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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Autonomous Village Under Siege by Korean Troops

07-03-2006 18:46

Pyeongtaek, South Korea - On March 6th, 2006, South Korean military riot police began an attack on the autonomous village of Daechuri. For over four years, Daechuri and the nearby community of Doduri have defiantly resisted the siezure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. Barracaded inside the elementary school, rice farmers, elderly residents, and peace activists are holding out against sporadic, sometimes intense attacks by Korea's elite military police force. International support is needed to pressure the Korean government to halt its brutal assault.

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07-03-2006 07:03

The UK Ministry of Defense has just admitted (March 3, 2006) that a large CIA transport, such as the one picture with torture prisoners and US Army policemen, has landed at RAF bases in Britain and Ireland. Were these people treated thus on British soil? Here are the flights reported:

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author of US torture revisionism and rendition to speak in London

07-03-2006 04:01

Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General will address the Institute of Strategic Studies at 1000hrs on Tuesday 7 March 2006. Gonzalez is the legal apologist for "rendition": the abduction and torture of hundreds if not thousands of people in contravention of international law at Guantanamo and elsewhere.

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2nd Renaissance -13

06-03-2006 21:12

The Feds and the parrot people
Such a development is part of the phenomenon of reverse surveillance that will come to characterise the 2nd Renaissance and a rapid transition to a Level 4 Civilization and a truly free society. You can learn more about reverse surveillance at the 'Surveillance' freesite. Reverse surveillance principles extend well beyond the use of ubiquitous digital imaging technologies, and include audits of all aspects of federal government operations, by randomly selected teams of citizens. The Feds and the parrot people will be quick to pronounce that such monitoting is "not in the national interest," but it will definitely be in our interests, and those of future generations of humanity.

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Strike! The miners strike remembered 22 years on

06-03-2006 20:53

This Sunday at the Commonplace social centre in Leeds, we will remember the miners strike with films, talks, photo exhibitions and cheap grub. Come along to 23-25 Wharf Street in the City Centre

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06-03-2006 14:24

Reminder of the two events coming up in support of prisoners detained in Barcelona.

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NUS presentation

06-03-2006 13:07

The National Union of Students have done a powerpoint presentation which they have distributed to Student's Unions around the country, and is available here as a MS Powerpoint file (sorry not openoffice format too - it has sound in it. if somebody has a few minutes to seperate out the sound file and then include it into an openoffice version that would be cool).

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Reading anti-ID/database meeting - 8th March

05-03-2006 18:34

An open planning meeting to organise a Reading based group to research and effectively oppose the introduction of Identity Cards and the National Identity Database, which goes hand-in-hand with increasing social and economic control via restrictions of freedom of movement, access to public services and welfare.

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Do Not Believe Bush On Afghanistan

05-03-2006 15:53

Bush recently dropped into Kabul and talked of the fantastic progress there has been here.

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The Tactical Ice Cream Unit

04-03-2006 22:47

Inspirational. Be sure to check the photos on the link provided.

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Letter from Ruben from jail. The anarchist arrested in Barcelona 9th Feb

04-03-2006 17:25

¡Salud compañeros!

I’m writing from the prison of Can Brians, in the module number one, and i will make a brief summary since that shitty february 9th (the date of our kidnapping) up today (february 15th).

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Jose Couso - victim of state murder

04-03-2006 16:45

On 8 April 2003, the US army attacked the Hotel Palestine in Iraq and killed José Couso, a Spanish TV cameraman. José is one of nearly forty journalists who have been killed in this war - one of the deadliest wars in history for journalists .

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Coca, Clay, cocaleros, mentiras y fujihêroes / Garabombo

04-03-2006 16:38

"Sendero ha perdido a uno de sus líderes históricos. Ni siquiera Artemio tiene la importancia de Clay"/

Bufonesco senderólogo Carlos Tapia / Libêlo El Comercio

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Howard's 10 year party gatecrashed

04-03-2006 13:57

62 Clendon Rd Toorak, Victoria was the address of John Howard's 10 year celebration as scores of Invited guests ranging from fellow Liberal Party members to the business elite. Yet scores of onlookers without a $10,000 per table invitation had something different to say about Prime Minister as they staged a counter party.

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04-03-2006 13:26

Exposing the lies and deception in the corporate media.

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04-03-2006 05:34

oped a path to war

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Surveillance of Nottingham city centre

04-03-2006 00:32

Nottingham city centre is one of the most heavily surveyed places on the face of the earth, outside of London. All in aid of 'crime reduction policies' they say.

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Solidarity for Matan Cohen

03-03-2006 19:58

Wednesday 1 March, a small group gathers outside the Israeli Embassy, Kensington High Street, London.

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Local Government Ombudsman Watch

03-03-2006 18:43

Exposing the Ombudsman's pro-council bias and whitewashing of maladministration.

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'Disabled People and Justice'in the Courts and legal advocacy'

03-03-2006 18:23

Urgent meeting to be called and organised within the representative individual voices and organisations within the disabled people's, survivors, neurodiversity, independent and inclusive living movements.