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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Open Letter from an Antiterrorist to Mr John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the U

14-08-2003 18:53

Open Letter from an Antiterrorist to Mr John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States of America

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Uranium from Niger?

13-08-2003 17:19

Smoking gun and deviations.
Who faked the Niger Uranium documents?

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13-08-2003 13:29


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ISM-related book launch

13-08-2003 12:54

A launch party to celebrate the official release date of Ted Curtis' book, 'By theft & murder: a beginner's guide to the occupation of Palestine'.

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American Activist Railroaded Into Jail (amsellem)

13-08-2003 10:17

©2003 by charles amsellem.all rights reserved.activists may copy for non profit
cartoon © 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved. activists may reproduce for non profit use only

For full coverage on these events, check out the Los Angeles Independent Media Center (

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Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections To The Nazis

13-08-2003 05:06

The Bush family has willingly and knowingly associated themselves with Nazis for over 80 years spanning three generations of Bushes. Prescott Bush was Hitler’s banker in America and was referred to by the New York Tribune as Hitler’s angel.

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Trident Ploughshare Update

12-08-2003 23:39

Just five years ago Trident Ploughshares began its open, accountable and nonviolent campaign against Trident, Britain's weapon of mass destruction. Since then our activists have been involved in over 2000 arrests. High profile actions, like the disarmament of the research barge Maytime in 1999 by the Trident Three and the series of highly successful mass blockades at Faslane, have increased public awareness about the UK's nuclear weapons and promoted debate.

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The Wall Video

12-08-2003 22:11

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 02

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Extract from The Wall video, the West Bank 2002

12-08-2003 22:04

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 2002.

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News from Statewatch - 12th August 03

12-08-2003 15:48

Statewatch News online, 12 August 2003

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Coulport News 11.08.2003

12-08-2003 10:58

chained to the wheelchair
Another report about actions at the Trident Ploughshares International Disarment Camp 02.08.-15.08.2003.

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Interview w/Jean Parker from Radio For Peace International about its eviction

12-08-2003 01:49

Why is the University for Peace in Costa Rica trying to close down Radio For Peace International (RFPI)? RFPI includes United Nations programming in its line-up, yet it would seem that they are being denied the right for free speech.
Simon Aronowitz, Editor of speaks to a member of the Board of Directors to find out the full story.

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British waterways clamps down on boaters rights to roam

11-08-2003 14:39

British Waterways, the government body which regulates most canals and rivers in this country, is now clamping down on our freedom to travel the waterways. They are trying to force everyone into costly carpark-like moorings.

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Pipeline politics

11-08-2003 12:50

US foreign policy is determined by access to and control of resources, mainly oil, but not exclusivley so, and access to markets. One of the few remaining untapped regions of oil supply is the Caspian.

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U.S. Moved to Undermine Iraqi Military Before War - New York Times

10-08-2003 23:36

ASHINGTON, Aug. 9 — The United States military, the Central Intelligence Agency and Iraqi exiles began a broad covert effort inside Iraq at least three months before the war to forge alliances with Iraqi military leaders and persuade commanders not to fight, say people involved in the effort.

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Charges dropped against Brize Norton Four

10-08-2003 10:09

Charges have finally been dropped against the four activists who blocked the runway of Brize Norton in an attempt to disrupt preparations for war.

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Coulport News 9.8.2003

10-08-2003 09:24

chained together
One of the 9 activists who were able to gain access into the military basis at the evening of the 6th of august to climb a post and a tree, stayed there for over 12 hours with a giant banner, and was still there in the morning when 5 other activists blockaded the main gate of Faslane.

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Cologne: brutal police attack against no border camp

09-08-2003 19:07

In Cologne today, the police encircled the camp and stopped everybody from leaving or entering the no border camp from 11 a.m. onwards. At 6 p.m. riot cops started to check the identity and photograph the activists remaining in the camp. There were several injuries and brutal arrests.

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It. EU Proposal - unmarked cars to deport migrants / terminating resistance

09-08-2003 08:48

Statewatch press release, 8 August 2003