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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Exclusive premiere STILL WE RIDE - London thursday 16th

07-06-2005 22:31

the rampART is proud to present...



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Genoa G8 retrospective (Sat 11th, London)

07-06-2005 14:08

With plans for massive protests in Scotland next month for the 2005 G8 summit now developing rapidly, this event at the rampART offers a chance to look back at learn from the experiences of the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa.

"300.000 people were protesting in july 2001 against the g8 in Genoa: the collective dream 'another world is possible' turned into a nightmare overwhelmed by the violence by the police, finding it's climax in the murder of Carlo Giuliani."

Saturday 11th June (after the Naked Bike Ride and before the Reclaim The Future Party so you don't have to miss out on anything and can experience a real roller coaster of highs and lows)

This is a chance to speak and share experiences with people who took part in the protests against the G8 in 2001. This is not an event intended to scare anyone. It is an important chance to reflect and learn and most importantly PREPARE for Scotland...

What happened in Genoa? Why did it happen? Could it have been avoided or handled better? What does any of this mean for us this July? What precautions and preparation should we be making and are we!? These are just some of the possible valuable questions we can discuss on Saturday.

  • Were you in Genoa? Please come to rampART on saturday and share your experiences of the event and the aftermath.
  • Are you going to Scotland? Please come on saturday and ensure you are fully aware of what lessons our collective history may have to offer.
  • Are you party of a team working on accomodation, alt media, legal monitoring, or medical aid etc for Scotland? Please come let people know what is being organised and how they can help.

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Technopolis: Unravelling the Net of Technological Domination - Location Announce

07-06-2005 11:43

Gathering to be held at

Buckingham Road
off Headingley Lane

between 9th and 12th June.

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A short-cut to justice

07-06-2005 11:09

A short-cut on the long walk to justice.

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Sail 8

06-06-2005 17:20

Bob Geldof has called for a modern-day Dunkirk, sailors to sail to France and bring across protestors for Edinburgh.

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Jackson hospitalised from court therapy

06-06-2005 03:12

Michael Jackson Innocent: Fan Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain said on Friday the back complaint had been exacerbated by the air conditioning system in the courtroom, where the pop star has been sitting through six hours a day of testimony, five days a week.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

06-06-2005 01:26

The bitter struggles of the past continue today on a much larger scale. Human wolves preyed on good honest workers one hundred years ago and only the superficial layers have changed. Essentially, nothing has changed.

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Fundraiser for Magonista Radio at the Plough, Bristol

05-06-2005 22:18

Thursday 9th of June at The Plough in Easton, Bristol, there will be a showing of 2 films made by the Magonistas, and performances by Spanner, Band 6 and several DJs to raise awareness and funds for a Magonista radio station in Oaxaca, Mexico..please show your support!

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Urgent - Fight the Extradition of UK Citizen to the US

05-06-2005 18:11

Please help to fight the extradition of Babar Ahmad.

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Advice on being approached by police to negotiate in run up to G8

05-06-2005 11:47

Article offering advice on what do to if approached by the police to negotiate protests around the G8 mobilization.

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Brian Haw clocks up 4 years of 24/7 in Parliament Square!

04-06-2005 17:42

This is a 1,400 word report with 6 photos of the 4th anniversary of Brian Haw's vigil for Iraq in London's Parliament Square.

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Bob the martyr

04-06-2005 15:27

Does Geldof want to make poverty History or,
Does Geldof want to make poverty His story?

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Wednesday to be EDO demo day

04-06-2005 13:31

Noise demos outside the factory of Brighton arms dealers EDO/MBM will now be taking place every Wednesday from 4-6. We will meet at the bottom of Home Farm Road and march up to EDO together.

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The European Union is a dishonest disaster

04-06-2005 12:22

They promised us a 'Great Europe' without borders, and without passports: the reality is that we now in the Netherlands live in an 'Apartheid state', where we like earlier in South Africa can get fined and even arrested when we leave our house without an ID card...

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The American Demise

04-06-2005 10:00

As the war drums of the Bush Administration drone into background noise, a growing number across the globe turn their eyes to the USA itself. The view becomes a prelude to the upcoming horror feature of this planets history - the Day America Turns on Herself!

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Your saturday night sorted

03-06-2005 21:39

Benefit event at the rampART this saturday 4.6.'05 for the one year anniversary of the arrests in Guadalajara in mexico by the London Zapatista Support group with Live music food and drink.

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One Struggle, One Fight: SHAC 7 and the Future of Dissent

03-06-2005 18:35

Why the US and UK governments' war on Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty threatens all dissent, and what others should be learning from the SHAC campaign.

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03-06-2005 16:58

fight poverty not wars...meeting in Swansea

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Mc Libel to be shown on BBC2, Sunday 5th of june,

03-06-2005 15:26

Mc Libel is to be shown on BBC2 on Sunday 5th of June, 10.30 - 11.55 pm.

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BBC reveals torture of gay Palestinians

03-06-2005 12:32

Hamas and Islamic Jihad murder queers
Palestinian Authority jails and tortures LGBTs
Gay Palestinians appeal for international solidarity