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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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John Bowden – Another Punishment Move

22-08-2011 11:42

Long-term prison resister John Bowden continues to be victimised by the State.

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The Insurrection of the English Underclass

20-08-2011 20:16

In this article, Takis sees the tremendous explosion of anger by the British underclass as part of similar recent explosions in France and Greece of the main victims of neoliberal globalisation and particularly those who have not yet been integrated into it.

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Coda to an open letter

20-08-2011 13:26

Three follow-up comments on the London riots, drawn in part from astute comments from friends and strangers.

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Anarchist/Antifascist Prisoner Thomas Blak Writes From Wormwood Scrubs

20-08-2011 10:47

The following communiqué is not the opinion of any group or organisation, but that of the signed person only.

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Government considers curfew powers following riots

20-08-2011 06:41

In the aftermath of the riots that swept London and other cities in England last week, the Conservative/Liberal government is actively planning the imposition of curfew powers covering wide geographical areas.

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Emergency solidarity march and noise demo

19-08-2011 21:16

An emergency solidarity march and noise demo has been called in Brixton.

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Can you help female victims of sexual violence?

18-08-2011 17:47

The Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC) is recruiting women who can help of women and girls who have experienced sexual violence.

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Youth sentenced to years in jail for posting Facebook notices during riots

18-08-2011 06:22

The state clampdown against working class youth in Britain continues unabated. On Tuesday, crown court judges in England handed down long jail sentences to two young men for posting comments on Facebook.

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The stench of a police state

18-08-2011 06:20

The events of the last 12 days are a warning to the working class in Britain and internationally. The state repression and right-wing hysteria unleashed in response to youth rioting in London and other cities reveal the preparations of the ruling class for police-state forms of rule.

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Bristol Police raid squat looking for riot suspect(s)

17-08-2011 18:27

Bristol police, in conjunction with the media circus, have began a repressive operation against those suspected of involvement in the recent disorder.

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Riot Graffiti !

16-08-2011 21:05

something from exeter

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News from Colchester

16-08-2011 19:26

spot the difference!
In Colchester, one young man has just been charged under the 2007 Serious Crime Act for organising a fight... with water pistols, while another languishes in a military prison for refusing to take part in rifle training with real guns. What sort of a message does this send to our young people?

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Understanding The Riots – Where Next?

15-08-2011 13:25

Understanding The Riots – Where Next?

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End Political Evictions

14-08-2011 16:20

Protest outside the home of the leader Wandsworth Council to prevent political evictions

Thursday the 18th of August 2011 at 5pm-8pm

53A St Ann's Hill Wandsworth London SW18 2EZ

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Solidarity Action for a comrade detained in Norway - !Acción Solidaria

14-08-2011 15:20

raducción al español por debajo de
Greetings friends and comrades ! Solidarity needed against scandinavian fascism, hate and homophobia

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UG#563 - Extended Childhood and The New World Religion (Deschooling Society 2-3)

14-08-2011 06:08

This week we pick up with both recordings from last week, focussing on the establishment of what in our second hour, Ivan Illich calls the 'New World Religion', the cult of mass compulsion schooling. As Gatto explains, in the 20th Century, mass compulsion schooling served to create the most essential resource of all for US big business - a stockpile of radically incomplete, childish adults who could be counted on to mass produced and mass consume goods and services according to a schedule imposed by managers. Illich broadens the discussion beyond merely business and adds historical perspective.

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Response to the Clean Up - Clean Out The Rich poster

13-08-2011 21:29

All Hail the Broom Bloc!
Time to take back the broom from the moronic gentrifying middle-classes who seek to symbolically sweep their privilege and our poverty under the carpet and to wield it high against all the real bastards in this country. Let the Broom Bloc commence!!

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An open letter to those who condemn looting (Part two)

13-08-2011 19:52

First, this recurrent accusation of "materialistic" signals a broader refusal not of consumerism - with which you are well familiar and for which you cheerlead full-throated - but of the material fact of social disruption. To speak, with disdain, at the materialistic nature of these days is to speak, beneath your tongue, of a desire that people should go back to "protesting" in ways that remain representational: be counted, be seen, be ignored, go back to the places they live, remain there. It marks your horror at what it looks like for "protest" to become material, and, at that point, no longer protest.

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An open letter to those who condemn looting (Part one)

13-08-2011 19:48

Dear you all,

I fear we have nothing to say to each other.

What follows may therefore represent one half of a dialogue in the way that yelling at a jukebox made of ice does. Perhaps the sheer exertion of speaking - a certain quantity of hot air - will soften the surface a bit, but it's a pretty one-sided discussion. And it doesn't mean you can or will stop repeating the records you have been given to play, those looping phrases and evasions.

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Media demand mass arrests, reprisals against UK rioters

13-08-2011 07:33

Magistrates’ courts in London and other cities in England are handing down the harshest possible sentences to those accused of involvement in the riots that swept across London and other cities in England earlier this week.