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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New Profile Movement: Harsh Police Attack on Freedom of Expression

26-04-2009 22:09

The Police Detained Political Activists from Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva

* “One who believed that criminal cases due to political activism are conjured up “only” for Arab citizens discovers that s/he is also liable to be detained due to the expression of opinions concerning the failures of the society and rule in Israel.”

* Amongst the detainees – a 70 year old ceramic artist, the daughter of a family of “Righteous among the Nations” from Holland, a grandmother to six Israeli grandchildren

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"On Strike Against Genocide" Wednesday

26-04-2009 21:32

strike for peace
Make your stand, take a day off work, nursery, school, college, university, and gather in Westminster.

Wednesday 29th April from early...

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Shy KB EG16

26-04-2009 20:48

Not liked to be filmed, one of the Sussex finest was seen in public today.

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police illegally evict squat, bristol

26-04-2009 20:32

The police are attempting to break in and illegally evict the occupants of 141 Ashley Road, St Pauls, Bristol,which has recently been squatted. This is illegal under the terms of Section 6 of the law.

Latest: Those who were inside the building have been arrested unders suspicion of burgalry

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7/7 documentary maker released on bail in Ireland

26-04-2009 14:17

John Anthony Hill, a.k.a. Maud'Dib has been released on bail following his arrest and imprisonment in Dublin on a UK extradition warrant.

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nazis of newcastle

26-04-2009 10:21

a few nice fascists a little camrea shy
during a reacent rally in newcastle by the front we took thier pics of the ugly fascists

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Popular Initiative calls for removal of Bush appointee in Haiti

26-04-2009 08:11

Group call fro removal of US Ambassador in Haiti
"She is lying about last Sunday's elections by not acknowledging it was our boycott that kept voters away."

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Britain's Secretive Police Force: Politicising the Policing of Public Expression

26-04-2009 00:40

What's the relationship between the recent 'authoritarian' crack-down on "protesters" in Britain, the current economic crisis, the debate on growth, the economy, climate change and resource depletion? Perhaps not that obvious?... A new report from the Free Range Network ties these issues together to try and find a deeper motivation behind the recent authoritarian shift against protest and dissent in Britain -- yes, the threads are there if you look for them!

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Security Culture and Police Informants.

25-04-2009 23:11

As the news was published today of police attempts to enlist snitches in the Climate Change movement we should be considering what measures can and should be taken to protect ourselves and others against police repression.

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Stop the Sri Lankan genocide of the Tamil people

25-04-2009 22:30

Come and support the continuous peaceful protest calling for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the Sri Lankan genocide of the Tamil people. Support the hunger striker Prarameswaran Subramaniam, 28, who has refused food and has had little water since 7th April. Do not ignore this genocide!

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Waterboarding Approved Specifically To Justify Iraq War

25-04-2009 20:30

I have just learnt something which has convinced me that Bush, Cheney and Rice are indeed evil in the sense that Hitler was evil. I did not actually believe that until today.

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Calais No Border Camp 23-29 June

25-04-2009 18:26

The Calais No Border camp, 23 -29 June, is a joint venture between French and Belgian activists and migrant support groups and the UK No Borders Network.

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3 Lappersfort occupiers released, with deportation notices

25-04-2009 15:58

Yesterday (friday 24th april) the 3 Lappersfort occupiers arrested on tuesday night were released (original article about arrest Upon signing out of the Brugge prison they were all issued with deportation notices, ordering them to leave the "Kingdom of Belgium" by midnight on the 29.04.2009.

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Arrest @ CRITICAL MASS in Elephant and Castle > ACAB

25-04-2009 03:49

One person was arrested after the mass today... the cops surrounded us in elephant, started being aggressive and arrested one person...

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Fuck up the Land Grabbers

24-04-2009 22:41

The Dey Krahorm Community in Cambodias Capital was evicted in January by the 7NG Real Estate Company.

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The Death of Ian Tomlinson

24-04-2009 20:04

Ian Tomlinson
A second post-mortem examination has sensationally revealed that the newspaper seller hit by a policeman at the recent G20 protests died from internal bleeding, and not a heart attack as previously thought.


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Propaganda campaign mounted to justify brutal G20 policing

24-04-2009 17:35

A concerted effort is being made to limit criticism of police actions during protests surrounding the G20 summit in London, and even to justify them.

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Cop on Facebook: "can't wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20."

24-04-2009 17:23

PC Rob Ward's Facebook posting
PC Rob Ward is under investigation but not suspended, for writing on his Facebook page before the G20 demonstrations in London: "Rob Ward can't wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20."

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May 1st - Mayday Convict Party

24-04-2009 15:16

Mayday London 2009 Flyer
5:04pm - The Bank Of England
Mayday - Guilty Until Proven Innocent UK
Convict Themed Party