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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Support The International Court of Justice!

10-07-2004 09:52

An attempt to organise a campaign for the boycott of Israeli products in light of the decision of the International Court of Justice and the blatant disregard for this decision by both Israel and America.

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Yeah the wall is ILLEGAL (by Latuff)

10-07-2004 01:50

First of all, the Wall must fall!
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's terror.

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Asylum Seekers Evicted in Glasnevin, Dublin

09-07-2004 20:52

Thirty Asylum Seekers Evicted by Bailiffs supported by Gardai from Claremont Court, Glasnevin, Dublin at 5.45pm GMT

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US: Patriotic pride and fear

09-07-2004 19:13

Exploring questions of societal madness and contemporary fascism, Goldstein interviews political scientist Michael Parenti and psychologist Daniel Burston.

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Israel and Sen. Kerry ignore ruling on the "Palestinian Wailing Wall"

09-07-2004 13:18

"Israel has told the White House it has no intention of abiding by the World Court ruling, on the legality of its West Bank barrier." But, said Sen. Kerry, on Israel: "Right or Wrong, my Country!"

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modern slavery in Britain

09-07-2004 12:26

New Labour proposes slave labour for asylum seekers who are unable to provide evidence that they are personally at risk of persecution, but whose countries are deemed unsafe to deport to.

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Appeal from the Kurdish Community UK and Europe

09-07-2004 12:16

Campaigning Against Criminalising Communities
"There is something that you can do to help the Kurds. While a case appealing against the EU ban on the organisation is being prepared for the European Court of Justice, Kongra-Gel is asking people to join it if they want to work for peace and justice." Mark Thomas, New Statesman, 21 June 2004 (extract of article at end of message)

Appeal to Join Kongra-Gel and Show Opposition to the EU Terrorism Ban

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The Wall MUST Fall! Court ruling is leaked ...........

09-07-2004 09:58


The Wall MUST Fall!! Court ruling is leaked ...........

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PRESS RELEASE Privatisation of Iraq on Trial - POSSIBLY POSTPONED

07-07-2004 23:08

Privatisation of Iraq on Trial

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The Invasion of Haiti: How the UN Was Complicit in Crime

06-07-2004 16:18

The "international community" is often cited as either a bulwark against US imperialism, or as a counter-force to sovereign states which butcher their own people. In Haiti, it managed to be complicit with both.

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15th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

06-07-2004 09:48

The new bulletin by the Basque Observatory for Human Rights is available on our webpage, or clic directly englishbulletin

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Peace Campaigners Declare Iraq Procuremment Conference is Illegal

05-07-2004 23:11


Peace activists on trial claim international privatisation of Iraq is pillage and violates the Geneva Convention.

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Indymedia screening featuring Aubonne Bridge footage

05-07-2004 15:30

Indymedia cinema at the Ritzy in Brixton presents...

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05-07-2004 15:19


5 July 2004

A delegation of British MPs has just returned
from a visit to Botswana paid for and organised
by the government there. The Bushmen evicted from
their ancestral lands, whose situation they were
supposed to investigate, have denounced the visit
as 'controlled by the government.'

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Misuse of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

05-07-2004 12:40

Are Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) being misused? They were originally introduced to clamp down on yobs, but there is growing evidence they are being used to clampdown on political dissent.

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soldier testimonies: Occupying Hebron

05-07-2004 12:13

Closing a school, abusing civilians at a check point, following orders, staying in a family's comandeered home, posing for trophy photos with enemy bodies, being the law, enjoying power, feeling ashamed, getting addicted to controlling people, dispersing a funeral, wanting to forget, not caring, the ease in which you actually do whatever you want to do unsupervised, the unbearable lightness of these things that happen. 12,643 words of testimonies

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04-07-2004 15:39

QUOTE: US SENATOR KERRY: ''MY PRO-ISRAEL VOTING RECORD IS SECOND TO NONE." In the policy paper, which has not been released publicly, Kerry outlines clear, strongly worded positions on several issues important to the American Jewish community.

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The Allison Lance Watson Legal Defense

04-07-2004 10:53

...defending a true American who has for years unselfishly defended this land and the animals that share the wilderness and oceans with us. Last October she was called before a Federal Grand Jury in Seattle where she was ordered to provide information on individuals in the animal rights and environmental movement.

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Report of anti-occupation demonstration in Edinburgh on June 30th.

03-07-2004 15:50

March in Princes Street, Edinburgh's main thoroughfare.
This is a 2,000 word report of the June 30th anti-occupation of Iraq demo which was held in Edinburgh.

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FIT filth outside LARC

03-07-2004 11:44

Just a quick note...