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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Beyond Words: Silent Witness to Injustice, 11 January 2011

13-12-2010 15:41

On Tuesday 11 January 2011, the illegal detention and torture camp at Guantánamo Bay will have been open for NINE years. Barack Obama has broken his promise to close it by January this year and the situation for prisoners has recently worsened with Congress voting to prevent any more civilian trials for prisoners facing charges and attempting to block the release of any more prisoners. Join us to protest this unfortunate anniversary...

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A bloc for every occasion

13-12-2010 14:32

The book bloc at student protests was one of the highlights for me, seeing the police batons raining down on a massive edition of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was a brilliant example of the refreshing injection of creativity that the students have brought to the new radical landscape.

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Personal accounts of time inside the student protest kettles

13-12-2010 11:31

The late night kettle on Westminster Bridge

As the ConDems and their corporate journos froth at the moth, calling for yet more repression of protesters, little corporate reportage is given of events as experienced by the protesters themselves. Accounts from inside the kettles are being published on many different sites. On this site, we have already seen accounts posted to Indymedia by A level student Rosie Bergonzi kettled in Parliament square on December 9th, along with the reposted article The Fight For Parliament and the informative Capitalism is dying, let it burn. This thread is an attempt to draw in more eye witness accounts from inside and outside the kettles during the recent student protests.

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Democracy or Dictatorship

13-12-2010 11:22

Today at 5 pm in Oxford Town Hall, the Labour led city council are planning to vote for the 'strong leader' system of governance, in other countries known as dictatorship.Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be shocked.

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A Day for Shaker Aamer, 11 December 2010, Battersea

12-12-2010 21:04

Rally at the site of the new US Embassy in Vauxhall
The Save Shaker Aamer Campaign (SSAC), along with numerous other human rights organisations, including the London Guantánamo Campaign, trade unions, political parties and social movements organised a day of action, involving a rally, march, public meeting and film showing to put pressure on the British government to press for the release and return of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident held at Guantánamo Bay, to this country.

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London Protest - Hot or Not? Move forward

12-12-2010 18:55

I’m still trying to get my head round the Tuition Fees protests, but I’m feeling pretty sure now that people weren’t happy with it, and its not the bacon.

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More Images (Tuition Fees Protest)

12-12-2010 10:58

More pics and report of London Tuition Fees Protest (9 Dec 10)

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1697 duplicate wikileaks sites and growing

12-12-2010 02:12

" this document has those 1697 links to wikileaks mirror sites. Make it impossible for this information to be “disappeared” like so many victims of CIA/client state butchery. This is an opportunity that will not come often. Take advantage of it now. Spread very, very widely."

PS Also, please don't let the U.S. have Julian Assange. If that happens he will be torturted and likely killed. He deserves our admiration and protection.

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11-12-2010 21:55

How to repel horses. A very brief guide from

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ALFIE MEADOWS. Police commandeer hospital!

11-12-2010 18:30

Police tried to refuse treatment to Alfie Meadows at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

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A Riddle wrapped in an iniquity, wrapped in a shroud

11-12-2010 18:09

A comparison between the almost concurrent bail applications of Julian Assange and Shrien Dewani indicates blatant political bias in the Assange case.

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Free Julian Assange! Hands Off WikiLeaks!

11-12-2010 14:55

The December 7 arrest in London of Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of the Internet investigative site WikiLeaks, is a threat to freedom of the press and an attempt to silence critics who expose the bloody deeds of imperialism. We are convinced, along with many others, that Assange is innocent of the trumped up accusations of the crimes of rape and sexual molestation that are being manipulated by Swedish authorities to request his detention and extradition. His main accuser is an anti-Communist social-democratic operative. It is clear that sinister forces are pushing the persecution of this courageous man, and his life could be in danger. The criminal forces who are behind this frame-up are first and foremost, the United States government of Barack Obama and its military and spy agencies. They seek to silence whistleblowers who have not only caused them diplomatic embarrassment but also lifted a corner of the veil on Washington’s Murder, Inc. We demand that Assange be freed, that all charges against him be dropped, including those now being prepared and that Private Bradley Manning, accused of leaking documents that incriminate the U.S., be freed as well.

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11-12-2010 14:37


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Presstv Journalists attacked with hammer during tuition fee protests

11-12-2010 12:48

A team of Presstv news production staff has been attacked with hammers by unknown mobs during tuition fee protests in London.

The members of the group said the attackers must have been connected with the police as they were also hitting students without officers caring to interrupt them.

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Puerto Rican students resume strikes

11-12-2010 00:35

Student activists are organizing again after University of Puerto Rico administrators tried to undo the victory students won last summer.

Interesting report despite it's source

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Rowdy student protests in Quebec and solidarity to UK

11-12-2010 00:32

Solidarity! Why thanks!!
Dec.6th: Rally against Fees in Quebec

'More than 2,000 students took to the streets of Quebec City (Canada) in protest against hikes in fees and tuition fees in general, despite a snow storm. Apparently protesters also clashed with riot police inside the lobby of the Hilton hotel.'

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Incognito (Oxford)

11-12-2010 00:07

'If you've got nothing to hide then you've got nothing to fear!'

This is a commonly-heard argument against anonymity. It is based on several false assumptions...

Article taken from Issue 2 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

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Omsk butcher case chronicles

10-12-2010 22:09

We present the public investigation of extremely cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners by a person who became a deputy in Russia. Our witness is a hippy and anarchist from Czech Republic. He was sent to a prison camp in Soviet Union for distribution of the Declaration of Human Rights.

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President Rajapakse in the Hillary Term

10-12-2010 15:12

Sri Lankan Government spokesman and Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella at the Cabinet Decision Media Conference held at the Information Department auditorium yesterday said that a new President was appointed to the Oxford Union since the term of the former President James Kingston ended the following day President Mahinda Rajapaksa was scheduled to address the Union.
Thats James Langman in the Hillary term.