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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The Trials of Pinar Selek

15-02-2011 11:25

Pinar Selek, Turkish feminist and antimilitarist writer and activist, framed on a charge of terrorism, has been the subject of an unresolved legal process for twelve years. On 9 February 2011 she was acquitted for the third time in an Istanbul court. Next day the prosecution appealed for the third time to the Supreme Court to over-rule the finding.This is not justice but judicial bullying.

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Irish Political Prisoners Tortured Aagain In Occupied Ireland

15-02-2011 07:40

Irish Prisoner Of War (POW}s are once again being tortured in ireland by the British, who have broken the Belfast Agreement on several key issues, besides torture and blanket censorship. Even Peace activists who are trying to get the word out about the torture of Irish political prisoners, who have been interned after being tried by non-jury, kangaroo, courts and imprisoned by sectarian prison wardens.

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Met pays £117000 in G20 compensation‎

15-02-2011 00:27

FOI by Daily Mirror exposes compensation payments to G20 protesters to date

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Woman facing trial in Essex for rescuing food from becoming landfill!

14-02-2011 22:05

As reported by the Essex Chronicle, The Telegraph and Daily Mail (hmm..); A girl in Essex is facing court on the 16th after being threatened with the use of a battering ram at her house, being handcuffed and led away and having her house searched. Many of us are aware of the horrendous amount of food getting thrown away each day. Now is the time to speak up!

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Spying company, Vericola Ltd, uncovered after incompetence

14-02-2011 21:30

A spying firm with corporate clients including E.ON, Scottish Power and Scottish Coal has been identified after accidentally emailing the activists it was spying on. Kent-based Vericola Ltd has been targeting groups including the Camp for Climate Action and London Rising Tide with low-level infiltration. Other groups are encouraged to check their lists and share any experiences.

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Three of union activists injured in Egypt

14-02-2011 19:54

Today, during the demonstration which was in front of the General Trade Union Federation (ETUF) that included more than 2,000 union activists, some of thugs who are hired by ETUF threw empty bottles (of glass) towards the demonstrators, resulting injuries to three of the labour activists.

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Mansfield anti-cuts meeting on 16 February

14-02-2011 18:03

On 16 February there will be a ‘Fight the Cuts!’ meeting in Mansfield.

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Bristol: occupied homeless centre faces eviction

14-02-2011 17:23

Homeless people in Bristol have occupied a former homeless advice centre recently closed down by the council. They are now facing eviction by notorious bailiffs Constant & Co

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Ed Woollard support website launched

14-02-2011 17:02

Supporters of Edward Woollard have launched a website, Support 4 Ed Woollard after receiving an “overwhelming” number of messages of support for the 18-year-old student serving a “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder.

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Budget of Government 'anti-snooping' agency is slashed

14-02-2011 12:49

The Government is planning to dramatically cut the budget of its surveillance watchdog despite pledging to protect the public from Big Brother-style snooping.

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BMA anti-privatisation lobby on 17th February

14-02-2011 04:08

Lobby the British Medical Association to oppose privatisation.

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Victory to the Egyptian Revolution - London rally 12 Feb 2011

14-02-2011 00:28

Thousands in Trafalgar Square
The day after Mubarak had gone, thousands gathered in London's Trafalgar Square in solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution.

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Workers block highway for pay hike

13-02-2011 18:02

Workers of a polypropylene’s packet manufacturing factory blocked the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in Gazipur for one and a half hours on Sunday 13 February demanding a pay hike.

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Egypt revolt could help spread democracy says Blair

13-02-2011 16:57

Tony Blair and political "technique"
The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair has given an interview to the syndication agency the British Press Association (PA) in which he claims that the revolt in Egypt may spread democracy throughout the Middle-East.

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Is Sussex Police Authority being run by the Masons

13-02-2011 14:28

By Informer22 underground reporter

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Egyptian military attempting to clear #Tahrir Square

13-02-2011 09:37

Police protest for better conditions

This morning the army moved in and is attempting to force the protestors out of Tahrir Square. Tents have been dismantled. Following a call out, thousands are said to be streaming back into the square to back up those who have vowed to remain until the regime is out of power. This in defiance of the call by Mohamed Ibrahim Moustafa Ali, the head of military police, "We do not want any protesters to sit in the square after today"

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Hail to the Egyptian People, A Statement By Workers Action (U.S.)

13-02-2011 06:32

We stand in awe and admiration at your historic victory, as you removed one of the world’s worst U.S.-sponsored dictators. You liberated yourselves and at the same time liberated the imagination of ordinary working people around the world.

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Egypt police kill 10 in Sinai

12-02-2011 21:42

Police Kill 10 - Sinai jailbrek
Reporter: Egypt police kill 10 in Sinai jailbreak ........ EL-ARISH, Egypt - Clashes late Friday in the Egyptian Sinai left 10 people dead and injured 50 others, a Ma'an reporter said. The clashes broke out after Egyptian civilians descended on a police station in the town of El-Arish to free prisoners held by the regime. Twelve police officers surrendered to the crowd, which was able to secure the release of their friends and relatives.

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Assange, WAR and the anti-war movement. Make Space for Peace!

12-02-2011 07:35

Yesterday, Julian Assange's extradition hearing concluded, with judgment reserved until 24 February, when Assange will be back at Woolwich courts next door to Belmarsh high security prison, to hear the ruling.

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Charnwood Campaign Against the Cuts

12-02-2011 06:48

Meeting on Monday 21st Feb at John Storer House at 7:30.

Please come along and help plan campaign actions.