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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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SHAC supporter arrested at Barclays demo

18-04-2009 00:38

Demo starts like any other
Passers by join in with protest despite police shenanigans while trying to make up the 'law' as they go along...

We held another demonstration today against Barclays in Birmingham City Centre for their blood-money investments into the filthy Huntingdon Life Sciences.

A riot van was also on the scene, and one of the supporting teens was unlawfully arrested - in an attempt to scare the newly aware bunch away.

Video of arrest

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Climate Action 114 Media Blog

18-04-2009 00:10

More attention has been drawn to the urgency of climate action and the need to to defend the right to protest against police excesses by the 'failed protest' than if it had gone ahead.

Notts Indymedia is clearly the first port of call for news and comment on the ongoing situation, however it may also be helpful to keep the subject in the public eye through other media.

Other journalists should have the integrity to acknowledge Notts Indymedia as their source, so that their readers could check here for an independent view of the subject.

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Terror raids unearth huge amount of bullshit

17-04-2009 20:48

A house raid in Manchester under the Terrorism Act, 9 April 2009
According to security sources, police raids in Manchester, Liverpool and Clitheroe have so far yielded eight packets of crisps, some beard shampoo and a foreign looking hat.

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Rage against police brutality, tomorrow in Redditch

17-04-2009 20:22

An innocent man, not even a protester, was brutally murdered by a vicious thug in uniform. Another state bully beat up a female protester. Hundreds more people who dared to peacefully protest met the same violence. Many were injured. It`s a wonder more were not killed. And this was just ONE day!

No matter what her army of paid thugs get up to, the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith defends them! Ultimately, she`s to blame for Ian Tomlinson`s death.

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Video of the Tamil protests:

17-04-2009 20:21

break the silence!

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More video evidence of police brutality during G20 protests

17-04-2009 19:58

As further evidence emerged of police brutality during protests around the G20 summit of world leaders in London earlier this month, Metropolitan Police Commission Sir Paul Stephenson ordered a review of public order policing in the capital.

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Bath Bomb #21 Out Now

17-04-2009 18:58

The latest issue of Bath's monthly radical diatribes, fresh from the bloodstained streets and horse dung of Londinium...

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London Mayday - Convicts Party - Bank Of England

17-04-2009 17:19

Mayday 2009 Flyer


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Police Violence in Berlin Endangers Life

17-04-2009 17:02

More police violence in Berlin

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Police intimidation - Southampton animal rights

17-04-2009 15:57

Police in Southampton have aproached and advised local venue The Hobbit Pub that hosting so called 'meetings' between animal rights activists/hunt sabs will land them in deep shit with the law should something unlawful occur in the field/demos/actions.

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Ian Tomlinson "died of internal haemmorhage" - coroner

17-04-2009 14:37

G20 protestor who died after being struck by police found to have died of internal haemmorrhaging.

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Poll projects low voter turnout in Haiti: Protests banned

17-04-2009 14:19

Based on their polling for the April 19 elections the Haiti Priorities Project also stated, "The majority who participated in the survey intend to stay home due to the inconsistency exhibited by the administration of President Préval and the international community wanting to practice [electoral] exclusion, a system in which the people have been rejected since the fall of Duvalier 1986."

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Bath, 24th - 26th of April - Weekend of Rage!

17-04-2009 14:00

Far too sleepy and sophisticated for a whole summer of rage, Bath Activist Network are kicking off the sunny season with a weekend of rage - 2 demos over 3 days. Support would be much appreciated.

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Protest Is Not A Crime Demo

17-04-2009 13:42

Photos from yesterday demonstration outside Scotland yard London. Protesters denounced the police tactics of forcibly corralling people known as "kettling", police assaults on demonstrators and home raids on participants.

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SOCPA, the tamils, and the grass

17-04-2009 12:14

peace strike petition for tamils
in a move reminiscent of the farcical GLA fences prior to nelson mandela's visit, and at the time of the burmese protests in summer 2007, the tamil protest in parliament square is being marginalised by the GLA and police while thousands die in sri lanka

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Urgent appeal from Iraqi LGBT

17-04-2009 11:27

URGENT - Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT

Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT This is an urgent appeal for donation to all our friends and supporters all around the world to help us with our new campaign and demonstration and to continue the fight for lgbt rights in Iraq

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Erfurt, Germany: Squat Eviction

17-04-2009 08:51

Video of the eviction of the squatted areas in Erfurt, Germany
Translation from German

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A Conspiracy too far?

16-04-2009 14:46

In one of the best reports on the incident so far, Daithai asks some pertinent questions about the police raid involving more than 200 officers from Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and British Transport Police which saw 114 people arrested for conspiracy at the Iona School in Sneinton Nottingham shortly after midnight on Monday.

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Bristol Rising Tide and Westside Statement of Solidarity for the RATCLIFFE 114

15-04-2009 20:34

Many people will have seen the news on Monday morning that 114 people were arrested in Nottingham ahead of an alleged protest at E.ON's Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station..

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Witness appeal for G20 police assault on photographer

15-04-2009 19:20

Image 1
We are looking for anyone who may have witnessed an assault on a independent photographer at the G20 protests. The assault took place April 1st between 6pm and 7pm on the corner between Lombard St and Exchange Square around Mansion House place (near the porta-loos and entrance to Bank station).