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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Cambridge Uni Security Injures Animal Activists

25-07-2010 16:02

Stall in Town
Elderly female campaigner sustains injuries and is taken to hospital.

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Getting Away With Murder: My Memories of the Death of Ian Tomlinson

25-07-2010 11:21

This article has been removed at the request of the author.

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Letter from the comrade Pola Roupa of July 9, 2010

25-07-2010 01:28

the comrade Pola Roupa (Πόλα Ρούπα) describes her treatment as a prisoner while heavily pregnant.
Both her conditions of arrest and her transferral from one prison to another have been excessively severe, often resulting in her remaining handcuffed behind her back for hours. Both in jail and in hospital, police are constantly present for 'security reasons' even during medical examinations.
She is currently confined in Korydallos prison.

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Anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis goes on hunger strike

25-07-2010 01:17

Nikos Maziotis, an anarchist imprisoned in relation the Revolutionary Struggle case , has gone on hunger strike. Below is a translation of his letter announcing the commencing of the hunger strike.

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Speaker of Parliament in denial on eight week long protest

24-07-2010 23:10

Protest outside John Mickel's electorate office
John Mickel, Speaker of Queensland Parliament continues to ignore constituents, who have been demonstrating outside his electorate office every week day for the past eight weeks.

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Fri 30th July // Picket against DPP - Solidarity with Ian Tomlinson's Family

24-07-2010 11:39

Please forward: 12noon Friday 30th July // Picket against DPP - Solidarity with Ian Tomlinson's Family

Office of Department of Public Prosecution
Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HS

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Tatchell dedicates his honorary doctorate to Mansoor Osanloo

23-07-2010 09:18

The prominent Iranian labour activist Mansour Osanloo has been serving time in Prison under poor health conditions for a long time

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Stop the English Defence Leaguein Blackpool next week!

23-07-2010 06:21

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation with links to UKIP, the BNP, Blood and Honour, Combat 18 and the National Front. The EDL have marched on Mosques, pulled off women's hijabs, placed a pigs head on the walls of Dudley Central Mosque and have rioted in Luton, Stoke, Dudely, Bolton...and they intend to go to Blackpool next week and ruin people's holidays. The EDL have made children cry.

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Stop Islamophobic English Defence League hate rally in London 31st July.

23-07-2010 01:24

The English Nationalist Alliance and English Defence League are planning a hate rally in London on the 31st July 2 -5pm. They will be marching from Tothill Street [SW1] - Downing Street - Waterloo Place and plan to hand in an anti Islam letter to the governement.

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Campaign for Jailed Labour Activists in Iran

22-07-2010 14:38

Human rights activists have begun a campaign to raise awareness about the situation of Mansour Ossanlou, and, by extension, all political prisoners in Iran.
Join our campaign at Iran Solidarity.

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Rallies and events for International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day

22-07-2010 14:26

International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day
Below are rallies and events organised for International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day: World Citizens against Stoning - 24 July 2010.
Day asking for end to Stonings, Executions and Tortures in Iran.

Socialists and Anarchists - PLEASE JOIN US !

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SOS - West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs

22-07-2010 11:26

We Need YOUR help to get a new Landy!

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Yarl's Wood family unit to close

22-07-2010 02:34

Family unit in Yarl's Wood detention centre for those deemed unlawful immigrants to close

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Stop the English Defence League Luton tomorrow! Meet Luton Town Center 12 noon

21-07-2010 21:14

The English Defence League are a racist and Islamophobic organisation of football hooligans with connections to UKIP. Thier protests attract racists from BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, Natiional Front and brother groups the Welsh Defence League [pictured], the Scottish Defence League, EDL Jewish Division. They have violently attacked Muslims acroos the country. Stop the EDL!

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Charges Dropped on Circus Protester

21-07-2010 18:23

Charges against an Animal Rights Activist for protesting against an animal circus have been dropped after pleading not guilty.

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Refugee graffiti

21-07-2010 14:37

I seen this walking up victoria road on the glasgow southside, whoever done this didnt know how to spell well, anyways, its got the point across about the refugees florence and precious who the uk borders agency want to deport.

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Democracy Village eviction night, Parliament Square - pics

20-07-2010 23:33

Folk musicians entertain villagers just hours before the eviction
High Court bailiffs finally came to evict Democracy Village from Parliament Square, Westminster, London shortly after 1am on Tuesday, 20th July 2010.

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Keep the English Defence League out of Luton 22nd July 2010.

20-07-2010 21:22

The English Defence League are a violent, Islamophobic organisation with links to UKIP. The EDL have held violent Islamophobic protests attended by racists from the BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour and other racist groups. Not all of the EDL are racist but many of them are. The EDL have rioted in Bolton, Dudley, Stoke, Newcastle and Luton. The EDL have plan to go to Luton and riot yet again on Thursday 22nd July 2010.