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Alexi was not expeled from school as the murderer lawyer said in court

11-12-2008 15:59

Alexi was not expeled from school as the murderer lawyer said in court

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Communique of Occupied School of Theatre in Thessaloniki

11-12-2008 14:31


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Μember of NAZI organisation Golden Dawn the Policeman killer of Alex in ATHENS!

11-12-2008 13:53

The Policeman, murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos, named Korkoneas comes from Kalamata , from ultra right wing family tradition. As per Indymedia Athens, his family environment and family members members, were participating in the right wing ProNAZI gangs during the German occupation in Greece (WWII), collaborating with the NAZI. (Tagmatasfalites).

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Update from Greece:Students take the streets again

11-12-2008 11:12

Students take the streets again on the eve of a major strike and the murderer's pleading yesterday

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The Rendition Monolgues: Tue 16th December

11-12-2008 11:06

The Rendition Monologues
iceandfire and Actors for Human Rights in conjunction with Sheffield Guantanamo Campaign present the Rendition Monologues on the 16th December at the Library Theatre, Sheffield. The performance will also raise funds to support the work of the Sheffield Guantanamo Campaign. Details below.

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Danish police repress protest in solidarity with greek uprising

11-12-2008 09:45

Danish police violently repressed a demonstration as 2-300 people showed their solidarity with the greek uprising. 62 were arrested.

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Demonstration at Mauerpark, Sunday 14/12, 13.00

11-12-2008 07:50

The whole country is rising in revolt.

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Greek police arresting teenagers as "terrorists"

11-12-2008 06:53

Parent condemns police for accusing son returning home for organising terrorism

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Statement from Athens Surrealists

11-12-2008 02:26


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Greek Riots: translations #4

11-12-2008 01:42

Attack at the Petroupoli police station [a good text to get acquainted with the outrage filling high school kids after Saturday's murder, translated from the original: . There's also a similar video from a few days back showing high school kids stoning a PD in Thessaloniki - if you have the link for this one leave a comment.]

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Tibetans and Supporters Mark Human Rights Day with Chinese Embassy Protest

11-12-2008 01:05

LONDON - Upon the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the Chinese government's appalling human rights record was the focus of a joint protest between Tibet support groups and Falun Gong practitioners at the Chinese embassy in London.

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Gathering in Toledo (Spain) in solidarity with Greek Revolts

11-12-2008 00:19

Around 20 persons have been gathered tonight in Zocodover square from Toledo. Three riot cop trucks, some cops and many undercover police watched at the people gathered. See updates.

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English Coverage: Solidarity actions in Spain with Greece revolts and the murder

10-12-2008 23:58

Special section with english translations from the mobilizations in the spanish state.

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another report from thessaloniki

10-12-2008 22:57

this is a follow on from the previous report

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Greek Riots: translations #3

10-12-2008 21:32

[ Flyer distributed outside a central subway station & compiled by the Initiative of anarchists/antiauthoritarians from the southern suburbs: ]

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SOLIDARITY FROM NEW YORK - Vandalism and Protest at Greek Consulate

10-12-2008 21:27

At 3:30 am last night the Greek Consulate in New York City got a surprise visit from anarchists in solidarity with comrades in Greece. At 12 noon today a protest was held at the Consulate in memory of Alexis and in solidarity with the riots and those arrested in the past few days.

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Airline Olympic Airways blockaded, embassy picketed

10-12-2008 20:48

The London offices of the Greek airline Olympic Airways was blockaded today in solidarity with the 16 year old activist killed earlier this week.

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Plain clothes police arresting kids - pics

10-12-2008 19:27

Plain clothes police arresting kids

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Urgent: Stop the Deportation of Abdulmajid Hassan Ismail

10-12-2008 19:05

Abdulmajid Hassan Ismail is from Darfur (and Rotherham!) He is threatened with deportation on Thursday 11th December at 16.15 from Heathrow to Khartoum. He is convinced that his life will be in great danger from the Sudanese Government if he is sent back. You can help save his life by taking 10 minutes to make a phone call or send an email on his behalf.

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Journalists obstructed at embassy protests

10-12-2008 18:37

The NUJ has today (10/12/08) criticised the Metropolitan Police for their handling of the media at protests outside the Greek embassy in London earlier this week.