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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Melbourne 30 July - Rally for Peace - Stop Israeli aggression

31-07-2006 04:24

Melbourne Palestine Solidarity Rally 2006
For the third week, Melbourne's Lebanese and Palestinian organisations, along with supporters from across the community, rallied to demand an end to Israeli aggression and demand an immediate ceasefire.

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pics from sunday trafalgar square rally

30-07-2006 23:08

highlight for me was bill patterson reading harold pinter poems - very powerful, and not your usual nice and cosy speeches telling you to write letters to your mp

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Government document details measures to combat peaceful campaigning

30-07-2006 22:32

Blair and co have released a diatribe against animal rights activists called “Protecting people from animal rights extremists: A progress report”.

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Protesters Rally in London in Outrage over Qana and continued Israeli Crimes

30-07-2006 21:32

Over 1,000 protesters came together in Trafalgar Square to protest Israel’s continuing mass slaughter of the Lebanese and Palestinian people and the British government’s complicity.

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Syriana screening @ Everything4Everyone

30-07-2006 21:21

This weeks film screening at Everything4Everyone will be Syriana.

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Photostory: The Qana Massacre

30-07-2006 19:07

Today, when Israeli war planes attacked Qana, at least 56 civilians, including over 30 children, were killed. It is the deadliest single strike since Israel unleashed its war on Lebanon.

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Internationals in Beirut-Antiwar demonstration

30-07-2006 13:31

press release of the International Civil Mission

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Leeds Anarchist Black Cross Event Next Sunday

30-07-2006 12:25

Next Sunday - Hear Anarchist ex-prisoner Laudelino Iglesias Martinez speak; Watch 'V For Vendetta; Read 'Down With The Prison Walls!'; Eat chargrilled veggie burgers; Drink cheap beer; Support political prisoners.

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Notts Defy-ID Bulletin 3 Released

30-07-2006 10:41

Nottingham Defy-ID's third bulletin (August 2006) is now available for download and distribution.

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30-07-2006 09:51

We begun a critical mass of cyclists, together with a bicycle-run mobile sound system, to take our message to the streets of Hackney, through pre-recorded messages we transmitted the sound of wars, through protest/ lie-ins in targeted spaces, street performance, through fliers and through our voices.


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SOCPA - anniversary sleepover in parliament square

30-07-2006 09:50

each sunday afternoon, a group of anti-socpa campaigners have an open picnic (all are welcome - bring food and ideas to share) on parliament square. socpa is the serious organised crime and police act, part of which bans protest around parliament unless authorised and controlled by police.

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pics from friday downing street lebanon demo

30-07-2006 09:37

this ineffectual demo has been covered elsewhere on indymedia, but here are a few pics for anyone interested

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Protest in Birmingham

30-07-2006 09:15

Protestors in Birmingham
A protest against Israeli action was held in Birmingham on Saturday, at the Bullring shopping area.

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The Iraq War is a Huge Success

30-07-2006 09:12

The American imperium becomes a private, for profit, off -- the -- shelf, regime -- change industry. There will be firms standing ready to fight the wars, organize the occupation that follows, rebuild the ruined infrastructure that results from the wars, recruit new governments, and manage the post -- war economy.

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Two arrested after protest in Perth - Police Violence

30-07-2006 07:15

Hezbollah Rally 2006
WA Police arrested two men today, after police attacked protesters as Prime Minister John Howard left a Liberal Party conference. Mr Howard left the Hyatt hotel after delivering his keynote address to the WA Liberals' state conference.

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G8 Summit, St Petersburg, Russia - On the ground 2

30-07-2006 06:43

“I wish you success in your professional activity and expect the world’s leading media to provide a detailed, reliable and objective coverage of events taking place in Russia’s northern capital.”

Vladimir Putin

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America's Attack Dog

30-07-2006 03:30

An alternative view of the war in Lebanon

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CEASEFIRE NOW protest, video and pictures

29-07-2006 10:18

Video A good turnout
One of many demonstrations in support of the Paletinian and Lebanses people. Thanks to the organisers and fellow participants.

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Hamas, from reveilmovement till Palestinian government

29-07-2006 04:35

In contary with the leading opinions of the American-European politicians and media, the aim of Hamas, calling by them the ''destruction'' of the State of Israel, is not to kill or expell the Israeli-Jewish population, but to dismantle the zionistic State Model and to make an end to 39 year Israeli occupation and settlementspolicy

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SOCPA - crown court appeal could open doors to mass civil disobedience

28-07-2006 23:36

supporters outside the court on thursday
chris coverdale appeared in front of southwark crown court judges on thursday morning to appeal against his conviction under the new serious organised crime and police act for holding an 'unauthorised demonstration in parliament square (the designated area)'. rather than offering a human rights defence, he is challenging the legality of the Iraq war and the mass murder of 100,000 innocent Iraqis, claiming that in law the killings are an act of genocide and that he and every adult citizen has a duty in law to prevent the prime minister and members of the british government from committing such heinous crimes. the outcome of this case could have massive legal implications.