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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Enabling Evil

16-06-2005 12:15

Why do Americans tolerate a liar and a war criminal as their president?

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People Arrested on Demo in court today

16-06-2005 11:04

The people arrested on the anti-G8 demo last night will be in court today

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Protestors outside Parliament will be nicked from August

16-06-2005 10:29

Here's an story from yesterday that didn't seem to get the publicity it warranted:

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Short stories from yesterday's G8 protests

16-06-2005 08:30

Police lines on Arundel Gate yesterday
Several short stories from yesterdays G8 protests in Sheffield.

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16-06-2005 08:21

from today's morning star...

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Sheffield G8 Posters

16-06-2005 00:14

Sheffield Against the G8
Some photos of the anti-G8 posters in Sheffield.

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Sheffield G8 Photos 2 of 2

15-06-2005 23:10

Some photos from the action in Sheffield on 15 June.

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Sheffield G8 Photos 1 of 2

15-06-2005 23:07

G8 Protests
Some photos from the action in Sheffield on 15 June.

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G8 Alternatives Gleneagles Demo May Move to Edinburgh

15-06-2005 22:48

Even as public meetings and rallies in support of the right to protest are being held, organisers from G8Alternatives have announced that they may be forced to move the demonstration planned for the first day of the G8 Summit into the heart of Edinburgh City.

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First Arrest Made To Enforce EDO Injunction. DEMO TODAY!

15-06-2005 22:36

After police failed in court today to hold onto conditions that would exclude demonstrators arrested at the May 31st Big Demo from going to protest outside the EDO Arms factory in Brighton, they have now for the first time, used powers under the controversial EDO Interim Injunction to arrest a protestor for breach of its conditions.

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Sheffield G8 - Protest for the Right to Protest

15-06-2005 22:22

Devonshire Green - Right to Protest Protest
Around 80 people turned up at Devonshire Green to protest for the right to protest. A number of people dressed up in orange boiler suits as guantanamo detainees, while others held blank banners to highlight how civil liberties both in the UK and around the world are being dismantled rapidly under the guise of advancing the "war on terror" and blocking popular dissent against those in power.

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Video from Sheffield G8 Protests - Wed Eve

15-06-2005 21:55

Some video from this afternoon.

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Breaking news - Man arrested under EDO Injunction

15-06-2005 21:52

Just hearing about this. Reportedly one man has been arrested for breach of the injunction.

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Photos from Sheffield G8 Protests - Wed Eve

15-06-2005 21:10

Some photos form the events this evening.

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Bristol - 6 July - G8 protest

15-06-2005 18:08

Bristol G8 Dissent has called a public protest for 6 July – for all those who can’t get to Scotland; for all those who went to Scotland on 2 July for MPH and came back enthused; and for everyone who says enough is enough! Absolutely everyone welcome. And don't forget to DIY autonomously during the day.

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Argentina: impunity laws overruled

15-06-2005 13:48

Finally the laws that granted impunity to perpetrators of State terrorism and crimes comitted by army were declared unconstitutional by the Argentinian Courts yesterday.

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It's official... We are "Operation Octagon"

15-06-2005 12:45

That's what the police are calling their operation in Sheffield while the G8 Ministers are in Town.

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operation octagon

15-06-2005 12:29

an inspired action by the sheffield rhythms of resistance to kick off the 3 day anti g8 protests

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15-06-2005 10:31

There will ne a demo, candlit-vigil and mass attendance
at the adjourned council committee meeting taking place
at 7.30 (Tuesday) 21 June at Basildon Centre, Basildon.

Hovefield Ave, Wickford in Basildon threatened with eviction order by Basildon Council. Judicial Review underway.

Human Rights Monitoring Teams meeting with Dale Farm Housing Association, at Dale Farm, Crays Hill in Basildon, Essex.