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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Update about legal situation Genoa

26-07-2003 21:36

Liberti tutti- poster from Berlin
Update on the prisoners in Italy
by collectif du soutien - 22.07.2003 16:12

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Genoa 2 years after

26-07-2003 21:30

Carlo Guiliani Place
According to this article about 30000 people assembled in Genoa again in the year 2003 to remember the events happening there during the G8 meeting in 2001.
The front banner states: "You believe to have killed him. But Carletto lives on through us."

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Born to X (Fernwood, BC/New Palestine 1424)

26-07-2003 20:37

You may take Iraq Watching your blindside There will be payback for this genocide

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DIA: blacks and our depression #3

26-07-2003 20:14

There have been essays written concerning Blacks and depression (one of
which is by Dalani Aamon entitled "Blacks and Depression") and one of
the causes of this depression having come the residual effects of the
African Americans Experience starting with slavery. Not all of us have
been slaves or from a slave background nor were we raised in the US
psychic landscape but we have been assaulted by it.

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The White Hand (House)

26-07-2003 17:15

Welcome to the new Bush "House of the White Hand"...

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Jeremy Hardy v The Israeli Army - The Showroom, 2 and 3 August, Sheffield

26-07-2003 14:05

Jeremy Hardy v The Israeli Army
Jeremy Hardy v The Israeli Army - a film about the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine will be playing at the Shefield Showroom on the 2nd of August at 6:45 pm and on the 3rd of August at 6:20 pm.

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Simon Support pages correct link ! + ongoing Squat Benefits

25-07-2003 13:02

Friday nights at the Eton Mission sqaut social still ongoing...

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Interview and updates about Trident Ploughshares peace prisoners

24-07-2003 17:33

Here is an interview with an activist campaigning to "Free Ulla". Ulla Roder disarmed a tornado jet in Scotland during the war against Iraq in a peace action. Ulla Roder, grandmother, is a member of the Trident Ploughshare campaign.

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Czech Gov Reports on 'Extremist IMC'

24-07-2003 10:54

The Czech governemnt has included Indymedia in a list of 'extremist organisations' reviewed in a report covering last years events (2002), specificaly in relation to the NATO summit protests in Prague, November 2002.

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Social Cleansing

24-07-2003 08:43

Housing Associations, or Registered Social Landlords as they are know known, in Liverpool are planning to sell off large chunks of their properties to home owners who are under threat of demolition and to perspective homeowners in general. This is in spite of the fact that there are thousands of would be tenants on there housing lists.

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23-07-2003 20:22


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Police Raid Safe Injection Site at 327 Caroll st. (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

23-07-2003 18:04

On Saturday July 20 th at 1:24 three police officers forced their way into 327 Carroll st, the Safer Injection Site in the Downtown eastside, questioning and detaining people accessing the drop-in area of the safe injection site.

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Free Palestinian Prisoners Radio

23-07-2003 17:55

Free Palestinian Prisoners Radio- 13 minutes, including interviews with Abu Sucre, jailed for 27 years after a bomb attack, peace activist Omar Titi who was recently released from prison and coverage of the deportation of International volunteers from the West Bank. 23/07/2003 [date posted]

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He waited 8 years for this.....

23-07-2003 16:23

A usual day in Palestine. The occupation continues. The checkpoints remain. Lives are destroyed.

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Dr. David Kelly - Cause of Death

23-07-2003 13:20

Contrary to some headlines that I've seen, the police have *not* confirmed that Dr. Kelly's death was a suicide; they confirmed that he apparently died from a slit wrist. And quite right too - determining the cause of death is a matter for the coroner's inquest. While the circumstances in which the body was found suggest suicide, there are other circumstances that the coroner will hopefully be examining.

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The clowns and the hypocrits

23-07-2003 07:16

Blair telling the Chinese off about their anti-subversion laws

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Cleaning the poor out of the city centre

22-07-2003 08:56

I'm I only one of few people watching what is going on in this city?

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IPSC man free (for few days now)

22-07-2003 02:30

News from the colonies a bit late.
The man is free but the injustice once again prooves that racism is the key factor in the current global facist threat.

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4.5 million elders are silently exterminated by the Romanian government

21-07-2003 20:46

4.5 millions peoples out of 20 (more than 20% of the population) are condemned to death by the social policies of the government which applies the policies of the IMF meant to exterminate those useless and unproductive peoples.