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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Video: Locals retaliate to Police over-reaction - "Get off our streets"

05-07-2005 04:47

What happened on the streets of Edinburgh. Coporate Media has been blaming Anti-capitalists for disruption in Edinburgh on Monday. But after penning in many people, Police made the mistake of penning in some locals. They reacted, some got arrested and many retaliated.

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Clowns to the Rescue ?

05-07-2005 04:23

During the 'Make Poverty History' demonstration in Edinburgh on July 2nd the Police blockade the Black Block into a narrow street.
The Rebel Clown Alliance hear of their allies plight and attempt a rescue......

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edinburgh pictures (monday)

05-07-2005 00:36

Blood, i assume, on the pavement. 2:05pm
A collection of pictures from the protest.

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Outside the pen on Canning Street

04-07-2005 22:26

The crowd, about to be penned in
After cordoning part of the Carnival on Canning Street today, the police began to move fellow protestors, onlookers and press outside the cordon further and further away from the demonstrators. We ended up a few hundred yards away, right around the corner. Here is some of what we could see.

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Make History Poverty

04-07-2005 21:50

The Polis enforce a “Sanitised area” at the Make Poverty History Demo; we’re all under military occupation.

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04-07-2005 20:33

The President François-Xavier Verschave, is one of these rare Big People, honorable. Profoundly human, he was until the last breath, an engaged activist and fearless defender of the African, humbled continent, exploited and crushed by the French imperialism, the françafrique.

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It was meant to be a carnival.....

04-07-2005 19:30

but it turned into a riot. Or so you'd think, from the police tactics at the carnival for Full Enjoyment, here in Edinburgh today.

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Resistance to police aggression in St Davids Street

04-07-2005 18:50

Resistance to police push
A group of protestors and bystanders resist police pushing them from the pavement into a side street

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Photos from Cannon pen

04-07-2005 18:07

We were stuck on cannon street for 5 hours, even though nothing really happened.

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Bizzies Big Day Out in Edinburgh

04-07-2005 16:44

Cops arrive to block of Cannon Street
Having bought all this new cop stuff, Edinburgh's finest weren't going to miss out on the chance to use it.

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Emergency Network for Lonko Juana Calfunao

04-07-2005 15:56

Emergency Network for Lonko Juana Calfunao

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OutRage!-London Pride:Stop deporting gay Asylum Seekers.

04-07-2005 15:07

Gay rights group OutRage! demands the Government stop deporting gay Asylum Seekers to face further persecution and death.

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Jauies Amijo Arrested

04-07-2005 14:33

Evidence of plain clothes cops?

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WDM mocks Blair in G8 run-up

04-07-2005 13:46

To symbolise existing injustices, a grinning Blair fed crumbs from the rich nations' table while Bush on stilts whipped the developing nations in the run-up to the G8 meeting at Gleneagles July 2005.

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video: arrest outside the forrest cafe Edinburgh 2nd/3rd.07.05

04-07-2005 12:01

A short film showing the arrest of a G8 protester by unidentifiable police outside the Forrest Cafe, Edinburgh, on the night of the 2nd / 3rd July 2005.
Footage by Jason Parkinson.

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24 police vans seen heading north

04-07-2005 00:03

Late Sunday afternoon, the People's Patrol spotted three convoys of police vans, a group of 8 motorcycle police and a tractor trailer loaded with steel barricades.

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Belmarsh prison forced to back down on censorship

03-07-2005 22:17

Belmarsh prison forced to back down on censorship of radical newspaper –
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

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Irish Citizens Imprisoned on Behalf of Shell Oil

03-07-2005 21:02

The Irish Government has given Shell carte blanche with Ireland's energy resources. Shell plans to build the world's first-ever onshore gas processing plant in Mayo, and can now have the courts imprison anyone who tries to get in their way.

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Police harrasment on Edinburgh Make Poverty History March

03-07-2005 18:33

Police harrass, cordon and search group of protestors on Edinburgh Make Poverty History March

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EDO Admit Legal Liability For War Crimes

03-07-2005 16:53

Interstering quote AND MORE interesting titbits (with added editorial comments marked *with stars*) gleaned from EDOs 2004 annual report that may be of interest to campaigners..