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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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SOCPA - barbara tucker faces jail tomorrow

30-01-2007 00:24

in the same week that john reid faces pressure over prison overcrowding, barbara tucker, a peaceful anti-war campaigner, faces jail for breaching draconian bail conditions imposed by judge snow, banning her from entering an area within 1km of parliament.

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Anti-deportation protest

29-01-2007 22:47

Anti-deportation/anti-racist protest and stall on Saturday 10 February 2007, 11.30am-1.30pm.

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Violation of migrants’ human rights in Morocco an “accident”

29-01-2007 19:29

Violation of migrants’ human rights in Morocco an “accident” says Commission official. The European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights held an exchange of views on the situation of migrants in Morocco on Monday, 22nd January.

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A Prison Visit

29-01-2007 15:42

Strip Search
The Government and Penal Reform Charities claim the Prison service works hard to help prisoners maintain links with family and friends. It is they claim evidence of how prison works to achieve successful rehabilitation. Elizabeth, a regular visitor to a prisoner, describes how she was treated. Sadly her experience is not uncommon.

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Loving The Unloved - Reflections on the Struggles of Prisoner's Families

29-01-2007 15:38

Child Prison
By Beth - The partner of a prisoner reflects on the harsh reality of prisons on partners and loved ones as well as prisoners.

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Italian court considers trial against CIA agents in rendition case

29-01-2007 13:43

Four years ago, Muslim cleric Abu Omar was kidnapped in Italy by US intelligence agents and transferred to an Egyptian torture prison. A hearing is currently taking place in Milan over the possible trial of those responsible for Abu Omar’s rendition. Public prosecutor Armando Spataro is seeking to bring charges against the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Italian military secret service SISMI (Servizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Militare).

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hope and horror in latin america - solidarity report from london

29-01-2007 02:31

demo flyer
come to the demo today (monday) 2pm - 5pm opposite downing street! calderon is giving a press conference at 2.40 with blair - show him that he's not welcome!

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$25,000 Reward for Japanese Whalers’ Coordinates

28-01-2007 22:44

whale killer
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is offering a reward to any one person or group that can provide the coordinates of the Japanese Whaling Fleet presently operating in the Ross Sea.

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Germany/Switzerland: protests against the visit of mexican president Calderón

27-01-2007 19:37

german protester hunted by cop
Germany. Protesters managed to get into the park of Castle Belvedere, the place where german Bundespräsident Köhler welcomed mexican president Calderon, who got into office by election fraud and who brutally surpresses the social movement in Oaxaca.

protesters show Calderón he is not welcome. They managed to protest directly in fron of the Hotel Belvedere.

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Holocaust Memorial Day in Nottingham

27-01-2007 18:01

Holocaust Memorial Day in Nottingham

Saturday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. An event marked widely. Here in Nottingham

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The New Borders Bill: A More Fortress Britain

27-01-2007 15:21

The new Borders Bill, the fifth on immigration in eight years, was published on 26 January, 2007 (see Home Office's press release). It will equip the new Border and Immigration Agency with a wide range of new powers to "deter, detect and deport those breaking the rules and ensure that those foreign nationals legally in the UK play their part in upholding the rules."

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Video of Protest at Manchester magistrates court over Police Rave Riot

27-01-2007 03:47

This video shows two things clearly. One is that there were definately a lot of out of control Police actions happening at the break up of the squatted warehouse in bellevue on the 20th Jan. Another is that visiting court nowadays is a privilledge not a right.

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When You Raid Someone's Home at Dawn, That's a Dawn Raid

27-01-2007 00:36

The Home Office was recently asked in Parliament how many occasions over the last two years their officers carried out dawn raids on asylum seekers accompanied by the police. Immigration minister Liam Byrne's answer was that the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) "do not conduct 'raids' against asylum seekers." Officers, he insisted, "undertake operational visits to detain and remove persons who no longer have the right to remain in the UK and do so in line with operational policy and guidance." Byrne, however, revealed that there were 8,865 and 13,953 police-supported 'operations' in 2005 and 2006 respectively, some of which, he said, "would have been undertaken early in the morning for operational reasons."

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Government Operated Unlawful Policy Over the Detention of Young Asylum Seekers

27-01-2007 00:01

Home secretary John Reid admitted, during a High Court test case in which under-18's were seeking damages for loss of liberty, that the government operated an "unlawful policy" over the detention of scores of young asylum seekers. The asylum seekers, in four test cases, aged under 18 when they arrived unaccompanied in the UK but where treated as adults by the Home Office. Unaccompanied children as young as 14 have been detained with adults for long periods and subjected to inappropriate behaviour by staff and other detainees

Of course, the story was almost ignored by mainstream media, which preferred to focus on the released paedophile and the over-crowdedness of 'normal' prisons.

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Hatred of poor still glowing against WEF

26-01-2007 16:30

anti-wef march St.Gallen
Protesters carried though actions and demonstrations against the gathering of the rich and powerful at the World Economic Forum this week. Marches and actions took place mainly in Zuerich, Basel, Delemont and St.Gallen in various different forms.

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Evicton of five indigenous communities in Guatemala

26-01-2007 14:39

Five indigenous communities were cleared by 800 policemen and 150 soldiers in the regions Izabal and Alta Verapaz in Guatemala on 8th and 9th January 2007.

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Protest against Mexican "president" - this Sunday and Monday!

26-01-2007 12:23

Fradulent Mexican "president" Felipe Calderon is visiting the UK this Sunday and Monday. His first major act since taking office in December, having stolen the vote, has been to crush the social movement in Oaxaca, which has been mobilising against a corrupt and murderous local governor.

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Targeted: Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration

26-01-2007 09:51

You were born in Bombay, grew up in Australia. Yay!
Author and radio host Deepa Fernandes joins us to talk about her new book, “Targeted: Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration.” Fernandes documents the hidden human struggles behind the immigration debate and exposes how big business has been a driving force in setting immigration policy.

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Nablus: Military Operation January 25th

25-01-2007 21:52

Here's a short clip of the most recent military operation in the Ma'jeen area in occupied Nablus.

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Why Will he Not allow gay couples adopt?

25-01-2007 20:01

Murphy O Connor
The damage done to children by the Catholic church
need not be gone over again. The fact that this story
leads the Guardian is apposite.

The essential thing is this- Gay couples should adopt
and Priests should not hold governments over barrels.