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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Dale Farm: The wider context

14-10-2011 16:14

The last time I wrote about Dale Farm I had been living there for four days and it had felt inspiring to be a part of Camp Constant and the Dale Farm Solidarity Campaign, trying to resist the eviction of the largest Traveller community of its kind in Britain. I am now writing this six weeks later and after an aborted eviction attempt and a short respite as another appeal has gone through the courts, eviction is once again imminent. It is not my intention to interrogate the facts around the council’s pretext for the eviction as I already laid down in my previous article my argument for why I believe it is unjust and based on prejudice. After having lived there for five weeks the following article represents just a small part of my personal experience of being at Dale Farm, the wider context of what I have discovered and why I think you should get your arse down there immediately.

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Second Open Letter to those concerned with the progress of our enemies

14-10-2011 01:59

Second Open Letter to those concerned with the progress of our enemies (including some necessary clarifications and refutations of the cop consultant's defence team's claim)

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Michael Lyons: Appeal turned down at Royal Courts of Justice

13-10-2011 17:15

michael lyons
Michael Lyons is the young Navy medic who was sentenced to seven months military detention after refusing to take part in rifle training pending the outcome of his application for conscientious objector status. Lyons became opposed to the war in Afghanistan and to all wars since reading the Afghan War Diaries and other documents Bradley Manning is accused of leaking. Today, Lyons' appeal against the court martial and the length of his sentence were both turned down.

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Ceilidh Benefit Night For Antifascist Prisoners

13-10-2011 13:58

A benefit organised by supporters in London. Info about the case at Sounds like it'll be a great night.

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Trade agreement threatens your internet freedom

13-10-2011 02:48

A new trade agreement poses a threat to free speech online. Help stop ACTA now and tell the European Parliament to vote "NO!"

See the full story at

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uk human rights bill artwork

12-10-2011 20:00

graffiti art seen in exeter

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The Abuse Of Mentally Ill Prisoners Held In Close Supervision Centres

12-10-2011 16:23

Prison doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists are currently complicit in the abuse and psychological torture of mentally ill prisoners held in a brutal jail control-unit at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes.

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Operation Atomic Phaseout: Neither Satisfied Nor Pacified

11-10-2011 20:41

Tens of thousands took the streets in Germany after the renunciation of the phony „red-green exit strategy“ by the CDU/FDP government, and in the aftermath of Fukushima the number of people unwilling to accept the threats from atomic technology rose by dimensions. There is little doubt that the closedown of eight reactors and the u-turn of the cabinet on atomic policy were a reaction to the massive protests.

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Birmingham Guild Reinstate the Vice President Education Mobilisation!!!

11-10-2011 13:00

Edd Bauer was arrested on Friday the 16th of September after unfurling a banner at the liberal democrat conference saying “Traitors Not Welcome, Hate Clegg Love NCAFC”. He has been constantly fighting to defend education through grass roots campaigning which he pledged to do in his manifesto
On Tuesday 27th of September Edd Bauer was suspended as the vice president of education “indefinitely”. Stop Fees and Cuts Birmingham are calling for Edd’s reinstatement to his position with immediate effect and are calling for national mobilisation.

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Advice on writing to prisoners

11-10-2011 11:29

The latest version of the 4-page Leeds ABC guide.

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St. Andrews in Tent City Occupation

11-10-2011 06:04

St. Andrews students are in occupation against the recent fee increase for Rest Of UK students. The cost of a degree at St. Andrews now stands at £36,000 which makes our University the most exspensive in the UK. Anti cuts activists and autonomous supporters have started a tent-city occupation to demonstrate against this University's policy.

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Ceilidh Benefit Night For Antifascist Prisoners

10-10-2011 13:03

A benefit organised by supporters in London. Info about the case at Sounds like it'll be a great night.

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10 years in Afghanistan: torture and detention - report

10-10-2011 12:09

Friday 7th October 2011 marked the tenth anniversary of the start of the current NATO-led war in Afghanistan. As well as leading to the death of thousands of civilians and soldiers, the war in Afghanistan is also the birthplace of one of the lesser known aspects of the so-called "war on terror": the torture and arbitrary detention of thousands of prisoners of all ages and nationalities.

Pics here:

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Antifascist Prisoners Leaflet

10-10-2011 09:49

A printable PDF leaflet about the Welling antifascist case.

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Block the bridge live video feed

09-10-2011 16:25

5.24pm protestors blocked in mini kettle by cops..

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Call to scientists to join ant-"biofuel" appeal

08-10-2011 18:07


Europe’s agrofuel devours the rainforests.
In a joint letter 168 scientists have warned the EU against so-called “biofuel”. They say plant energy from field crops is anything but climate-friendly, which the EU claims it is.

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Prominent Kurdish Activist Assassinated in Syria

08-10-2011 13:27

Kurdish Activist Assassinated in Syria
Syrian Kurdish activist and opposition leader Mishaal Tamo was gunned down in the largely Kurdish city of Qamishli on Friday.

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Policing public order - the manual

07-10-2011 16:14

I've been told the attached is the handbook for policing public order (i.e. the manual for riot cops). I can't guarantee it's genuine, but seems realistic enough.

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Open Letter from TPTG

06-10-2011 20:43

Open Letter to the British internationalist/anti-authoritarian/activist/protest/street scenes (and to all those concerned with the progress of our enemies)