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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Bong: Welsh Copper tries to use law from New South Wales (Australia)

23-03-2012 10:50

An over eager Police officer has tried to use a law from Australia to prosecute a shopkeeper in Bargoed, South Wales. Rather than check his own Police manual, the dozy copper Googled the law on selling bongs and didn't notice that he had stumbled into the laws from New South Wales, Australia.

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NO TAV – Juan’s communiqué from the prison of Trento (Italy)

22-03-2012 19:52

communique from Juan Sorroche Fernandez, anarchist prisoner of the No TAV (high speed rail) struggle in Italy, re-posted from

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Protestor Offered Money to 'Disrupt Occupy'

22-03-2012 16:55

broken britain

Details of the arrest of Bryn Phillips, his interview with the British Security Services, and the involvement of The City of London Corporation in his arrest.

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Anti-Prison Gathering

21-03-2012 15:59

An Anti-Prison Gathering 2012.

We are organising this gathering not with the intention of forming another organisation which will stagger and fall almost immediately. But in order for those of us of an anti-state and anti-capitalist position towards the prison society may for share our experiences and understandings of the current situation.

If you're coming it'd be grand if you could email us so we know how many to cook for., Crash space is available on Friday and Saturday night.

Timetable to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Germany: Solidarity fire for Tortuga in Berlin

21-03-2012 09:48

Germany: Solidarity fire for Tortuga in Berlin

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Open Fitwatch meeting

20-03-2012 22:03

We at Fitwatch have been a bit quiet recently – but we are leaping back into life with an open meeting on Sunday 25th March, 1pm at LARC.

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Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga

20-03-2012 16:50

Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga
Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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His story told by his mother .......

20-03-2012 00:10

His story told by his mother: Ayoub Asalya, 12 years old, killed by an Israeli missile ........

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Bristol: Solidarity Demo for Luciano Tortuga, 21/03/12

19-03-2012 13:13


Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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16 March: Report from US Embassy Vigil for Bradley Manning, London

18-03-2012 14:35

On Friday March 16th, twenty-five people gathered around the demands of "Free Bradley Manning! Drop the Charges" at the U.S. embassy. Friday was the second day of a pre-trial hearing at a military tribunal held at Ft. Meade, Maryland U.S.A. Manning faces 23 charges in relation to cables exposing U.S. war crimes published by WikiLeaks and other major news outlets including the Guardian and New York Times. One charge carries the death penalty, others could mean life imprisonment.

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Cop thug U1632 attacks NHS protest

17-03-2012 20:11

Metropolitan Police TSG officer U1632 attacked an innocent and totally peaceful protestor, from behind, during a demonstration against NHS privatisation, London, 17 March 2012

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Canada, dude, you used to be cool

17-03-2012 14:35

Since thier election in 2006 the Canadian Conservative party, through lies, stealing and cheating, have turned their beautiful country into one of the worst human rights abusers in the world. It´s time for Canadians to say ENOUGH!

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Prison Was Created For The Poor pdf

17-03-2012 12:56

Leeds ABC have released our pamphlet PRISON WAS CREATED FOR THE POOR as a PDF file (downloadable from the Leeds ABC website at

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TSN brings its Info Night to Sheffield

17-03-2012 12:50

This Monday (19th March) members of the Traveller Solidarity Network are coming to Sheffield to hold an info night on the issues effecting Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) communities. The tour hopes to bring together grass roots activists, human rights groups, and those from travelling communities with the aim of building the GRT civil rights movement.

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Remotely living Australian Aborigines to be stripped of all rights

17-03-2012 01:09

Australian Aborigines in 73 remote communities will be stripped of all rights by laws about to be passed.

The imminent vote in the upper house, the Senate, on what is derisively called “Stronger Futures legislation”, will extend for 10 more years draconian restrictions on Aboriginal people who’ve already suffered five years of them.

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Elba squat (Warsaw) attacked

16-03-2012 22:53

Word is coming in of an attack by police on the Elba squat in Poland :[ one of Poland's largest squats - but the latest news is it hasn't been evicted!

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An invitation to multiply the attacks in solidarity with our brother Tortuga

16-03-2012 19:08

An invitation to multiply the attacks against power in solidarity with our brother Tortuga

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Roger Franklin explains why he refused to complete the 2011 Census

15-03-2012 17:06

When Roger Franklin of Stroud, aged 84, received a court summons for failing to comply with the 2011 Census, he wrote to the Magistrates in Bristol explaining his stance and refusing to enter a plea. Roger was found guilty at a court hearing on 8 February. His fine has just been paid by a total of 222 individual donations as cheques made payable to the court, many sent with scathing comments about the conviction.