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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Urgent solidarity still needed for anarchist in German prison!

09-12-2005 14:52

Jose Fernandez Delgado was in spanish prison for more than 20 years. He spent about 14 years in the infamous FIES-isolation regime, known for its brutality and systematic torture. He escaped and was arrested with three others in Aachen (Germany) in june 2004, and condemned to 14 years of prison in Germany (more info below).

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09-12-2005 13:48

George Orwell revisited: First Kissinger and his PNAC army start genocidal global killing fields, their terror which hardly can be described, and than he suggests to solve the problem by letting the chaos- and warmongers stay?

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Story of the Al Housain Palestinian camp in Amman, Jordan.

09-12-2005 12:03

This is a 1,500 word article about a Palestinian camp in Jordan with 20 labelled photos and a piece by a Palestinian activist.

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Saturday anti-EDO march in Brighton

09-12-2005 10:58

The anti-arms trade and freedom to protest demo in Brighton town centre tomorrow starts at 12 at Churchill Square.

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Brian Haw ha been arrested this morining

09-12-2005 10:32

Don't have any further information

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09-12-2005 05:42

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Launch More Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

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A Patriot's Letter

09-12-2005 04:39

A call to action to Americans from an American. Please distribute as much as possible by any means.

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Christmas in Guantanamo

09-12-2005 04:33

After four long years
After four long years, David Hicks - and scores of others - have been confined in steel cages in Guantanamo Bay, without trial or charge. Here in Australia, draconian anti-terror laws abolish some of our most cherished freedoms, and give ASIO and the Australian Federal Police carte blanche to treat the Islamic community like criminals.

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Tight security impedes scapegoat case

08-12-2005 19:33

Frozen Gulag [File photo] (Rooters)
Indymedia has learnt this includes a bank account his supporters say was set up to fund legal representation for Muslims facing any kind of legal action. The prosecution is understood to allege the money was intended for terrorist purposes.

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Terror scapegoats to be relocated without warning

08-12-2005 18:24

The next logical step is RENDITION!
Threats and intimidation in custody

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08-12-2005 18:16

Unison Cambridge Health campaign against NHS cuts
1pm Market Square, Cambridge

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Action needed against crackdown culture - police escalate offensive poster drive

08-12-2005 17:21

Nottingham Police, allied with authoritarians at the local council and the Home Office, have been wasting taxpayers' money on a wave of offensive posters intended to terrorise dissidents and the socially excluded. This campaign has escalated with attempts to terrorise those involved in subvertising the posters.

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Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers

08-12-2005 15:36

Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair by former MI5 officer Annie Machon (Book Guild, 2005) provides a detailed account of the abuses within the intelligence services, and how resources are being devoted not to prevention of terrorism but to suppress political dissent.

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Italy: Cops and anti-TAV protesters clash

08-12-2005 13:53

Protests against the building of a high-speed rail tunnel through the Alps linking Italy and France have escalated dramatically, following a violent pre-dawn raid by riot cops on a protester camp at Venaus.

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08-12-2005 13:24

Thursday 8th December 2005
Birmingham Central Mosque
Belgrave Middleway, B5
Speakers Include
Clare Short (MP)
Abu Baker Deghayes (Brother of Guantanamo Detainee)
Moazzam Begg (Ex-Guantanamo Detainee)

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Jack Straw - complicit in torture. Labour North West - complicit with Jack Straw

08-12-2005 13:04

Jack Straw did not "act alone" in his decision to co-operate with the United States government's torture programme. Labour North West could have stopped him, but they didn't. They actively supported Straw in May 2005, even when the extent of his torture complicity was becoming very clear.

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International Human Rights Day Action

08-12-2005 02:15

Offer of Hope
Justice Action and the Australian Prisoners Union (APU) call for one minute's silence in support of the Offer of Hope at midday on International Human Rights Day, Saturday 10 December 05

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Oxford group campaigns against human rights abuses in Iran

07-12-2005 19:56

Flyer, courtesy of NCRI
MEETING: Thursday 15 December, 10.00am to 13.30pm
VENUE: Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London

With the increasingly belligerent noises coming out of Washington about the current Iranian regime and its stance on nuclear power and weapons, Oxford’s Iranian exiles and their supporters have been getting increasingly alarmed at the possibility of a US attack or even invasion....(Continues below poster)

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a blow to freedom - guilty verdict in SOCPA case in court today

07-12-2005 18:02

bell-ringing and supporters outside the court
brian haw's one man protest outside westminster embarassed the warmongers inside. it seemed easier to try to stop protest against the war than to stop the greed that led to war, so they brought in new legislation. he's still there, but today the first guilty verdict was passed on an 'unauthorised protest' that comprised just two people performing a remembrance ceremony opposite downing street.

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Capitalism Loves Violent Revolution

07-12-2005 17:29

keeping peace