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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Hyrbyair Marri is Hijacking the Baloch struggle?

28-10-2010 08:47

BRP response
Killer of Justice Marri, is hijacking Baloch struggle. Hyrbyair Marri who killed Justice Marri and lost his battle for asylum in UK.

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Whose cops are more racist, America’s or the Brits'?

27-10-2010 22:51

In any global battle of the racists, the U.S. and Britain are always top contenders. A new study has some putting odds on merrily racist Old England (and Wales) for the honor of white supremacist society in-chief. “The figures would seem to indicate that Blacks in England and Wales are targeted by police with even more ferocity than their counterparts in New York City.” But the Big Apple takes a back seat to no one, when it comes to bigoted police behavior on the streets.

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‘Deadly coal tour’

27-10-2010 21:04

‘Deadly coal tour’- Highlighting coal impacts in Indonesia and building international solidarity.'

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Autonomous film night (31st Oct.)

27-10-2010 15:30

Anarchy, bank robbery & revolt in Greece... Film showing & discussion.

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The SHAC Trial - Political Sentences Are Good for You!

27-10-2010 00:10

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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SHAC Second Trial sentences - could have been a hell of a lot worse

25-10-2010 17:24

Today 6 activists who had plead guilty to either Conspiricy to Blackmail HLS or Conspiricy to interfere with a contractual relationship of an animal research company (SOCPA 145). Were sentenced

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State Repression in Iceland - RVK9

24-10-2010 20:48

Protests at Althing (parliament) 4 Oct. 2010
As we speak, Iceland’s first post-collapse trial is taking place. To no-one’s surprise, the accused are individuals from the most radical part of the uprising that toppled Iceland’s government during the winter of 2008 and 2009. The people – anarchists and radical leftists – are now facing somewhere between 1 and 16 years in prison, will they be found guilty of attacking the parliament.

They are in desperate need of support and solidarity actions from abroad.

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Birmingham Spy Cameras - police meeting Monday 25th October

24-10-2010 19:52

Public/ open meeting at 11.30 AM TOMORROW - Monday 25th Oct

West Midlands Police Authority are holding a meeting about the issues surrounding the controversial 'Project Champion' spy cameras, which was suspended in July.

There will be a response from the police and the police authority to the recent independent review into the fiasco. There will aslo be a report from the chief constable regarding "the future of the cameras". Th...en the public (who are allowed to attend, but not speak, I'm told) will be ejected. The meeting will continue in closed session behind closed doors with the public excluded while talks are carried out in secret.

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SHAC Solidarity demos

24-10-2010 12:41

To show solidarity with those being sentenced tommorrow and to demonstrate our disgust at the most recent infiltration of our movements please read below

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Trading Corruption

24-10-2010 10:16

Financial Trading: why you NEVER win in general by trading any financial instruments.

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Translation of two leaflets about current struggles in France

23-10-2010 20:05

Translation of two leaflets about current struggles in France from Internationalist Proletarians

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UG#521 - Walling Us In and The Illusion of Separation

23-10-2010 07:21

This week, we continue our series on separation, we look at wall building by governments to keep people separate. Is this, as we are told, to keep ordinary citizens safe from terrorism or drug smugglers? In light of the mound of evidence about false flag terror and CIA-sponsored drug smuggling, it seems rational to look for another explanation. In our second hour, Wendy Brown asks whether it could it be to keep us separate and, symbolically, divided, to symbolically perpetuate the illusion of state power? Our first hour starts with a short clip from George Draffan speaking on the introduction of passports and state use of technology to control people. It finishes with a condensed speech by Jaggi Singh on migration and the growing No One Is Illegal resistance movement.

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ITALY: Rubbish tip riots rattle Terzigno town

23-10-2010 03:50

RIOTING residents threw rocks at police and destroyed garbage trucks during violent skirmishes near Naples on Thursday that injured 20 officers as the region's waste disposal crisis escalated.

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Thessaloniki Solidarity Campaign: Public Meeting in London @ LARC, 25 October

22-10-2010 23:32

The Thessaloniki 4 solidarity campaign group will hold a public meeting on 25 October 2010 at 7.30pm at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) in Whitechapel, London E1.

Over a hundred people were arrested after a demonstration confronting the European Union summit, held in Thessaloniki in Greece in 2003. Seven people were imprisoned on remand and eventually began a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days.

With the constant worldwide solidarity of thousands of people, in direct action, in occupations, demonstrations, benefits and struggle, the seven prisoners were released on bail and the charges were dropped. Then the charges were reinstated, and when the first trial took place in January 2008, the four were found guilty and sentenced to prison sentences between 5 and 8 years.

The solidarity campaign in London, in Greece and around the world was one of the most powerful – and effective – struggles for the freedom of prisoners we ever experienced.

Eight years after the original arrests, the remaining four accused face their final appeal trial in January 2011. All four, charged with serious offences such as riot, possession and causing explosions, possession of weapons and resisting arrest, face sentences of more than five years, even though they were all beaten up, fitted up and framed.

We will present the latest news on the case and some short films that show what happened in 2003, and what could happen next.

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Demi-Lune squat evicted, repression in Montreuil, France

22-10-2010 19:21

Thursday the 14th, great showing of state repression in Montreuil, suburb of Paris, France. Two squat evicted by the police and one by city administration, a high school pupil hit by a flash ball, at least 8 arrestations... Let's take to the streets!

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Southampton EDL Social/Fundraiser

22-10-2010 15:06

Southampton EDL Social/Fundraiser

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Anti-nuclear protests at 100 German locations this Saturday

21-10-2010 23:15

Castor container
Opponents of nuclear electricity generation will gather at 100 locations throughout Germany coming Saturday (23 Oct) to protest against the trucking and railing of nuclear waste hither and thither across the country.

Organisers claim that at least 500 additional consignments of CASTOR containers will travel if the operating lives of 17 nuclear power stations are extended, which the conservative-led government plans to do by parliamentary decision next Thursday, 28 Oct.

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Militant murdered by (statist) unionists, Argentina

21-10-2010 17:12

Yesterday (20/10) agents of a mainstream union killed a 23-year-old activist of an independent union in Argentina. Social organisations and the non-official union confederation made an urgent call for mobilisations and a general strike in Buenos Aires.

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Anti-spending Cuts

21-10-2010 13:37

Anti-Cuts rally Edinburgh Saturday 23rd October