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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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St George's Weekend Video.

24-04-2006 09:33

This was a gentle March against the ban on unauthorised public demonstrations in the vicinity of UK Parliament, starting with a rained on picnic at the War Museum, food generously provided by Hare Krishna.

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Archbishop of Canterbury appeases Nigerian homophobia

24-04-2006 09:24

Archbishop of Canterbury appeases Nigerian homophobia
But US Bishop condemns Nigeria’s anti-gay repression
Anglican leader of Nigeria backs savage homophobic law
Fear grips the lesbian and gay community in Nigeria

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24-04-2006 09:21

why be against them?

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South Ldn fascist exposed

23-04-2006 13:53

As he's appeared on a gay website publicizing his own 'New Right' blogspot shite here's his details for all... AntiFascists pls take note.

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Recognise the Armenian Genocide

23-04-2006 13:16

On Saturday 22 April, around a thousand Armenians living in the UK marched from Marble Arch to the Cenotaph in Westminster where a wreath was laid to draw attention to their demands for the recognition of the Turkish genocide of 1915-23 in which around 1.5 million Armenians were killed.

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Corporate Complicity in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Jordan Valley

22-04-2006 19:54

These emails are from a Brighton based activist spending April in occupied
Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of
international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance
agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these emails I will be
writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance.


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Guantanamo (by Latuff)

22-04-2006 10:40

Don't Forget Guantanamo
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Nepal on a tightrope. Democracy or dictatorship?

22-04-2006 09:11

In Nepal the showdown between a fat power-crazed king and a huge democracy movement has shut down the entire country since Apr 6th. International pressure can help end the crisis. Nepali people need support in their struggle to escape dictatorship. Demo at Nepal Embassy 25th Apr

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What Nepal could learn from the winsor rabble

22-04-2006 08:25

Anyone fancy booting our dictators out on mayday?

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The Party Line: 'Palestinians attack, Israelis respond'

22-04-2006 08:09

Article by a British anti-occupation activist working long-term in the media office of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Ramallah, Palestine. An opinion peice about the attempts by the Israeli media to portray a recent invasion of Nablus as a "reaction" to the lastest suicide bomibing in Tel Aviv when in fact the invasion had been well underway before the bombing. Read regular reports and journal entries on the current situation on my blog:

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Mary O'Neil McCarthy: Fired CIA Leaker, Clinton Spec. Assistant

22-04-2006 06:57

Mary O'Neil McCarthy is the senior CIA official who has been fired for blowing the whistle about the CIA's illegal secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Her leak provided the grist for the Pulitzer Prize-winning of Dana Priest of the Washington Post, breaking the news about the CIA black sites. She was a Special Assistant to President Clinton. She was serving, at the time she was fired, under the CIA's Deputy Director for Operations, Jose A. Rodriguez of McLean, VA.

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letter to President Bush

22-04-2006 02:46

wake up call

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MAYDAY Police Victory Party

21-04-2006 18:14

Us in our uniforms
Police Notice


Status: For general distribution within force

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21-04-2006 07:51

- GO AND WITNESS – Thursday, April 20th 2006.
- GO AND WITNESS – Thursday, April 20th 2006.


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The Biggest, Most Successful and Most Dangerous Spin of All

21-04-2006 00:36

What it boils down to, most importantly, is never mentioning the "Z" word in the first place ...

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Small Victory For 9/11 Truth

21-04-2006 00:34

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle 9/11 hit piece by Cinnamon Stillwell has encountered massive backlash from the alternative truth community after it cynically dismissed legitimate concerns about 9/11 and labeled anyone who voiced them as anti-semitic extremists.

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Police-state abuse - more ASBOtrocities, life terms and a license to frame

21-04-2006 00:28

The fascistic actions of the New Labour tyranny have escalated with a series of attacks including plans to impose lifelong probation requirements on minor offenders released from jail and an attack on compensation for victims of state abuse which amounts to impunity and a license to stitch-up. Meanwhile, evidence from two charities reveals the devastating effects of Nazi ASBOs, which are being "routinely over-used" according to Barnardos, and are demonising and victimising people with learning difficulties according to another charity. It has also been revealed that the Oyster railcard is being used for routine surveillance by the police.

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Nepalese Embassy Demo for democracy on 25th April

20-04-2006 22:41

The Nepalese people are rising up for democracy and a new constitution, show your support for them in their fight.

Please post if you are interested in attending.

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2 Registered Sex Offenders Killed in Maine

20-04-2006 21:48

Two registered sex offenders
The shootings of Joseph L. Gray, 57, of Milo, and William Elliott, 24, of Corinth, led state police to take down the Maine Sex Offender Registry Web site as a precaution, state Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said. The site lists the photos, names and addresses of more than 2,200 sex offenders.

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Farnborough town centre – highway closures

20-04-2006 17:40

Taking the lead from a biased report from the Public Inquiry held in January, the Secretary of State has given the go-ahead for road closures to facilitate the unwanted Farnborough town centre redevelopment.