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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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14-11-2006 17:31

On Monday 30th October their was a demonstration outside the Mexican embassy, on george street central london, against the appalling atrocities being perpetrated in Oaxaca. See, and for information and reports about the brutal repression.

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SOCPA - brian haw to be moved, or not?

14-11-2006 16:49

superintendent terry
a mystery surrounds police plans at the state opening of parliament tomorrow. a protestor has been told that he cannot stand opposite the carriage gates in parliament square. superintendent peter terry claimed that brian haw would be moved away towards westminster abbey too, but brian haw has been told nothing.

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Guantanamo Torture & Imprisonment Public Meeting this Thursday

14-11-2006 14:45

There will be a public meeting at 7.30pm this Thursday 16th November 2006 at Carr's Lane Church in Birmingham City Centre, to debate the issues of Guantanamo and the deterioration of human and civil rights in this country with their elected representatives.

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Desperate Neocons, More Dangerous than Ever

14-11-2006 12:07

Fresh from his embarrassment at the hands of Vanity Fair, the Prince of Darkness, known in polite circles as Richard Perle, is now screaming at the rafters for the decimation of Iran, an act long overdue, according to the perfidious neocons.

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CNN editors pull Palestinian quotes, replace with US

14-11-2006 05:34

Once again, the media's bias towards the Zionist Extremists currently controlling Israel is exposed for all to see.

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14-11-2006 02:20

In a poor terror tag team propaganda attack, Eliza Manningham-Buller and Prime Minister Blair show they are totally inept at interdicting terror plots even with their new found powers and are using psychological warfare techniques on an unsuspecting public to further usurp the freedoms of the citizens of western nations.

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Wellbeing@Climate Camp

13-11-2006 23:46

The WELLBEING SPACE @ the Climate Camp
- Analysis and Experiences -

By Activist Trauma Support and the Wellbeing Group at the Climate Camp

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Press Release from Sirius GAO, 13th November 2006

13-11-2006 22:13

China continues with dog "culls", while in Beijing new tougher laws are passed on dog ownership. Demonstration held in Beijing.

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URGENT ACTION - 10 Arabs to hang in Iran

13-11-2006 21:15

Lobby the UN and EU to save these men’s lives

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Work on the controversial LNG Pipeline has been stopped in South West Wales

13-11-2006 19:59

A section of the LNG pipeline has been blockaded at Trebanos, in the Swansea Valley by over a dozen activists. All work on that whole area of the project has been stopped.

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Outrage!- Jerusalem gay Pride unites fundamentalists but...

13-11-2006 16:27

Peter Tatchell's comment blog in The Guardian on Jerusalem gay Pride...

(Stand by to repel SWP type lefties claiming CIA shenanigans etc...see below)..

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GALHA: Russian gay activist fights on...

13-11-2006 16:20

At a Gay & Lesbian Humanist Asso meeting last Friday in London a Russian gay activist vowed to fight on despite the threats from the far-right and religionists.

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Revving up the dirty war in Oaxaca

13-11-2006 15:13

We bring to the attention of Global Research readers this carefully prepared review of unfolding events in Oaxaca, Mexico by Professor George Salzman, who has documented in detail the violations of human rights.

The coverage of these momentous events which have a bearing on Mexico's political future have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. Also included here is a report by Amanda Aquino, which confirms extensive human rights violations.

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American forces arrest Palestinians in Iraq

13-11-2006 11:35

As the assault on the Palestinian's inside of Iraq continues, please find below an article on a recent attack by the US occupying forces.

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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

13-11-2006 10:32

The Jarawa Tribe face extinction
Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tribe

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legalise cannabis party rehashed

12-11-2006 23:25

The 'Legalise Cannabis Alliance' (LCA), a legally constituted political party which stood candidates in Parliamentary elections against prohibitionists in the Labour, Tory, Liberal and even the Green Party, has decided on a major change of strategy.

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Attack on anti-castor camp thrown back

12-11-2006 18:18

burning hay bales are blocking the street
The Castor, a transport of nuclear waste, is going through Germany again. Several thousand people are protesting all over Germany. Near the route of the transport a protest camp is set up in Metzingen. Last night a street blockade with burning hay bales was set up.

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Baghdad’s new statue

12-11-2006 18:01

Please find the following story by Iraqi blogger "Roads to Iraq"

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Families of Servicemen Killled in Iraq Lay Wreaths at the Cenotaph

12-11-2006 15:31

Family members prepare for the procession
In a moving and solemn ceremony of remembrance, members of the families of some of the 121 British soldiers killed in Iraq processed along Whitehall to the Cenotaph in London on Nov 11, 2006, and laid wreaths. They were accompanied by a number of prominent supporters of the 'Stop the War' campaign and a large group of media.