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Plans to reinstate Iraq's Baathists

07-11-2006 19:59

AFP have reported today that Iraqi leaders have agreed a draft law to allow former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party back into government jobs, a top official said on Monday.

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Hertford Magistrates criticise Police

07-11-2006 17:37

On Monday (6th Nov), an animal rights protestor was up before the magistrates of Hertford for a breach of section 14 of the Public Order Act. Basically he had not done as an officer had told him during a demonstration at GSK’s site in Ware, Hertfordshire on 16th June, 2006. There were two sec.14 notices in question and while the protestor was found guilty of breaking the second, the magistrates called the first one, relating to a protest at GSK’s massive site at Stevenage, “unlawful and misconceived”.

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Fined £800 for using a megaphone??!!

07-11-2006 17:17

Date: 6 November 2006
SHAC activist found guilty of public order offence

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07-11-2006 02:15

Full of strange inconsistencies
Court hears British Al Qaeda planned international attacks?

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Netcu Watch updated Nov 7th 06

06-11-2006 23:56

The website dedicated to keeping an eye on the New Labour built 'National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit' has been extensively updated 07 11 06

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Letter in Support of the People of Oaxaca

06-11-2006 20:48


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1.3 million people march in Oaxaca

06-11-2006 19:47

pics of the 6th mega marcha in Oaxaca.

the pics show the protesters, a military spy caught by activists, burned out barricades, activists with self-made-bazookas and molotov cocktails for protecting - if necessary - the mega marcha against the police.

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Stop Moping - Towards Strategic Insurrection

06-11-2006 13:13

Big mobilisation haven't turned out very successful recently. The 22nd October Collective gives us an idea why. Some more thoughts on strategies and what makes them work.

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Taco Hell

06-11-2006 12:06

SchNEWS - A drop of truth in an ocean of bullshit.

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Rioting by India police hopefuls - repost

06-11-2006 11:50

Reposted from the BBC - I know its not really in line with IMC guidelines, but this is too funny to ignore:

>> Hundreds of people applying to join the police have gone on the rampage in the northern Indian city of Ghaziabad. Riots began because many felt a written test was too difficult, officials say. The mob of would-be officers rampaged along a stretch of the main road to Delhi, attacking people and property. Almost 30 people were arrested. Passengers were forced from their vehicles and reports say several women were molested. It took police an hour to bring the riots under control.

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

06-11-2006 10:27

The Jarawa Tribe
nternational are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tribe

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Benn Speaks in His Favorite City

05-11-2006 23:07

Merseyside STWC welcomed Palestinian delegation and Tony Benn to Liverpool

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Help to imprisoned antifascists from Russia!!!

05-11-2006 22:13

Several anti-fascist were arrested after attack of the nazi march in the midle of september, 2 of them still in prison, yesterday a lot of anti-fascists were arrested in St. Petersburg and some other russian cities after counter-actions against nazi-marches. Some of them were injured during the arrests. Will let you know more later!

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SOCPA - citizens support group patrol the zone

05-11-2006 19:34

'citizens supporting government' unit sets up
a brave and concerned group of public-minded citizens today helped to patrol the government's designated zone and prevent unauthorised demonstrations near parliament. they scanned passers-by and marked anyone thought to be prone to political outbursts.

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Oaxaca Worldwide

05-11-2006 10:54

OAXACA, November 2, 2006
Flyer to distribute to the unaware at marches and other Oaxaca solidarity actions.
I was not able to upload typeset flyer, but below are the photos & text used if you want to use any. On the 8 x 10 flyer, the six photos from around the world are smaller than they appear here, about 1.5 x 1.5. The flyer includes a 3.5 x 5 photo of the girl confronting the PFP (Policia Federal Preventiva, Mexican Federal Riot Police), and a separate large poster was made just with her photo and the legend:

the world is watching
November 2, 2006

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London bombings articles, comments and response

05-11-2006 10:24

The second article on London bombings, involving the explication of hypothesis contained in the first one, attracted many comments, some of them rather elaborate, including broader political and philosophical matters. In this article, those comments and author's response are being posted- at the end of the original article.

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05-11-2006 08:31

The people of Oaxaca managed to protect the University of Benito Juarez (radio APPO is sending from there) from a heavy attack of the PFP (special trained police forces).

The police did even have to leave the city because of the strong resistance.
pics of the battle:

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Urban insurrection on Nottingham estate?

05-11-2006 08:07

Recent news reports have revealed an incident of unrest in Nottingham in which people built barricades and fought police - prefiguring the mass revolt which could become more frequent in the face of widespread repression.

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The Elephant Meets Saddam's Kangaroo Court

04-11-2006 18:19

Felicity Arbuthnot writes, The U.S. administration's stage managed illegal farce: the trial of Iraq's legitimate President and others of his government seems set to conclude(with the U.S., puppet 'Prime Minister' Maliki having already declared a guilty verdict) to coincide with America's mid-term elections.

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London Mexican embassy protest video - 30/10/06

04-11-2006 16:30

A rough video rush of the London Mexican Embassy protest on 30 October 2006.