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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan Valley

10-09-2005 09:50

In Israel and occupied Palestine the colour orange is symbolic of opposition to the Gaza ‘disengagement’. It can be seen on banners; t-shirts; propaganda material; protesters storming the old city in Jerusalem or the young people with petitions gathering signatures in Israeli bus stations. Orange streamers are handed out at road junctions in Israel and attached to cars flying down the settler-only highways of the West Bank.

It therefore came as a surprise to hear that one of the orange streamers was seen attached to a tractor belonging to a Bedouin Palestinian living in the Jordan Valley. When questioned, the man replied, “If they are thrown out of Gaza, they will come here. They are dangerous. We don’t want them here.”

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Documents point to 911 attack on America by White House crime families

10-09-2005 01:39

Sioux City, Iowa -- September 4, 2005 -- -- According to leaked documents from an intelligence file obtained through a military source in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), on or about September 12, 1991 non-performing and unauthorized gold-backed debt instruments were used to purchase ten-year "Brady" bonds. The bonds in turn were illegally employed as collateral to borrow $240 billion--120 in Japanese Yen and 120 in Deutsch Marks--exchanged for U.S. currency under false pretenses; or counterfeit and unlawful conversion of collateral against which an unlimited amount of money could be created in derivatives and debt instruments.

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Locals believe New Orleans Levees were Intentionally blown

10-09-2005 01:36

Could the levees in New Orleans have been INTENTIONALLY blown out in order to save sections of the city deemed to be more important? The locals certainly seem to think so, yet, as usual, the mainstream media is barely picking up on this wave of opinion, so it is left to us once again to bring the issue into the open.

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BBC to make secret g8 programme

09-09-2005 20:31

secret filming used at g8

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Yahoo helps jail Chinese Journalist!

09-09-2005 18:38

Yahoo 'helped jail China writer'

Western internet firms are rushing to invest in China
Internet giant Yahoo has been accused of supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for "divulging state secrets".

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So Paris bombs were state terrorism

09-09-2005 17:14

Infiltrate anti-catitalist organisations and turn them into terrorists! The 'Strategy of Tension' appears to have been working.
Blow up innocent people and blame it on the left or 'muslim extremists'. Now they are softening up the public for an all out attack on muslim nations and the Muslim faith - much like the attack on the Jews in the 1930's.
Try googling up 'strategy of tension' and 'Gladio' if you haven't already and you'll see the far right have been using the secrecy of intelligence cover to do this since the 1950's.

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FIT team harass Disarm DSEi convergence centre

09-09-2005 15:13

London's Forward Intelligence Team (F.I.T.) arrived 2 hrs and 6 mins after the address for the Disarm DSEi convergence centre was advertised on indymedia uk.

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The Lancet Medical Journal Attacks its Owners for Organising DSEi Arms Fair

09-09-2005 12:54

Here's the full texts from latest issue of highly respected medical journal The Lancet. Their criticism of their owners Reed Elsevier has hit the media with articles in the BBC and others:
etc etc

"The Lancet's editors and the journal's International Advisory Board were unaware of Reed Elsevier's involvement with DSEi until a few weeks ago. We are deeply troubled by this connection to the arms trade. On behalf of our readers and contributors, we respectfully ask Reed Elsevier to divest itself of all business interests that threaten human, and especially civilian, health and well-being."

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Pre-DSEi police intimidation

09-09-2005 12:41

Police stop and search, and picture taking at known squats in the run-up to DSEi arms fair

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09-09-2005 11:34


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

Babar Ahmad is a professional graduate born and raised in London. He was arrested by British authorities in December 2003. After intensive questioning and extensive searches of his property, he was released six days later without charge.
If substantial evidence against Babar Ahmad existed, he would have been charged

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With Jails Flooded, Bus Station Fills the Void

09-09-2005 09:48

"I was hoping to get some towels to get a bath with."
"All my towels - they was used up," Mr. Thomas said. "I was hoping to get some towels to get a bath with." Another man acknowledged that he had stolen a car and protested that government officials had encouraged residents to evacuate by any means necessary.

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Track and chase - the new war on liberty

09-09-2005 03:33

Frightening the public
The president of the Council for Civil Liberties, Terry O'Gorman, said once in place, the laws would never be removed. "The Prime Minister said today this combined package of powers will not mean a police state," he said. "We say it very much holds the potential for that to happen."

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New Orleans is an incredibly important place for Critical Resistance

08-09-2005 23:38

The militarized, brutal response towards those left behind
We are heartbroken by the devastation in a city we love -- and by the media's racist and classist portrayal of our communities, the demonization of our brothers and sisters who have been in dire straits for decades, and the militarized, brutal response towards those left behind.

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Conference Report On Anti Terror Laws and Punishment Without Trial

08-09-2005 23:01


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“Let’s Tackle the Shackles”

08-09-2005 20:30

Press release from Reprieve and Amnesty International

Thursday September 8th 2005

Why does Birmingham’s Hiatt Corporation continue to supply the shackles used during the abuse of 10 British residents and 500 other prisoners in Guantanamo Bay?

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Demo against Hiatt's trade in shackles used in Guantanamo Bay

08-09-2005 16:30

Baltimore Road, Perry Bar Birmingham home to torture manufacturer Hiatt

On Thursday 8th September a vibrant protest was held outside Hiatt 111-115 Baltimore Road in Perry Bar Birmingham to expose Hiatt’s appalling trade in handcuffs and shackles. Guantanamo prisoners are restrained with shackles which say ‘made in England by the Hiatt Corporation’.

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Guantanamo shackles made by Hiatt of Birmingham

08-09-2005 14:58

Abubaker Deghayes outside Hiatts
Hiatt of Birmingham manufacture the shackles used in Guantanamo Bay. Their factory was visited by Seize the Day, who performed their song, the Shackle Shuffle, along with Mark Thomas, Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, MP Lynne Jones and Abubaker Deghayes, brother of Guantanamo inmate Omar Deghayes.

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Police Seize Untransmitted G8 TV Tapes - Audio Interview (bbc / nuj)

08-09-2005 14:46

bbc good morning scotland interview about the bbc stance and short resistance to the warrents issued to seize unbroadcast footage from bbc, itv1 and sky of the events in edinburgh on monday 4th july

4mins 53secs
1.67MB MP3 @ 48kbps mono

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08-09-2005 14:03


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Columbian indigenous under attack by armed forces!

08-09-2005 12:21