palestine

11-03-2004 09:33

I've just formed a group called NGOs for Palestine,
which seeks to promote the human rights of all
Palestinian people.

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Rogue Midwives: Birthing on the Sly

10-03-2004 22:01

Women helping other women deliver babies is as old as humanity. It makes sense. So why do mainstream doctors and hospitals act like midwifery is some radical, dangerous, medically-irresponsible quackery? In Scandanavia, the UK, and the Netherlands, female midwifery is a thriving occupation. Yet in America, it has been constructively outlawed as a profession, for 100 years.

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Info about 'Auto-organisation' conference in Berlin April 4th-11th

10-03-2004 17:16

'Auto-organisation' is a conferencnce and series of actions taking place in Berlin from April 4th-11th and is open to all individuals and groups involved or interested in sef-managed projects, iniviatives, groups and collectives.

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10-03-2004 17:08

The CPT decided to visit Turkey in the following days, claiming that it will control the F-Type prisons.
Therefore it has asked the Turkish Ministry of Justice for the necessary permissions.
In a statement published by the Anadolu Agency, the official press agency of the Turkish State, the CPT declared: "The committee is going to visit the physical and social facilities within the prisons. The physical and social facilities of the F-Type prisons in Turkey are in a very well condition. Some of the convicts participate in the production in the ateliers which were established in different areas and get paid their insurances." With such a statement they want to submit the torturous regime in Turkey 'We're going to examine your prisons. But don't worry, we're not against the torture you apply. We have to find a way to silence our own public, that's why we're going to visit them.'

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"ayatollah Charles" >The Picture

09-03-2004 21:56

ayatollah monarch
He is known to Iran's youth as "ayatollah Charles". No wonder why!

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Ayatollah Charles!

09-03-2004 21:51

He is known as "ayatollah Charles" by the Iranian youth who are beaten times and again with British made Electric Batons for their freedom movement.

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Cambridge Bail Circle Launched

09-03-2004 16:51

A new organisation to help asylum seekers detained at the Oakington reception centre has been launched this week. The Cambridge Bail Circle is made up of local volunteers who object to the Government’s policy of locking up asylum seekers who have committed no crime while their applications for asylum are being considered.

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China Labour Action Express No. 44

09-03-2004 16:06


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Haiti: 12 Year Old Girl On Death Squad Hit List For Giving Aristide Flowers

09-03-2004 12:32

Restavek girl on Hit List for giving Aristide flowers

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09-03-2004 11:25

55 foot banner across the A40!
Activists last Friday performed a banner drop on the A40 to raise awareness about the injustice and illegality of Israel's Apartheid Wall and to promote the website

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"We are women, we are strong" - Miners Strike 20th Anniversary Events

09-03-2004 10:33

The strike took place between March 1984 and March 1985, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and the Tories were in power.

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International Women's Day interview with Claire Robillard

08-03-2004 18:41

Every year, women around the world gather to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. The occasion provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress made towards equality and justice for women, and to demand change in the struggle against sexism and patriarchy. Claire Robillard has helped organise International Women's Day events since she moved to Vancouver in 1994. Last week, Seven Oaks ( spoke to Robillard about the role of IWD and the women's movement in the context of severe cutbacks to women's centres and other programs necessary for women's equality in British Columbia.

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SchNEWS on 20th anniversary of Miners Strike

08-03-2004 15:02

SchNEWS on the 20th anniversary of the miners strike.

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Costain v the Earth:

08-03-2004 14:18

The battle for St David's Wood,
Blackwood, Gwent

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Hackney flats not evicted

08-03-2004 13:04

Most of the flats on estates in the kingsland area have not been evicted, and the situation has calmed down. Some unoccupied places have been smashed & boarded up by the council - I don't know whether any of these are squatters' homes, and the police say they have evicted some crack & smack houses. The council now say they will issue possesion proceedings through the courts, although they may try more DIY evictions in the comming days, especially if any flats are left unocupied.

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Hackney Council are about to illegally evict ten Flats right now ! !

08-03-2004 10:51

10.32 AM, As I write Hackney Council workers have arrived at Whiston Road on the Kingsland Estate to illegally evict dwellers living in ten flats, without applying to the local magistrates court. The police are expected to arrive at any minute to enforce this unlawful proceedure. The dwellers need support to resist this illegal eviction!

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Monster Makers at work

07-03-2004 19:31

History is full of Monster figures, but none come close to khomeini and those who gave birth to him & Islamist terrorists.

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Something about Haiti...

07-03-2004 14:19

So far the mainstream press has been critical of the democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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Bridge Man Trial Dates

07-03-2004 13:36

Next day in court is April Fools Day!

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The water rats report! ESF EXCLUSIVE

07-03-2004 00:45

Today the SWP used different people to speak at the 2nd European meeting to organises the London ESF. The green party deputy mare spoke but didn’t say anything – just like a politician. Finally, maybe we may perhaps might start thinking about the process… the was a secret smocked filled room were a real deal was done? Except this was the ESF so it was a light open room with lots of people looking on that did the deal… which maybe possibly could perhaps make the London ESF fulfil the principals of the Social forum movement. Please don’t be put off from participating because maybe, possibly, the is a chances the sects that fail to run the show maybe have noticed that they are not as essential as they always insisted.