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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Protest for James Miller and Tom Hurdnall outside the EU Office in Edinburgh

14-04-2006 20:52

This is a short piece with 10 photos about the protest outside the EU Commission Office in Edinburgh today.
The protest was about the withholding of aid to the Palestinians by the EU and also for justice for James Miller and Tom Hurdnall who were shot by the Israelis.

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Loose Change 2 Showing, Kings Cross, London (18.04)

14-04-2006 16:33

Loose Change 2 Film Showing and talk/question and answer with David Shayler and Annie Machon

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Terrorism Act 2006 - Takedown notices, website owners beware!

14-04-2006 14:38

The newly introduced Terrorism Act 2006 has some alarming clauses relating to websites - particularly likely to affect sites where members of the public can contribute content. Unwary bloggers, forum owners and even Indymedia staff could find themselves held liable (with maximum 7-year sentence) for unwitting "endorsement" of materials deemed to be terrorist in nature.

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Solidarity Protest for the Hunger Strikers at Colnbrook Detention Centre

14-04-2006 14:25

Main banner and pen
A report and three pics of the protest that took place in London in solidarity with the hunger strikers at Colnbrook Detention Centre.

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14-04-2006 09:51

Apologies for any cross-posting

Please send urgent letters of support calling for Ms Chalimpa's removal later today to be stopped and for her to be released from detention and allowed access to the expert psychiatric and other support she urgently needs - see details below.

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Cornish Wildlife Sanctuary to be trashed for posh houses and cars

14-04-2006 08:08

Developers MDL plan to turn a tranquil ex quarry on the Cornish coast into posh houses and a hotel and marina, bringing traffic nightmares and roadbuilding to a congested Cornish village. Locals want the quarry to become a wildlife park and study centre, but the corrupt council won't listen.

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Detainee hunger strike on

14-04-2006 04:44

From Jason N. Parkinson. Hits top story for Europe.

Over 100 immigration detainees have gone on hunger strike in the UK, alleging they were bullied and beaten during a protest against their treatment by authorities...

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Rally for freedom for Vanunu - Wed 19th April

13-04-2006 11:53

The Vanunu Freedom Bike Ride from Faslane to London will arrive in Oxford on Wendesday April 19th.

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Terrorism is glorious!

13-04-2006 08:42

Terrorism forces democratic governments to reveal their dark side to the general public, which might not be a bad thing, in the interests of democracy.

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vital need to boycott israeli products

13-04-2006 07:33

we try to argue that all products exported by israel to european countries should be boycotted, as a pressure mean to force israel to enter into a peace process with the palestinian autorities

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Freedom Found Guilty - interview with Milan Rai

12-04-2006 23:17

Watch this video and read riki's report ( on Milan Rai's Guilty Verdict heard today in London

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G8 Police get it wrong --- YET AGAIN !!!

12-04-2006 19:41

Edinburgh yesterday saw the latest in a series of failed prosecutions of G8 cases when G. E. was acquitted of some of the most serious trumped-up charges so far. The antiquated law of “mobbing and rioting” was rolled out on this occasion, with the accusation that G. had been involved in police assault and incitement to riot. The charge carries with it a maximum 5-year prison sentence.

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milan rai found guilty as organiser of unauthorised demonstration today

12-04-2006 17:10

'justice not vengeance' founder activist milan rai appeared at bow street this morning to hear the verdict and sentencing in his trial as organiser of an unauthorised demonstration in the designated zone around parliament. his was the first prosecution of an organiser, and he faced up to three months imprisonment (rising to 51 weeks later in the year!)

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Major Bush Lie Leading to War Revealed

12-04-2006 13:48

"A secret fact-finding mission to Iraq -- not made public until now -- had already concluded that the trailers had nothing to do with biological weapons."

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Palestinians latest casualty of Iraq conflict

12-04-2006 13:13

Three weeks after they fled violence in Iraq, about 130 Palestinian refugees, including at least 50 children, are still stranded in the no-man's-land between Iraq and Jordan with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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12-04-2006 12:18


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Palestinian Medical Teams denied access to those in need of help

11-04-2006 15:56

Listen to an interview with Dr Ghassan Hamdan of the PMRS as he tries to gain acess to two families of 15 people imprisoned and held captive by the Israeli army as they use their home for a sniper base.

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Mr Justice Finnegan, Royal Dutch Shell & the "Rossport Five”

11-04-2006 15:01

On Friday 7th April the “Rossport 5” were back in court before the President of the Irish High Court, Mr Justice Finnegan.

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Jailed for organising

11-04-2006 12:43

New York Transit Workers Leader Faces Jail for strike.

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Asylum & Immigrations Protest at Communications House

10-04-2006 21:49

All African Women's Group and other organisations protest outside Communications House, London on Monday April 10 in solidarity with international actions for immigration and asylum rights, and against detention.