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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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the fuckers

14-08-2004 16:41

A reported plan by a Protestant marching group to circumvent a
ruling against a coat-trailing parade in nationalist north
Belfast has been stopped.

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collection of mainstream news source on Venezuela

14-08-2004 12:43

some texts of mainstream media about what is happening at the moment in venezuela

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Photos from Venezuela: a very big support demo at Caracas Bridge

14-08-2004 09:14

Pictures of the "NO" campaign about the mistrust referendum towards Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.

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British Activist Detained at Tel Aviv Airport

14-08-2004 08:41

British activist Ewa Jasciewicz was detained by Israeli police on Wednesday as she attempted to enter the country. Further details are to follow.

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Sign the online petition Urgent!!

14-08-2004 08:20

Sing the online petition in behalf of the six basque nationalists in Mexican

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Kerry loves to be more a coup participant than Bush

13-08-2004 14:25

He attacks Chávez and he conspires against Venezuela with the intention to snatch the Cuban votes off Bush in Miami.

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Arrests for all offences proposed

12-08-2004 21:31

All offences could prompt arrest under Home Office proposals

Police in England and Wales could be given powers to arrest people for minor offences such as graffiti or litter.

Police can currently arrest people only for crimes with sentences of at least five years, meaning breach of the peace is often used as a "catch all" offence.

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British Journalist Held at Ben Grurion

12-08-2004 21:14

A British journalist has been detained since Wednesday at Ben-Gurion International Airport after security forces denied her entry into the country on the grounds that she is a left-wing activist who could not be objective in her portrayal of local events and who could unknowingly assist violent organizations.

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Venezuela Election-Day Special available on the KU

12-08-2004 21:00

On Sunday, August 15th from 4:00 - 6:00pm PST,
that is 1:00 - 3:00 am BST of the following day,
KPFK will broadcast a special program on the Venezuelan Recall Referendum with exit polls, election results, interviews with Venezuelan government officials, opposition representatives,journalists, and activists, with live simultaneous translation when necessary.

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EU - Hands off Venezuela (8.3.2004)

12-08-2004 20:27

European parliament discusses a resolution against Venezuela - 08.03.2004

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more harrassment folks

12-08-2004 18:40

A man was hospitalised late on Saturday night last after he was beaten around the head with rifle butts by members of a British Army/PSNI patrol.

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Implementing the Nicaragua Plan in Venezuela

12-08-2004 17:41

The International Republican Institute:
Implementing the Nicaragua Plan in Venezuela

International Republican Institute (“IRI”): A U.S. based non-governmental entity founded upon suggestion by former President Ronald Reagan, the IRI is a major recipient of NED funds for various projects around the world. In March 2002, just one month before the April 2002 coup d’etat, IRI received an impressive $300,000 grant from the NED for “Strengthening Political Parties” in Venezuela. IRI received an additional $116,000 in February 2003, at the culmination of the 64-day opposition imposed lockout that devastated the Venezuelan economy. One of the main political parties participating in both the coup and the lockout, Primero Justicia, is a major benefactor of IRI funds. IRI’s massive financing for its Venezuelan projects has almost exclusively been funneled into developing and strengthening political parties to oppose the Chávez Administration. IRI also maintains close contact with the U.S. Embassy, which has also been a backer of the opposition’s undemocratic tactics.

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US revealed to be secretely funding opponents of Chavez

12-08-2004 17:34

The NED awarded a significant $53,400 grant to the Venezuelan group, Súmate, in September 2003, for the sole purpose of promoting a campaign for a recall referendum on President Chávez’s mandate. Súmate was established solely with the objective of removing President Chávez from office prematurely through a recall referendum, and has no credentials or history to evidence its accomplishments or democratic ideals. Nevertheless, the NED willingly handed Súmate the $53,400 needed to fund the entire referendum campaign and to develop propaganda encourage Venezuelans to vote against Chávez.

(repost of article on Indymedia 20.07.2004 )

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Brighton Palestine vigil

12-08-2004 15:04

24 hour letter-writing vigil in support of Palestine in Brighton.

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Social housing crisis

12-08-2004 14:10

The Surrey-Hampshire border, southwest of London, is one of the most affluent areas in the country. It is currently facing a crisis in affordable housing.

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Jailed US Eco-Activist in danger

12-08-2004 11:24

This emergency alert is on behalf of imprisoned forest activist Tre Arrow, known to authorities as Michael Scarpitti. He was arrested for his suspected involvement in an arson attack on logging trucks in Eagle Creek, USA.

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U.S Prisoners' Union activist faces repression

12-08-2004 11:18

Doug Oerly,is a prisoner involved in the Missouri Prison Labor Union, MPLU (set up by anarchist prisoner Jerome white-Bey to resist forced labour in prisons, which is exploiting prisoners and driving down pay and conditions for workers on the outside. For more info on the MPLU see website

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Youth uprisings in UK - the beginning of the British intifada?

12-08-2004 08:40

It's hard to tell from these mainstream articles what's going on, but in both cases there are clashes between young people and cops - perhaps the ongoing social cleansing against the young is finally bearing unwanted fruit for the state. Let's hope so...

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a big night out

11-08-2004 19:18

Video photo before we left that night
the b4(buckhead bathtub badits brigade) had a fun time to bring this inspirational video from atlanta usa

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History repeating itself in Hebron

11-08-2004 18:37

Even for Palestine, Hebron is shocking. The area has a population of 500,000 - the largest Palestinian Authority in the West Bank - but the city of Hebron was divided into three ‘zones’ in 1997. Settlers moved in and around the city centre in the eighties, and Hebron is characterized by some of the worst ethnic violence in the region.