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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Assembly and procession to mark G20 Meltdown death

07-04-2009 23:53

Ian Tomlinson died at G20 Meltdown in the city on 1st April. People are gathering. Flowers will be laid.

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Police Beat Ian Tomlinson

07-04-2009 22:38

Follow the link to see the Metropolitan Police beating Ian Tomlinson just before he died.

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Correcting the media narrative of the G20 protests on April 1, 2009

07-04-2009 22:27

The media coverage of the G20 protests has been systematically biased, writes Musab Younis - ignoring the violent policing, the tactic of open-air imprisonment of demonstrators, and the real chronology of events. “It has taken remarkable obedience by the press,” writes Musab, “to refuse to ask some simple and obvious questions.”

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Cuba: The hurt of no longer being

07-04-2009 21:57

* Fragment from a work by Daniel Barret about the evolution of Cuba’s political regime since November 17 2005 till today. This piece attempts to place the role of Fidel Castro these past months.

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Tamil protest still going strong /continues

07-04-2009 18:05

There are more than 2000 Tamils in Parliament square at time of me writing including many women with children and babies and many old people. They are determined not to go home until their demands are heard. Whatever happened to SOCPA legislation... Police repression remains heavy, many people have been injuried. Please go and support. Sleeping bags needed!

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Video Shows Police Killed Ian Tomlinson at G20

07-04-2009 17:32

The video clearly shows the police attacking Ian Tomlinson from behind. Walking away from riot police with his hands in his pockets, he is attacked by a riot cop and falls to the ground. Attended to by a protestor, he gets up only to later collapse and die.

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Some thoughts on the G20 police riot

07-04-2009 17:20

As has been said numerous times now, we need to take stock of the police riot on April 1st 2009 during the G20 protests. Although none of the tactics were that new, the level of intimidation and repression of public protest was entirely something different. I suppose this is the way things will be from now on. With this is mind, it's a time of learning from the past and from the G20 protests.

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Met Police apologises to photographers for abuse of powers at Memorial Demo

07-04-2009 16:30

The Metropolitan Police have apologised to journalists and photographers for abusing Section 14 of the Public Order Act when they moved a group of them away from covering an operation at the memorial demo for the late Ian Tomlinson on 2nd April at Bank tube station. It has now been confirmed through witness statements that Ian Tomlinson died as a result of the repressive policing on April 1st. The police and the media have attempted to coverup the fact that Tomlinson was killed as a result of the policing on that day. Police also injured members of the press on Wednesday 1st April, resulting in a broken arm and torn ligaments for two photographers.

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France: "The Nine of Tarnac": Confronted by an absurd state power, we shall spea

07-04-2009 09:56

For four month now, the legal & media spectacle titled "The Tarnac affair" won't come to an end. Was Julien Coupat to come out of prison for Christmas? For New Year's Eve then? Or would Friday the 13th be his lucky day? No. In the end 'we' will keep him a bit longer in jail, locked into his new role as 'leader of an invisible cell'.

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Tamil Protest still going strong

07-04-2009 09:49

Protestors against lack of British support for the Tamil people and the recent offensive by the Sri Lankan Government against them continue into a second day.

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Stop kettling sign this petition every little helps.

06-04-2009 21:08

The "Kettle" is best known for having been used in the May Day protests at Oxford Circus in 2001, after which it became the subject of a civil action, brought by one of those contained and only finally resolved by the law lords (in the police's favour) in January this year.

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Milan Italy 5 april 2009 Antifascists keep control

06-04-2009 19:41

The central square "piazza missori" [comparable for example with muntplein in amsterdam] for 6 hours completed isolated and surrounded by more than 1000 riot policemen: at the square fascists from whole europe -as france, italy, hungary, england, and so on- gathered for a meeting in Hotel Cavalieri [owned by a wellknown fascist]. There were just 200-300 of the scum...

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Tamil Protest on Westminster Bridge

06-04-2009 14:08

Tamil protestors block Westminster bridge.

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Andy Worthington: A Comprehensive Exposé of Britain's Guantánamo

05-04-2009 22:28

In a series of articles following, Andy Worthington, journalist and author of The Guantánamo Files, follows up on a Parliamentary meeting in the House of Commons on Monday, March 30th 2009 - "Britain's Guantánamo? The use of secret evidence and evidence based on torture in the UK courts," chaired by Diane Abbott MP - with four articles examining how and why the British government has turned its back on the principles of open justice, and five statements made by prisoners held on the basis of secret evidence.

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Strasbourg. Main demo.

05-04-2009 20:28

Despite all the media attention on the actions of a few hundred individuals it should be remembered that over 40,000 people attended a peaceful demo against NATO policy.

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Strasbourg. Battle of Rue Coulax.

05-04-2009 19:34

The Ibis Hotel loses its star rating.
After their poignant visit to the border the Black Block then went a couple of street into town and set fire to a bank. Unfortunately for the Ibis hotel chain one of their outlets was situated above the bank in question.

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Strasbourg. No Borders action.

05-04-2009 18:57

You got that?
After clearing the obstacles at the Vaubaun bridge activists headed for the border with Germany. 5,000 protesters were trapped on the other side by the authorities despite this being a Europe without borders.

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Strasbourg. Vaubaun bridge action.

05-04-2009 18:23

A clown builds an ingenious CRS trap.
Despite agreeing a route for the march in advance the cops decided to block the Vaubaun bridge chucking tear gas and grenades at anyone who approached their line.

Most marchers waited patiently for the cops to leave. Some threw the gas back and generally harassed the Police until the moment they withdrew.

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Strasbourg. Early morning Samba blockade.

05-04-2009 17:49

It was sometime between 6 & 7. The cops were taken by surprise and before they could respond over 100 people had blocked a major intersection near the summit.

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Witnesseses of Ian Tomlinson's brutal murder come forward

05-04-2009 13:45

An article in today's Observer newspaper states that the "police assaulted bystander who died in G20 protests". Three independent witnesses have come forward with corroborative statements telling how he was violently assaulted.