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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The President Has Returned: All Hell Breaks Loose in Honduras!

22-09-2009 16:52

"This is a textbook example of what we've referred to before as "dilemma actions." It puts the coup regime on the horns of a dilemma, in which it has no good options. It can leave Zelaya to put together his government again from the Brazilian embassy with the active support of so many sectors of Honduran civil society, or it can try to arrest the President, provoking a nonviolent insurrection from the people of the kind that has toppled many a regime throughout history. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and, soon, day by day, the coup regime is losing its grip. At some point it will have to choose either to unleash a terrible violent wave of state terrorism upon the country's own people - which will provoke all out insurrection in response (guaranteed by Article 3 of the Honduran Constitution) - or Micheletti and his Simian Council can start packing their bags and seeking asylum someplace like Panama."

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Pride Parade cancelled in Serbia due to "security risks"

22-09-2009 12:37

This morning organisers Belgrad Pride held their final press conference before tomorrows pride parade. Except pride will not be held, due to high security risks and a lack of cooperation on the part of state and police to secure the event. Serbian police have cancelled permission for the pride to be held in its planned location in the centre of the city.

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Photos from Calais this morning

22-09-2009 10:09

Photos from Pashto 'jungle'

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The Peaceable Kingdom, Disrupted

21-09-2009 21:21

The sabotage of a public talk at the annual Vegan Festival at London’s Kensington Town Hall -- and why it’s not just my issue

By Lee Hall - Sept. 2009

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Calais info night and benefit gig, Brighton

21-09-2009 20:06

Info night this Tuesday, 22nd September, from 8.00pm at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

Benefit gig Friday 2nd October also at the Cowley Club

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CALAIS - focus on UK Border Agency, call for actions this Wednesday

21-09-2009 18:20

What is about to happen in Calais is not a matter 'for the French', it's part of a coordinated European approach to curbing migration. The responsibility for the situation facing migrants in Calais rests partly with the UK Border Agency, as well as the wider UK government, whose wars many people in Calais are trying to escape. For example, many Afghans in Calais talk of the UK as "my enemy's enemy", ie against the Taliban. But it's all fucked up. So they come to seek shelter in the UK.

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Resist! An RNC Aftermath Documentary

21-09-2009 18:03


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CALAIS - what's going on & how you can help

21-09-2009 17:43


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Vicious personal attacks on Tamsin Omond

21-09-2009 13:19

Tamsin Omond
Why is Indymedia UK being used to launch viscous personal attacks on Climate Rush founder Tamsin Omond?

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URGENT call out to Calais

21-09-2009 09:50

Destruction of jungles expected as early as tomorrow (Tuesday 22 September). Support needed!

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Photos from Palestine stall in Edinburgh on Saturday 19th September 2009

20-09-2009 17:14

20 photos from a lively and well attended stall for Palestine in Edinburgh's Princes Street on Saturday 19th

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Aida Quilcué – walking the word

19-09-2009 11:44

Aida Quilcué – walking the word
Saturday 26th September 3pm -7pm
Bolivar Hall, 56 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL

Sunday 27th September 6pm - 10pm
Telefono de la Esperanza, Unit 7, Fairfax House, Overton Road, Brixton, London, SW9 7JR

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Screws Party - Prison officers leader joins Socialist Party!!!!!

18-09-2009 23:58

Where is the left going? These guys aren't fluffy civil servants.

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Public Meeting Free Mahir Campaign! 22 Sep 09

18-09-2009 22:36

Dear Friends,

you are invited to the

bring ideas and a willingness to get active

Tues 22 Sept 2009, 7.30pm

Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Off Albert Square

FREE MAHIR! No to Deportations! Fight State Racism!

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an invitation from the police

18-09-2009 17:54

An invitation from the Metropolitan Police in Barnet
Not sure what to do when your mates are beaten up by the cops?
Help is at hand!

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Mitie Corporate HQ - SHUT DOWN

16-09-2009 17:49

We'll be back
Mitie shutdown before the noise demo even starts, we'll be back tomorrow.

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Gays in Iraq. Asylum for the Iraqi gay activist Anwar Basim Saleh

15-09-2009 23:41

Gays murdered in Iraq
Anwar Basim Saleh, the 21-year old Iraqi gay activist from Baghdad, is at present in Holland, where he has applied for asylum.