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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Young Webmaster Heads to Prison

06-09-2003 02:19

After he is released, Austin will be on probation for three years. He will be barred from “associating with any person or group that seeks to change the government in any way be that environmental, social justice, political, economic, etc."

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Witness Call : Menwith Hill, July 4.

05-09-2003 20:57

I am looking for witnesses who saw me being arrested on the July 4, "Independence Day" Demo. It took place at about 2:30pm not long after we started the attempt to walk around the bases. A police man is claiming I hit him twice on the back - I did not.

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DSEi warm-up: Caterkillar HQ protest

05-09-2003 17:44

Up and over. No worries.
Activists from Birmingham staged a roof-top protest at the headquarters of Caterpillar(UK), in Desford, near Leicester this morning. The action was in protest at the sale of Caterpillar D9 armoured bulldozers to Israel, and to highlight Caterpillar’s presence at the DSEi arms fair in London next week.

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Peter MCBride Justice Campaign appeals for volunteers in London

05-09-2003 17:05

Volunteers urgently required this weekend.
Canvassing begins in earnest this weekend for Kelly Mc Bride in the Brent East By Election in London. If you are able to join us on Saturday we will be at Kilburn Square from 1pm onwards. Leaflets can be picked up at Kilburn Square throughout the afternoon.Volunteers will be on the ground from now until election day on September 18. Please call Please forward to any friends in the London area. Donations urgently required. contact See below for background.

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Pretty pink pieces of paper

05-09-2003 14:05

5th September, 2003, Nablus

Yesterday pretty pink pieces of paper rained from the clear blue sky above Nablus and the refugee camps of Balata and Askar. Pink leaflets delivered by an Apache. This is how the Israeli Occupation Forces communicate with the occupied – at a distance, impersonal and untouchable.

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General Sanchez's Press Conference Disrupted in Baghdad

05-09-2003 10:40

A group fo activist from chicago-based long-term anti-sanctions and Iraqi solidarity group Voices in the Wilderness managed to enter and disrupt the press conference of the Supreme Commander of the coalition Occupation Forces in Iraq. Apologies for the lateness of this story! Baghdad blackouts, busy days and all-night curfew are responsible...A video clip is on its' way.

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Executive Order 13315: The Official Looting of Iraq

04-09-2003 19:51

Executive order 13315, which Bush signed on 8/28/03, was published in the Federal Register on 9/3/03. It expands upon executive order 13303, and appears to be an asset grab under the guise of funding the Iraqi reconstruction, placing Iraq's state assets under control of the U.S. Treasury: in effect, the official looting of Iraq. Very convenient for a government which seeks to hand over control of Iraq to UN peacekeepers. This executive order has had zero corporate media coverage as of today.

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Army murder victim's sister stands in Brent East by election.

04-09-2003 19:49

Kellie McBride, the sister of 18 year old Peter McBride from north Belfast who was shot in the back in 1992 by Scots Guardsmen James Fisher and Mark Wright, was nominated as a candidate in the Brent East Westminster by election.

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Sounds Like Freedom report from Palestine

04-09-2003 09:21

Update from the Sounds Like Freedom group in Palestine

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Another blow for Asylum Seekers

03-09-2003 09:05

Once again the "Left" Labour government make Maggie look like Marx, how can we let them get away with it?

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02-09-2003 01:38

Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma is on hunger strike; she has been in the cruel prisons of the Burmese military since May 30, 2003. All the evil generals in Burma, the brutes are attacking her and as we know well that she got a few stitches in her head hit and beaten by the hired thugs of a Burmese general. Please let us unite to save her or get her out of the danger zone; I believe that was what Dr.Michael Aris, the Englishman husband of Daw Suu Kyi would say in this battle of good and evil in a midnight of the blemished and broken Burmese soul.

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al-jazeera website relaunches - but for how long???

01-09-2003 23:10

The Arab satellite station Al-Jazeera launched an English-language Web site yesterday, five months after hackers brought down a temporary site at the height of the Iraq war but how long will it stay up for?

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*MASH* remembered

01-09-2003 13:20

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FBI: "RTS represents a threat"

01-09-2003 13:16

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International prisoner support

01-09-2003 11:39

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Update from Jenin

31-08-2003 16:20

Report and footage from the streets of occupied Jenin

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The Things That Keep Us Here

31-08-2003 13:07

A searing report on US Soldier war crimes from Caoimhe...

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like - report from Baghdad

31-08-2003 12:51

The Occupation in Iraq follows in the footsteps of Saddam...

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30-08-2003 16:18

Fear for safety ofJuan Carlos Galvis (m), Vice-president of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos, (SINALTRAINAL), National Union of Food Industry Workers Barrancabermeja section;