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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New process against Italian anarchists - Desert the Fear

03-10-2008 09:31

Anarchists in Lecce, Southern Italy, face a new trial by a vengeful state after their efforts helped lead to nearby San Foca immigration detention centre being closed down.

Revolutionary Solidarity against the Italian State - Burn all Prisons

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Money Karma Comes Home to Roost

03-10-2008 02:44

Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay massive debts and endure great debacles? Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world.

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Titan prisons: "consultation" ends, construction set to begin

02-10-2008 20:47

With the required political processes out of the way, the building of the 2,500 capacity jails is set to begin.

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Equalities and Human Rights Commission Investigation

02-10-2008 17:54

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission are inquiring into the use of the terrorist act and are interested in hearing from anyone where the Terrorist Act was used or threatened and are interested in the experience of Climate Camp activists (amongst others).

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UPI breaks huge story: New British film on Mumia aquired by Sundance!

02-10-2008 07:16

William Francome at Geno's Steaks
United Press International (UPI) has reported that the new British documentary about death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has just been acquired by Sundance.

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Police attack on London Critical Mass.

01-10-2008 12:20

While there was a notable absence of police on the September Critical Mass ride in London, we did have one unpleasant encounter with a very aggressive group of officers from the TSG unit.


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BT broadband users beware

01-10-2008 11:36

BT has just launched a trial of a spyware/adware "service" called Webwise on its broadband system. If you are invited to take part, just say "No Thanks".

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William Johnston on hunger strike since the 3rd of September

01-10-2008 09:44

The Scottish Executive recently announced that a consultative process was currently under way to consider passing all responsibility for health care facilities and treatment in Scottish prisons to the NHS. Inevitably the announcement was met by hostile opposition from medical staff presently employed directly by the Scottish Prison Service, although their argument against allowing prisoners access to NHS standards of care and treatment in fact makes a compelling case for the proposed reform.

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Upcoming Free Hich Events

01-10-2008 08:25

As you may know, Hicham Yezza was originally arrested at the University of Nottingham in May along with Rizwaan Sabir in a bogus 'terror operation'. The pair were then released without charge (or apology); Hich was swiftly re-arrested on 'immigration grouds' and held in detention for a further three weeks. Students, academics and politicians have made it clear that the maltreatment of Hicham was and continues to be an attempt to cover up "a dreadful cock-up".

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No Justice, No Peace!, BeneFIT Party, London, Friday 3 October

01-10-2008 07:41

No Justice. No Peace!
A BeneFIT for Freedom of Movement and against Repression!

On July 5th people demonstrated for freedom of movement and the right
to protest at the home office buildings in Croydon. This party is a post event
benefit for the demonstration and to support the people who were charged for
protesting the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) in the run up to the demo.

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West Papua night - Reading 17th Oct

30-09-2008 20:33

West Papua Night Flyer
Celebrate the culture and spirit of the West papuan people in the face of oppression and indifference. Hear their story from native West papuans and Caroline Lucas, leader of the Gren Party.

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Free RNC Documentary

30-09-2008 16:25

(2008) A documentary that looks into the events during the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, MN.

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Anti-ID Cards demo this Saturday

30-09-2008 15:52

This Saturday 4th October No Borders South Wales will be holding a protest against ID cards which come into force from this November.

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Medway Trades Council Inquiry Into Climate Camp Policing

30-09-2008 15:27

Medway Trades Union Council are holding an inquiry into the policing of the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth in Kent and are asking for evidence from people who attended the Camp

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Sussex police taser street drinker

30-09-2008 12:14

According to that venerable Brighton institution- The Argus, Sussex Police used a taser on a street drinker who turned aggressive/violent after they attempted to confiscate his booze.

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BUSH DEMO: Further arrests & London Paper appeal

29-09-2008 18:08



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Cércel de Carabanchel: the last riot

28-09-2008 22:38

He is sébado 27 of September, ten years despué s which cércel left the last prisoner returns to fill, two thousand people group around the inner central roundhouse “the cupola”.

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Al Quds Day March in London meets opposition

28-09-2008 21:45

Neturei Karta rabbi at front of the march
Several thousand demonstrators marched through London on Sunday 28 September to celebrate Al Quds (Jerusalem) Day and support oppressed people across the world and particularly the Lebanese and Palestinian people. Counter-demonstrators gathered at Piccadilly Circus to oppose the march.
Pictures © 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Complaints about Notts police assaults on the increase

26-09-2008 14:14

Complaints under the category of 'other assault' against Nottinghamshire police force rose to 22% in the year 2007/8. This compares to 14% for the UK as a whole and is the second highest for any police force in the UK.