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Witness appeal for G20 police assault on photographer

Last Hours | 15.04.2009 19:20 | G20 London Summit | Repression

We are looking for anyone who may have witnessed an assault on a independent photographer at the G20 protests. The assault took place April 1st between 6pm and 7pm on the corner between Lombard St and Exchange Square around Mansion House place (near the porta-loos and entrance to Bank station).

Image 1
Image 1

Taken moments before the assault
Taken moments before the assault

Metal fencing was being dragged out in front of the police line when the police charged the crowd from a distance of several meters swinging batons.

The individual was stood at point 1 on image 1 when police baton charging from point 2.

The individual was stood in the gap between the fencing of Bank tube entrance and the wall with other photographers, camera in hand.

He has stuck across the fingers and shoulder by police batons whilst trying to escape the charge.

Image 2 shows the position the the police charged from taken moments before the assault.

Male in mid 20's.
Olive skin.
Wearing a turquoise green and brown striped long sleeve t-shirt and grey jeans.
Medium build.
Medium length, dark brown hair.
Carrying a sandy green record bag and blue camera bag

We are looking for anyone who witnessed not only the actual assault but the police charge at this time. Obviously photographs and video of any of this would be great.

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Obviously this is a bit of a long shot but worth a try.

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Guardian Video

15.04.2009 19:40

The Guardian have just published a video of this police charge claiming the time as 3.29pm which is incorrect. If the person shown in the video being assaulted wearing a orange hi-vis jacket sees this post I have an image of them running away from the police whilst the Guardian video is being taken.

Guardian video

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