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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New torture allegations from Guantanamo

11-01-2006 11:50

Amnesty International released accounts alleging new prisoner torture and abuse in Guantanamo Bay and Kandahar, Afghanistan to RAW STORY on Tuesday 10 January.

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Sea Shepherd Intends to Ram and Disable Pirate Whalers

11-01-2006 10:59

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society believes it is time to escalate the confrontation with the Japanese whaling fleet and bring an end to the illegal and ruthless slaughter of defenceless whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

"What part of the word "sanctuary" do the whalers not understand?" said Captain Paul Watson from onboard the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat. "The whalers have assaulted whale defenders with water cannons and wooden poles. The whalers have rammed two Greenpeace ships and attempted to ram the Farley Mowat. With every attack the whalers plead innocence. The whalers are far from innocent. They are criminals involved in a criminal operation and they must be stopped."

"I am tired of politicians being apologists for these criminals," said Captain Watson. "We sideswiped the whaling supply ship Oriental Bluebird yesterday and we intend to disable any pirate whaling vessel we find. We intend to uphold the laws protecting whales. This nonsense must be ended."

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10-01-2006 23:51

A national protest outside the US embassy in London is being organised by groups of Guantanamo campaigners from across the country, and is planned for Saturday 21st January (a week next Saturday). Coaches will be leaving from Carr's Lane Church at 8.30am in Birmingham city centre, and the central mosque at 8.45am. I have tickets for sale: £6 for student/unemployed or £12 employed. Email me at: if you would like to go.

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socpa trial runs to a third day

10-01-2006 18:08

the trial of four defendants arrested at parliament square on the 1st august 2005, the first day of enforcement of the new socpa law banning unauthorised protest around parliament, will continue tomorrow at bow street magistrates court.

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10-01-2006 15:51

The antichrist of our age, Dajjal Bush, strikes again - strikes out, that is.

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General Sir Michael Rose wants Blair impeached over Iraq

10-01-2006 14:32

General Sir Michael Rose, commander of United Nations forces in Bosnia in 1994: "The impeachment of Mr Blair is now something I believe must happen if we are to rekindle interest in the democratic process in this country once again."

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325 Magazine online - Website up NOW!

10-01-2006 13:34

Autonomous anti-prisons magazine goes online, archiving articles about european repression and struggle.

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National Demo for British Guantanamo Prisoners

10-01-2006 09:18



Sat Jan 21st,
Assemble 12 noon, Tothill St
(nr St James Park tube)

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10-01-2006 02:46

15 teenage activists stormed the Icelandic Ministry of Industry today (9 January) and staged a sitdown and noise demo inside the ministry for well over an hour. This was to demonstrate against numerous hydro dam projects that are to power the international aluminium invasion in to pristine Iceland.

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a socpa mystery - help with identification needed

09-01-2006 21:51

why was this man immune to arrest?
today, bow street magistrates court started hearing evidence against four of the five people arrested in parliament square on the day the new socpa legislation came into force on the 1st august last year. but it is now clear that seven people were arrested that day, but two mysteriously avoided charges. WHY?

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09-01-2006 17:59

JUSTICE for The British Residents in GUANTANAMO BAY

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Tony's cafe in Broadway market EVICTION !!

09-01-2006 15:56

We received a good quality tip off today that the EVICTION of this fantastic community campaign against council corruption and gentrification is going to take place tommorow morning - ie: Tuesday 6am

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Foreign Office on Guantanamo detainees & torture etc.

09-01-2006 12:59

Foreign Office finally replies to letter campaigns on Guantanamo,Torture etc.

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09-01-2006 05:26

Fresh medical atrocities have been perpetrated by hospital commandant John Edmondson against POWs tortured in the US concentration camp at Guantanamo. The criminal assaults mentioned in the articles are only those known to have been publicly admitted by commandant Edmonson himself. What other horrors remain to be revealed will only be learned in the course of time, if ever.

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Palestine events in Oxford (Jan06)

08-01-2006 15:17

Below is a list of upcoming events in Oxford (and Reading) during January 2006, re Palestine.

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excellent news from the Genoa G8 Diaz Trial

08-01-2006 02:01

In a surprise move, the christian democrats in december passed a modification to the "save previti law" which stated that all trials in progress are exempt.

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socpa legislation successfully challenged today by 7/7 remembrance ceremony

07-01-2006 22:54

police observers reporting back
today, anti-socpa activists and others held a remembrance ceremony for those who lost their lives six months ago in the london bombings. they did not apply for police permission under the socpa law. maya evans was arrested and found guilty for doing much the same last year. today, police ignored the event.

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Demo Against the Deportation of Mohammed Arrian

07-01-2006 17:23

There was an assembly today outside Sheffield Town Hall to express support for Mohammed Arrian who is facing deportation back to Afghanistan on the 17th Jnauary

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Stop Burning and Looting Traveller Homes

07-01-2006 14:24

A gap in new Government policy
allows UK local councils to continue
with impunity their hounding of Britain's
60,000 Travellers, according to a
report submitted this week to Deputy
Prime Minister John Prescott.

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Corn Exchange Dispersal Order: Meeting

06-01-2006 19:11

There will be a meeting about the Corn exchange Dispersal Order tomorrow.