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New Zine: MFAH, Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model

26-06-2014 18:29

New zine released by Dark Matter Publications and hosted by 325: 'Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model'. An animal liberationist zine about the fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

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UG#686 - The US Deep State, 1981-2001 (The Enterprise, Alec Station,9/11 Set-up)

24-06-2014 04:48

We continue where we left off last time, reading from Mark Gorton's unparalleled denunciation of the criminal enterprise at work in USA, Fifty Years of the Deep State. We conclude the first hour by briefly reflecting on Noam Chomsky's opinions on 9/11. In our second hour, we hear a talk by Peter Dale Scott at the 10th anniversary hearings on the 9/11 event, in which he examines the conduct of the US government agencies tasked with protecting the country from terrorist attacks.

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R.I.P. Gerry Conlon. Just released - video of Gerry speaking in Dublin at event for Chelsea Manning

23-06-2014 21:30

Chelsea Manning's mum Susan with Gerry Conlon at Trinity College

Gerard (Gerry) Conlon, framed for the Guildford pub bombings in 1974, illegally rendered from Ireland and tortured by the British state and who served nearly 15 years in English jails, died in his native Belfast at the weekend, aged 60.

"On the 29 November 2013, an event was held in Trinity College Dublin to mark the visit of the family of Chelsea Manning to Dublin. During the evening Gerard Conlon gave a speech that nobody who was there is ever likely to forget. It was Gerard Conlon at his best: fiery, courageous and compassionate. May he rest in peace." Dave Donnellan.

Watch Dave's video of the speech by following this link to full article or on Vimeo.

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[RIO] Demonstration at the inauguration of Maracanã at the World Cup

19-06-2014 12:07

Rio de Janeiro, June 15th 2014 /
Demonstration at the inauguration of Maracanã at theProtests’ Cup:

“There won’t be no Cup! FIFA GO HOME!”

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Class War: Thailand’s Military Coup

13-06-2014 09:17

Outnumbered by the country’s rural voters, Thailand’s once vibrantly democratic urban middle class has embraced an elitist, anti-democratic agenda

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A Tribute to Filipino Labor Leader Romy Castillo

10-06-2014 12:10

Romy Castillo
Who was labor leader Romy Castillo to this young activist?

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Police Spies Demo

04-06-2014 12:13

A demo has been called by Police Spies Out Of Our Lives tommorow 5th June outside 'The Royal Courts of Justice' , The Strand , London from 9am to 10.

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Istanbul's Gezi protests: the first Anniversary

03-06-2014 15:19

Spring 2013 saw anger over a disposal of a park giving birth to Turkey's largest wave of protests seen in decades and a new, rising awareness over much wider area of political issues. When reaching its first Anniversary - what remains of the Gezi spirit and just how big of a mark did it leave in the end?

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Lets Make Farage Hitler Photo Go Viral

27-05-2014 23:11

Share on Twitter and Facebook, everybody.

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Asia-Pacific Left activists say 'No to another coup in Thailand!'

23-05-2014 09:42

May 23, 2014 - We, the undersigned organisations, strongly condemn the latest coup d’état staged by Thai military under the leadership of Prayuth Chan-ocha.

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Six years on: Remembering Pauline Campbell and her campaign against prisons

17-05-2014 18:56

Pauline & Sarah Campbell's grave, tended by Joan, Malpas cemetery

I spent a couple of hours today in Malpas, Cheshire with Joan Meredith, who walked alongside and supported Pauline Campbell in her campaign from 2003-2008 to prevent the deaths of women and young people in the prison system and to close all prisons. Afterwards, I visited the grave of Pauline and her daughter Sarah in Malpas cemetery, pictured below.

Pauline Campbell's only child Sarah died aged just 18 in Styal Prison in 2003. Thereafter, Pauline would protest outside prisons where a death had occurred, stand in front of prison vans arriving with new prisoners and demand that the women inside be taken instead to a place of safety. After five years of tireless campaigning during which Pauline was arrested numerous times but rarely brought to court and never convicted, she was found dead on her daughter's grave in Malpas on 15 May 2008. That was six years ago this week and Pauline is remembered by Joan in a post on her blog. [ See also: Guardian obituary | Remember Pauline | Pauline Campbell Remembered, 11 Aug 2008, Styal | Prisoner Justice Day, 13 Aug 2008, Holloway ]

Reports on indymedia of some of Pauline's prison protests: [ 5 Feb 2008, Styal | 17 Jan 2008, Holloway | 27 Sep 2007, Not Guilty | 12 Jul 2007, Holloway | 23 Oct 2006, Eastwood Park ]

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Hunger strike and protests now in 3 UK migration prisons

07-05-2014 13:12

Harmondsworth 5 May
On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migration prison occupied the main courtyard in a sit down protest and began a mass hunger strike. On Monday (5 May) supporters held solidarity noise demos outside
Harmondsworth and simultaneously at Dungavel (Scotlans). Yesterday evening (Tuesday 6 May) protests started to spread to Colnbrook and Brook House migration prisons.

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Organising for Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

05-05-2014 10:15

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Organising for Prison Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

02-05-2014 08:42

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Israel said planning to deport African migrants to Uganda

28-04-2014 11:50

Israel plans to soon begin deporting migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, who number more than 50,000, back to the African continent via Uganda, officials said.

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Class War in Ukraine: Krasnodon Miners’ Strike in armed antifascist uprising

25-04-2014 08:56

October 2013 activists' wall painting on working class housing
BREAKING NEWS Eastern Ukraine, 25th April 2014. Workers in 5 mines belonging to the strategic coal basin around Krasnodon (Eastern Ukrainian Oblast of Lugansk) are on strike since 22nd April. Just one hour ago official media confirms, that public transport and other sectors in town have joint the strike in solidarity

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UG#680 - Unlawful Killing (Secrets of the UK and US Establishments)

23-04-2014 13:37

Our title piece is an adaptation of the banned film, Unlawful Killing, about what the jury decided was the "unlawful killing" of Lady Diana Spencer, who wrote in letter that her husband was planning a car "accident" for her. A legal document to the same effect was hidden for years by the UK's top police officer, who, far from being disciplined, was made a life peer. We conclude with an interview of Sibel Edmonds by Nafeez Ahmed on murky busine$$ of the US establishment surrounding Sep 11th.

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Solidarity with AR Prisoner Debbie Vincent!

22-04-2014 20:07

Demonstration outside Winchester Crown Court
'If you don't fight, you've already lost': Animal rights activist facing six years in jail remains defiant April 17, 2014

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ARMS DEALERS ON TRIAL DEMO Outside Thames Magistrates Court at 9am on Thursday

21-04-2014 20:59

Court demonstration as arms dealers face private prosecution