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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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A fund-raising evening for Cuba: report 2

13-10-2005 09:27

This is a slightly edited version of the presentation on Cuba given on 9 October by Sue Smith. She and her partner Ali will be going to Cuba towards the end of November, as members of the Northern Lights Choir taking part in the Santiago de Cuba singing festival. The event at the Friends Meeting House raised just under £200, and more details can be found at

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Terrifying Terror Laws

13-10-2005 08:24

'He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.' - Thomas Paine (1795)

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Anti-terrorism laws draw rights watchdog's ire

12-10-2005 23:19

Detention without charge
"This is a shocking departure from Australia's proud tradition of protecting individuals from an overly powerful state."

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12-10-2005 16:25

The TSSSSS, The Topless Society of Sociopathic Sexually Selacious Sirens which is a very serious campaign organisation proclaiming the right for women to be topless in everyday situations in the same way that men are able to, we believe in self love, naturalness, topless organic gardening and the power of the breast to bring about radical social change, for the best. Last night in Borders Bookshop, Oxford we received Louis Theroux's seal of approval as he signed out breasts.

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Jenny Jones (Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador) On Critical Mass Criminalisation

12-10-2005 13:33

JENNY JONES - Green Party London Assembly Member, the former Deputy Mayor of London, the Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador and Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority... speaks about the potential criminalisation of London Critical Mass monthly bike ride.

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Doctor that autopsied Carlo Giuliani: "CAT scan showed fragment but we didn't fi

12-10-2005 09:23

Translation of press release from Support Legale regarding the 60th hearing in the trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of looting and sacking during the Genoa G8 events in 2001.

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Question Everything: Worry, be alert and alarmed!

12-10-2005 06:43

Some of us have been able to build
Some of them died for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and others are in detention camps. Some are not very free at all. For every successive generation, some of us have been able to build on the knowledge, technology and wealth of earlier generations, and add their own, others have been exploited and down trodden. So we have also reduced poverty for some and created more wealth for others.

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FWD: Trial of 6 arrestees during the 21st June 2003 Demostration against the EU

12-10-2005 02:33

The trial of 6 people arrested in Thessaloniki during the demonstrations of the 21st of June 2003, against the EU Summit, was held today in the three-member Magistrate's court of Thessaloniki. All six of them were accused for the minor offence of (participating in a) revolt. Five of them were Greek; the sixth one, coming from Spain, named Carlos, had been initially accused for a criminal offence and detained. After a long hunger-strike he was imprisoned, and the Magistrate's Council changed the offences from criminal to minor ones.

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Trial forces Italy to relive shocking police brutality

11-10-2005 23:26

Yes well I know it is straight out of a corporate paper but I think it's a pretty good article and i was there and live in Italy I hope this will go onto the Genoa page but I can't see where to click so I hope one of youi tech spec guys will make sure it gets there and oh by the way the Calvi trial also started in Rome this week ...

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Experts Predict US Attack on Iran

11-10-2005 14:49

At a talk given in London last week, Scott Ritter was unequivocal. Plans for an attack on Iran are being drawn up and acted upon “right now….as we speak”.

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Freedom to Protest?

11-10-2005 13:53

Just do it!
Recently, on 23 September, swift thinking by Bristol’s No2ID campaign enabled them to catch-out Home Office Minister Andrew Burnham MP (see Elsewhere, other campaigners against ID cards were less fortunate. In Newcastle on 8 September 6 campaigners driving to picket the EU Justice Ministers meeting were stopped by police on their way, and held for many hours in order ‘to prevent violent disorder’. One woman’s mother’s house was later searched! They were in fact going to hold a theatrical picket, dressed in orange boiler suits with barcodes painted on their foreheads, holding a 4 metre No2ID banner (see

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URGENT HELP RESIST the illegal eviction @ St. George's Tufnell Park NOW!

11-10-2005 11:43

The Circle Community Centre project at St. George's in Tufnell Park is in the process of being illegally evicted. 30 police and 10 bailiffs illegally entered the project this morning and the project are asking for people to come and help RESIST the eviction NOW! They have made a call out for people to come along immediately and help support them, samba people, climbers, and people with cameras and video equipment to help witness the illegal actions of police and bailiffs.

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Unjust anti-terror law

10-10-2005 23:35

This week the Government is likely to bring forward a new Terrorism Bill which will have serious and frightening implications for free speech and allow for the detention of suspects for three months prior to charge.

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TREASONGATE - NO WAY OUT for US Admin - Wake up, America!

10-10-2005 19:51

"The issue which has never been litigated before is: Whether civil Officers of the United States, removed from office by conviction in "Cases of Impeachment", who are later tried and punished in criminal courts, can thereafter be pardoned by the President? This report concludes that the Constitution bars any such pardon."

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Nottingham Refugee Artist Project Festival Day :: Chile SCDA

10-10-2005 16:36

Community centre for Chileans and Latin Americans. Community language school teaching Spanish and Latin American culture. Support for survivors of torture. ICT Open Learning centre. Information and training on human rights issues. They exhibited work at the Nottingham Refugee artist project Festival day @ The Playhouse

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Nottingham Refugee Artist Project Festival Day @ The Playhouse

10-10-2005 16:30

Saturday 8th October 11am - 5pm, at Nottingham Playhouse;
A festival day celebrating the work of artists in exile across the region and the launch of an East Midlands refugee artist network: Long Journey Home. The day included theatre, music, song, poetry, film, exhibitions, food, crafts and free workshops.

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Art Contest at Abu Ghraib!

10-10-2005 13:32

This bunker was painted by young detainees during a Ramadan art contest
No, I'm not making this up. It's from the US Army News Service.

Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or scream.

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Migrant testimonies: murders in Nador, deportations to Sahara desert

10-10-2005 07:35

Testimonies by subsaharian migrants about recent events at Melillia speak of 36 deaths and an indeterminate number of disappeared.

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UK paper: British and American leaders likened to Nazi war criminals

09-10-2005 08:33

Good news: Even in a mainstream paper like 'The Telegraph' in England reality begins to dawn! Scott Ritter - former UN Chief weapons inspector: "Both these men could be pulled up as war criminals for engaging in actions that we condemned Germany in 1946 for doing," he said.