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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Climate Protest Busted!?

13-04-2009 07:40

More than 80 people (over 100 according to BBC Today programme) arrested in Nottingham on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage at a power industry facility.

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Photos from demo against police brutality 4 April

12-04-2009 20:50

Some photos from the demo at Bank on Saturday 4 April against police brutality in the wake of the G20 policing and the death of Ian Tomlinson. Not to be confused with the somewhat larger demo this Saturday.

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Stop police violence demo in Redditch

12-04-2009 18:31

A national demo has been called in Redditch on Sat 18 April

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Justice for Ian Tomlinson - Memorial March - April 11 2009

12-04-2009 17:34

On Saturday 11 April, hundreds wearing black marched in memory of Ian Tomlinson from Bethnal Green Police Station to the place at which he died, where flowers were laid.

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NW // Is there any doubt that Steve Discombe witnessed Ian Tomlinsons attack?

12-04-2009 13:46

Stevey forgot his bally...
It is obviously important that we are all pro-active in bringing those coppers who witnessed the brutal attack of Ian Tomlinson to justice whether they want to step forward or not.

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Massive Prison Riot in UK this week

12-04-2009 12:36

For the first time in a long time, a massive prison riot broke out in a British Prison involving 400 fucked-off prisoners. It seems like people are beginning to fight back on this island. About time... Unfortunately the riot has now been repressed.

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UK "Terror Plot": Gordon Brown points finger at Pakistan

12-04-2009 11:48

Guardian, 10 April 2009
Now that the UK Defense Minister has publicly announced Britain’s engagement in Obama’s “Af-Pak War”, it is hardly surprising that the latest wave of relentless false-flag terrorism propaganda by the British government and media specifically target Pakistani citizens living in the UK.

Just a day before the “Easter Plot”, the “civilian” Prime Minister of Pakistan went as far as saying “give us the drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of this problem on our own”; meaning the Pakistani Armed Forces’ extermination of its own people who resist the imperialist invasion of their country.

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Identify the Police Officers involved in Ian Tomlinson's killing

12-04-2009 11:41

If the police officers who witnessed the assault on Ian Tomlinson will not come forward voluntarily, then we ourselves must drag them into the public arena

Screenshots of the attack by police on Ian Tomlinson, just before his death.

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The Art of Perverting Justice and Racism by White Australia: Documentary

12-04-2009 05:15

The Art of Perverting Justice and Racism by White Australia: Documentary

How the Australian judiciary and the Australian High Court conspire to pervert justice, dispense with the rule of law, and using the police to harass and victimise australians

Kangaroocourt Australia Mockumentary

Kangaroocourt Australia

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Tamil Demo in Central London

11-04-2009 21:57

photos from todays demo

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Assembly and Procession for Ian Tomlinson

11-04-2009 21:45

Around four hundred people marched today from Bethnel Green Police station to Cornhill, where Ian Tomlinson died after being subjected to police violence at the G20 protests on the 1st of April.

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aint no Jade Goodie - just a brother from another mother

11-04-2009 20:30

Is life all just a game – has the world gone insane?
Some folks think i’m mad cause i refuse to be sad
I refuse to accapt that this life is a lie...
I refuse to accept that this life is just a lie
That children don’t matter – ain’t there no family ties?
United we stand and divided we fall
We must all stand together – no more backs to the wall

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Ewa Jasiewicz from Free Gaza Movement speaking in Brighton, 28th April

11-04-2009 16:09

EWA Jasiewicz has been on the ground in Gaza since November, having arrived on the siege breaking Free Gaza boat. She has been working on ambulances and reporting the reality of lives under siege and under military assault.

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FITwatch names FIT in Tomlinson death

11-04-2009 11:49

The FITwatch blog has put names to some of the FIT team who were there when Ian Tomlinson was assaulted by TSG.

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Killer Coke (by Latuff)

11-04-2009 09:58

Killer Coke
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Emergency Protest In London 11th April Please Come

11-04-2009 02:03


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Politically Timed "Terror" Arrests - the Real Bob Quick Scandal

10-04-2009 21:28

The mainstream media is in a flurry of excitement over the “Terror” arrests of students in the North West of England. Linked to this is the media feeding frenzy over the resignation of Bob Quick, Scotland Yard’s anti-terror chief. It is important to note that the Quick incident only brought forward the arrests by a few hours. Yet in all the acres of coverage in the newspapers, and all the hype on TV, nobody seems to have noticed the real story.

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Police mentality

10-04-2009 21:28

I have found the reason police is angry.

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Controversial Senate elections planned in Haiti

10-04-2009 20:12

Obama greenlights sham elections in Haiti
The apparent decision to green light the contentious ballot comes on the heels of a ruling by Haiti's Provisional Election Council or CEP to exclude the Fanmi Lavalas party of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide on procedural grounds.

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Cardiff Anarchist Black Cross Benefit- 11th April

10-04-2009 17:35

On Saturday April 11th Cardiff ABC will be hosting a gig to benefit the EDO/ITT decommissioners and Greek prisoners involved in the riots in December.