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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Des Warren died April 24th, his funeral this Wednesday 5th May

04-05-2004 08:37

Des Warren died on April 24th, his funeral is this Wednesday 5th May 11.15am at Blacon Crematorium Chester.

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Press freedom: Deliberately targeted for doing their jobs

03-05-2004 12:43

National Union of Journalists plaque
Kofi Anan, speaking on World Press Freedom Day last year, said that most journalists who die in the line of duty around the world are murdered -- "deliberately targeted, as individuals, for exposing corruption or abuses of power; for opposing entrenched interests, legal or illegal; in short, for doing their jobs."

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Students in Mexico are victims of the Dirty War

03-05-2004 04:10

In the last few months, several students have been attacked and beaten by undercover infiltrators for trying to have a voice in the university councils and the center of activism at UNAM - Okupa Che Guevara - is under threat of eviction. The current situation with Pavel (see below) has had very little coverage outside of the university and has continued to be declared by the media as a suicide.

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02-05-2004 21:33

Greetings from the land of the bratwurst sausage and the annual Mayday riot!

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Dublin Mayday grassroots march photo gallery

02-05-2004 13:51

A large crowd marched in from the center of Dublin to Phoenix Park where the EU heads of state were having their party.

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Justice For Tenants - Fighting for working class people in Liverpool!

02-05-2004 13:48

A tenants' direct action campaign group!

The tenants in Liverpool and Merseyside are sick of the injustices. The councillors whether they're Labour or Liberal-Democrat simply don't care about throwing us out into the private sector they're not tenants themselves! Councillors are giving away our land, our homes, our streets, our neighbourhoods and our communities for 'FREE' to undemocratic and unaccountable private landlords it is 'our' public property not for them to give away through rigged ballots or no ballots at all.

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Palestine: Film screening, speakers, discussion. 7.30pm May 9.

02-05-2004 09:29

An evening with a Palestinian theme, organised by Oxford Indymedia. A couple of the latest independent films from Palestine and several speakers including members of Oxford's Palestinian community. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere of these regular monthly screenings also provides an excellent opportunity for learning, open discussion and meeting interesting new people. Occasionally there is even food....

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US deserters claim refugee status in Canada, 30 years on...

02-05-2004 07:22

I wonder how many refugees there are here from Greece? conscripts fleeing conscription.
During Nam Sweden was a big haven for several thousand (i think) Yank conscripts.

Two American soldiers have deserted, claiming asylum in Canada rather than serve in Iraq. They argue that the war is illegal under international law

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Oxford Teach-In on the Kurdish Crisis in Iraq and Turkey

02-05-2004 00:14

this is a workshop u might consider going to. it should be very interesting as it is organised by a kurdish university student who was expelled by turkey 3 years ago for having signed a petition in favour of the kurdish people ( at least according to him ).

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Heroes Save Grafton Centre From Picnic Mob

01-05-2004 20:00

Picnic 1 [Can I see your papers?]
1:00 PM, the Grafton Center, Cambridge

In a funny but disturbing display of hostility, Grafton Centre security guards under the watchful eyes of mall managers grabbed anti-sweatshop literature out of the hands of mild-mannered protesters, forbid the use of video and still cameras, and triumphantly dismantled the sinister May Day picnic apparatus inside the mall. A potentially violent mob which was handing out pink "No To Child Labour" balloons to passing children was also suppressed with ruthless effectiveness.

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Soldarity prostes at mountjoy prison Dublin Mayday 04

01-05-2004 10:17

Video of solidarity protest at mountjoy prison for three activists jailed for squating

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - By Robert Tressell

30-04-2004 22:03

Have you read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell? If you have then you'll want to see how faithful this play is to the book. If you're touched by the story then read the book. If you're working class then this story nearly a century old will strike a chord with you.

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Local community centre to be evicted

29-04-2004 13:25

artist's sketch
OCSET has been running many community workshops, events, cafes, gardening and kids spaces for the last 4 weeks.

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Dublin Mayday : the 3 arrested / detained were UK people

29-04-2004 11:30

The three people arrested on wednesday night in Dublin were uk people. Unconfirmed reports suggest there were two irish arrested as well but they were released. The uk people face probable dentention til 6th may...

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Opposition to Mandatory ID cards

29-04-2004 08:30

David Blunket proposes that by 2012 everybody in the UK should be forced to carry an ID card which carries biomentric data about the owner.

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Repressions in the house of warsaw anti-rep

29-04-2004 03:47

The house of a polish activist from the Coalition of Anti – authoritarian Groups was raided by police yesterday evening. The police started their visit on the 28 April just before 10pm. There were 4 police cars seen from the house, and some other 6 – 7 seen further. The house of the activist is situated outside of Warsaw, there were 11 people in the house at the time of the visit.

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Dublin:2 english activists arrested in dublin

28-04-2004 12:37

2 uk activists remanded in custody for a week, they were arrested during the raid of the squat in dublin, more news soon...

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Squatting actions in hamburg, germany

28-04-2004 11:04

In the last weeks there were diverse projects of squatting activities in hamburg, most related to the ongoing repression against trailerparks.

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The unexpected ending of the case against the Oakland 25

27-04-2004 21:46

The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.