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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Bolivia Solidarity Demo : BP London : Wed 22nd Oct

20-10-2003 16:42

BP & REPSOL out of Bolivia!
Wednesday 22 October 12noon onwards
BP Headquarters,1 St James Square, London SW1

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Al Brazil (Rafah, Gaza) is being invaded now

20-10-2003 15:17

Writing to request 'a call to action' - I have attached a short update on the
situation in Rafah (from today, Thursday 16th of October and also one from
Sunday 12th October) and hope that most of you get the chance to read it...

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Palestine films coming to Oxford

19-10-2003 23:22

Film screenings in Oxford.

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Panoramic Overhead Stills of Manchester Camp X-ray

19-10-2003 14:03

Manchester Camp X_Ray 1
Some new, panoramic shots looking down on Manchster Camp X-Ray

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Report on Condition of Working Class in Iraq

19-10-2003 12:12

Dodgy unions, ex-Baathist fascist bosses, spies monitoring the new ministries in Iraq and machine gun armed picket lines.

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Cleaning up the city - Part 2

19-10-2003 02:03

Liverpool City Council flyposting ban!

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Cleaning up the city - Part 1

19-10-2003 02:00

Big Issues Banned
Liverpool City Council bans Big Issues sellers from the City in massive clean-up operation

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Ordinary Iraqis Among Guerrilla Movement

18-10-2003 15:19

Despite U.S. insistence on publicly focusing the scope of Iraq's guerrilla movement on Saddam Hussein loyalists and foreign militants, organized Iraqi civilians also participate in the violent resistance to the U.S.-led occupation

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IMC related article on Slashdot

18-10-2003 13:10

Can someone sort out this Tom/Thomas J menace please.
IMC can do more helpful things than getting involved in crap like this.
Back to the topic...

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Econoticiasbolivia (Translated by: Latinsol)

18-10-2003 01:02

Last minute up-date (Friday, October 17th, 17hrs): Thousands of people are gathered around Bolivia's Congress awaiting the official resignation speech of the President as parliamentarians attempt to mantain formal "democracy". Leaders from the mass movement are discussing weather to accept the vice-president to be sworn in.

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McDonalds Empire collapses - Manchester evidence

18-10-2003 00:28

NotDonald's Street Cafe opened outside a branch of everybodies least favourite 'food' outlet on Oxford Road, Manchester today.

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Embattled Bolivian President to Resign

17-10-2003 20:51

An AP wire story reporting the upcoming resignation of Bolivia's president.

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17-10-2003 04:47

A giant multitude have sieged the Presidential Palace throughout Thursday demanding Bolivia's President resignation as around a million people from all walks of life have joined on a national hunger strike until Sanchez de Lozada steps down.

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Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony

17-10-2003 04:07

The Last Essay.
I am honored to post with my name and hopefully what respect Real Democracy teaches by its practice in a civil society.

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Al Jazeera article on Thessaloniki Prisoners

16-10-2003 21:23

Al Jazeera article on Simon Chapman and the Thessaloniki Hunger Strikers

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Israel/Occupied Territories: Wanton Destruction Constitutes a War Crime

16-10-2003 17:01

Israel's War Crimes :The War Crimes Israel Perpetuates Continue to Feed the Terrorist Mentality While at the Same Time Punishing the Innocent

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Rafah invaded now! Action needed!

16-10-2003 15:42

The situation in Rafah has intensified further still. At midnight, yet another area of Rafah was invaded by the Israeli army. This time it was the Al Brazil refugee camp, again situated along the border with Egypt. It is a continuation of the previous raids on Yibnah and Block J, and the ongoing operation in Hay Salaam.

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Bolivia Soberana!

16-10-2003 12:20

Do you wonder why the British Bullshit Corporation is still not covering the developments in Bolivia? Burning Planet influence innit? True the masters in th US want the gas but guess who has been active expanding rain forests! and educating locals through social programmes!! The education did not work I guess.

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Were you Section 44 searched at DSEi?

15-10-2003 17:06

Liberty's High Court Case about Section 44 searches took place on 2-3 October 2003. Liberty is still calling for submission of S. 44 search receipts from activists who were searched at DSEi or other London demonstrations.