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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New issue of '325' Magazine is out (#5) - Social war & Anarchy.

23-02-2008 11:02

Out Now - The 5th issue of the anarchist magazine '325', featuring news, reports and articles from the international struggle against capitalism and the state, plus letters from prisoners is off the press.

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Miliband on Diego Garcia and “extraordinary rendition”: Is this a joke?

22-02-2008 20:44

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” notes that David Miliband’s confession about “extraordinary rendition” flights refueling on Diego Garcia does nothing to quell well-founded claims that the island has actually housed a secret “War on Terror” prison.

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Harmondsworth Four Are Not Guilty Of Conspiracy!!!

22-02-2008 18:12

After a six week trial the jury came back today and acquitted ALL the defendants of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and to commit criminal damage.

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Wikileaks and Internet Censorship: a comparative study

22-02-2008 12:56

Using data from the Global Integrity Index, we put a U.S. court's recent order to block access to anti-corruption site into context. In summary: The shutdown is unheard of in the West, and has only been seen in a handful of the most repressive regimes. Good thing it doesn't work very well.

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US Court order shuts down

22-02-2008 12:53, an organization devoted to exposing corruption, has been muzzled by a U.S. court order (see pdf below) at the request of a Swiss bank, Bank Julius Baer, and its Cayman Islands subsidiary, who had been implicated in allegedly laundering money by documents posted on But rather than attack a specific finding or document, the court has ordered their DNS registrar to essentially erase the organization's website from the Web. While is down, their site can be found via IP address:, which is hosted in Sweden.

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US court attacks web freedom, enjoins out of existence

22-02-2008 12:34

One of the most important web sites in recent months has been Created by several brave journalists committed to transparency, Wikileaks has published important leaked documents, such as the Rules of Engagement for Iraq [see my The Secret Rules of Engagement in Iraq], the 2003 and 2004 Guantanamo Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures, and evidence of major bank fraud in Kenya [see also here] that apparently affected the Kenyan elections. Wikileaks has upset the Chinese government enough that they are attempting to censor it, as is the Thai military junta.

Now censorship has extended to the United States of America, land of the First Amendment.

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SOCPA Arrest

22-02-2008 10:58

Simon from We Are Change UK gets arrested for demonstrating illegally within the

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Pics - Freedom of Speech Protest 2 of 2

22-02-2008 10:29

Pictures form the Freedom of speach protest at Nottingham University

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Pics - Freedom of Speech Protest 1of 2

22-02-2008 10:21

Pictures form Freedom of Speach protest at Nottingham University

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Large Potential Albanian Oil and Gas Discovery Underscores Kosovo's Importance

21-02-2008 18:16

On January 10, Swiss-based Manas Petroleum Corporation broke the news. Gustavson Associates LLC's Resource Evaluation identified large prospects of oil and gas reserves in Albania, close to Kosovo.

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Rambo IV sneak premiere at rampART burma night, TONIGHT

21-02-2008 17:56

Tonight (21st Feb, 8pm) at rampART there is a sneak premiere of the new Rambo film along with short films about the situation in Burma (now called Myanmar) and campaigns to force Total Oil to end it's economic support of the military junta.

Films start 8pm at 15-17 rampart street.

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Protestors demand freedom of expression at University

21-02-2008 17:46

Today around 80 protesters marched around the University of Nottingham's campus to demand freedom of expression and an end to the University's repression of student activists. In spite of the University's deployment of undercover spies and a police cameraman, the mood was good and protestors got a generally warm reception from other members of the student body.

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Unrest Aftermath in Copenhagen

21-02-2008 14:42

After a week of burning barricades, cars and public buildings across the country the unrest has settled down. Now we're looking back at what actually happened.

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SOCPA - THE MOVIE free london screening next thursday

21-02-2008 12:07

the school of oriental and african studies (SOAS) is hosting a free screening and discussion at 6pm next thursday - all are welcome

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France, Villiers le Bel: "Kill Me Instead, Right On the Spot!"

20-02-2008 22:43

“I’ve never seen a police operation on this scale” declared the prosecutor who supervised the raids Monday morning in Villiers le Bel, a banlieue in northern Paris where riots took place last November after 2 young people were killed by a cop car.

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GrooveRider is the real victim in Dubai!

20-02-2008 10:57

BBC DJ GrooveRider has been sent to prison in Dubai for a so-called crime for which he would be cautioned in the UK

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Repression in Ciudad Juatez, Mexico

20-02-2008 03:05

The repression has included all the critical and urban sectors of Ciudad Juarez, from the curfew against minors, outside any lawful order and despite the opposition of the families of young people; the assault of the residents of the Colonia Lomas de Poleo by the state and the Zaragoza brothers [one of the richest and most powerful families of the Ciudad Juarez oligarchy, also suspected of involvement in the “femicides”. They are one of the owners of the Corona Beer Company so BOYCOTT CORONA BEER!, translator notes] who have made an illegal claim to the land where the “colonos” (residents) live, and now the harassment and imprisonment of the compañeros of collective and social organizations.

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Freedom of Speech demonstration at Nottingham Uni

19-02-2008 15:49

Freedom of Speech Fighters
A demonstration will take place this Thursday the 21st February, 12pm, starting outside the lake side of the Portland building in response to the arrest of an innocent student on campus during a peaceful protest and the continual curtailment of free speech at the University.

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Blockade on Gaza: Crime against humanity

19-02-2008 11:45

With the total or partly blockade on Gaza, the Israeli authorities are guilty of crimes against humanity

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Two Catholic Workers Found Guilty for DSEI "Rivers of Blood" Action!

19-02-2008 06:11

On Friday 15 February, London Catholic Workers Zelda Jeffers and Fr. Martin Newell appeared before Stratford Magistrates for pouring fake blood on Excel Centre, East London the first morning of the DSEI Arms Fair 12th September 2008. The Custom House entrance was closed to both the sellers and buyers as a result.They were charged with criminal damage at one of the entrances to the