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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Save the Palestinian children NOW! (by Latuff)

04-04-2006 07:03

Save the Palestinian children NOW!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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Nottingham/Notts Defy-ID meeting - Bill is now an Act

03-04-2006 22:19

We are meeting as usual on Wednesday's at the Sumac Centre at 6-7pm before the regular Scroat Cinema food and film evenings.

All welcome. Now the ID cards bill has been passed, we need to build the local campaign.

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Assassination attempt on Nick Griffin or belated April Fool?

03-04-2006 17:44

The BNP has reported what it claims was an attempt by Swedish Communists to murder its leader, Nick Griffin.

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Brian Haw high court case

03-04-2006 17:21

Brian Haw was at the High Court again today as the Home Office appealed the decision that he is exempt from the law banning unauthroised protest around Parliament.

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Naming The Dead - Pictures

03-04-2006 14:59

Naming the Dead, Mass Civil Disobedience Against the Occupation of Iraq took place in Parliament Square and Whitehall, London on 2 April, 2006. Photographs of the event.

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RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

03-04-2006 13:51

RED WHEELS - Theatre Film And Music - this weekend!!

In the Former British Empire - this weekend:

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Condoleezza Rice Pictures

03-04-2006 12:56

More photos from the demo against the US Secretary of State's visit to Liverpool on Friday 31/3/2006.

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Community mount protest outside Plumstead Police Station

03-04-2006 12:22

An innocent young man is dead – Woolwich Somali community is met with silence from the police and the Independent Police Complaints Authority

Protest took place outside Plumstead Police Station, London SE 18 on Saturday 1st April at 1.30pm

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Selfridge Hotel under siege

03-04-2006 10:47

Last Thursday arms dealers holding an Advanced Weapons Integration Conference at the Selfridges Hotel had a visit from people concerned about their lethal activities.

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Menwith Hill - Peace demonstrators arrested under SOCPA

03-04-2006 10:44

Two Keighley women arrested under section 128 of SOCPA at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate.

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Boomchucka circus and Arna's children in the West bank

02-04-2006 20:57

Boomchucka circus *aka circus2iraq* have just finished their tour of the west bank and occupied territories.

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Do something about the BNP in Heanor

02-04-2006 20:03

In February, the BNP came second in the Amber Valley council by-election in Heanor and Loscoe (see previous items on IndyMedia). They will undoubtedly stand again in the election in May.

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Arrest at Civil Disobedience Action in London today 02/04/06

02-04-2006 19:10

According to the London Metropolitan police one man was arrested at the Voices Civil Disobedience against the violence in Iraq today.

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01-04-2006 22:12

Many of the same patterns of deception and players involved in the 9/11 Cover-Up are present in the 7/7 Cover-Up.

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Reclaim Fool's Day video.

01-04-2006 21:21

Reclaim Fool's Day parade. London Eye to Parliament Square, ceremony and fairies in Picadilly Circus.

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Fools' Paradise Parade - London

01-04-2006 21:06

South Bank
A protest against the SOCPA [Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005] Exclusion Zone around the Houses of Parliament in London on April 1, 2006.

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The Hidden Hand of the CIA, 911, and Popular Mechanics

01-04-2006 00:36

Whenever 911 is discussed, those paid to patrol this site always wave the discredited PM article in question. This should end that charade.

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socpa trial of mark barrett: court report

31-03-2006 22:20

mark barrett outside bow street court
judge anthony evans adjourned until next week after hearing the evidence against socpa activist mark barrett at bow street magistrate's court today. he will give a written verdict on wednesday morning after considering human rights arguments in the interpretation of the law.

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Brian Haw to appear in High Court.

31-03-2006 22:02

Government appeal against former decision.

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World Hates USA UK: Why Film

31-03-2006 22:01

Send SUPER Anti USA - UK VID Clips Please
The world has reached a point where whenever something goes wrong – when something bad happens: a car bomb, a disease outbreak or a tsunami – people – especially the victims – blame the USA. This is a remarkably simplistic and yet sophisticated reaction – the universal scapegoat.