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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Terror quiz for men stopped in city

16-03-2005 17:24

The M.E.N. was in court when their names were read out but was required under the terms of the act to leave the court while the proceedings were held in secret.

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An Evening in Memory of Rachel Corrie - Friday 18th March

16-03-2005 17:20

ISM London in association with AMP (Art, Music, Politics) presents:

An Evening in Memory of Rachel Corrie - Friday 18th March

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16-03-2005 14:56

Two computers of a Genvoa Legal Forum consultant and an activist of Supporto legale, the group which helps lawyers of Genova legal forum building up the databases for the Genoa G8 trials, have been seized.

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Deutsche Bank - Gay Muslim protest

16-03-2005 14:26

Deutsche Bank Protest, London 16 March 2005
Supporters of victimised gay Muslim employee, Sid Saeed, picketed a business conference, organised by Deutsche Bank, at the Great Eastern Hotel in London, this morning, Wednesday 16 March 2005.

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Scotsman Reports Bans Requested For G8 Protest in Derby on 17th March

16-03-2005 07:43

The Scotsman in a PA news article has reported that police and councillors in Derbyshire have requested bans on G8 demonstrations which are planned for tomorrow - thursday 17th march - alongside G8 Environment and Development Ministers meeting. Home Secretary Charles Clarke will today consider meansures to be imposed.

Below the article is reproduced for note:

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Ex-Military Psychic Spying Group Above the Law?

16-03-2005 06:13

This is an update to six investigative articles published online with new findings about the International Remote viewing Association's claims of being a 501c3 nonprofit group. The other six articles can be found at:

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Stop the War demonstration, 19.03.05 – why bother?

16-03-2005 00:07

The Stop the War Coalition is organising a march and rally in London this Saturday 19th March 2005 to coincide with the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Similar demonstrations will be held in cities all over the world; including New York, Paris and Tokyo. But is there really anything to demonstrate against? And does demonstrating make any difference anyway?

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email "The Sun" a Gipsy Story

15-03-2005 16:32

I want everyone who reads this blog to fax The Sun their ‘gipsy story’. I want you to find a piece of testimony, or historical documentation, or a news report – whatever you can find – that will help The Sun understand how gypsies and travellers have been discriminated against and persecuted in the past

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Democracy for Nepal

15-03-2005 13:20

The BBC is suppressing the full reporting of the election of the Nepali Marxist Party, who support proportional rpresentation and a peace process. They don't have the spin machine the Maoists do, but they have much more popular support. Evidence and refrences included.

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15-03-2005 12:32

The people at Maelstrom have decided to put together a Fanzine compiling all the successes and losses of the Maelstrom project.

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15-03-2005 12:02

A new campaign for West Papua Freedom is launched this week in Oxford.

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G8 media monitor online

15-03-2005 00:45

The Cambridge Action Network has set up a media monitoring project, to follow the coverage of the G8 protests.

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British Press Awards Tuesday 15th March 2005

14-03-2005 23:29

Notes from the Borderland magazine in our ongoing campaign against JOURNOCOPS and state compromised media will be leafletting the British Press Awards at the London Hilton Hotel 6.45pm till 7.30pm come and help us rain on their parade!!

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Evicted traveller site: Paines Lane

14-03-2005 21:15

Pictures of an evicted traveler site, Paines Lane.

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Pathfinder schemes – a path to corruption?

14-03-2005 16:06

Pathfinder schemes are operating in some of our most deprived areas. Nominally they are about urban regeneration, in reality pushing up property prices for the lucky few and providing 'development opportunities' for property developers.

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Obituary for Judith Dawes

14-03-2005 10:40

JUDITH DAWES - an inspiration to campaigners for Palestine

The death of Judith Dawes, long-time campaigner for Palestine, is a sad loss for PSC nationally and in Oxford, where she worked tirelessly to raise public awareness. Judith was PSC's first honorary member - a recognition of her steadfastness to the cause throughout difficult times and inspiration to others. And being a very honest person, Judith returned her honorary certificate when it said she was a lifelong campaigner for Palestine and she insisted we correct it to 'twenty years'!

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Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Square

14-03-2005 10:31

We will not give up our hard won rights!

Monday 14 March 4-6pm mass protest in Parliament Sq.
as Lords debate government banning protests

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U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

14-03-2005 05:42

U.S. Navy documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that abuse and even torture of detainees by U.S. Marines in Iraq was widespread. One Navy criminal investigator sent an e-mail in June 2004 describing his Iraq caseload "exploding" with "high visibility cases."