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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Police Now At Parliament Square

13-03-2008 15:42

police under the command of inspector fox are currently at parliament square
they are trying to effect an arrest on brian haw and seize property again

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War on the streets in Armenia

13-03-2008 15:19

State of Emergency
February and March in Armenia saw a disputed presidential election (19/2/2008) followed by eleven days of demonstrations in the capital Yerevan, broken up by tanks, police attacks and the imposition of a State of Emergency (1/3/2008). Eight people, including a child, were killed by police and around 100 were injured including 33 police. An apparently unrelated border fire-fight on 4/3/08 in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, disputed with neighbouring state of Azerbaijan with whom Armenia is still technically at war, broke a ceasefire agreed in 1994, killing 12 Armenian conscripts.

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G8 Bolzaneto July 2001: Italy’s Guantanamo Bay

13-03-2008 05:43

Inside Bolzaneto
Prosecutors call for 76 years in prison for police defendants.

INDYMEDIA - 12 March 2008. Genova: In a trial that has seen 209 victims, 392 witnesses and 23 defendants, The Bolzaneto G8 ‘Torture’ trial is finishing in a heated controversial ending.

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Syrian Embassy profiling Kurdish protesters

13-03-2008 01:47

the start of the demo
Some 100 Syrian Kurds from across the country held a protest yesterday (Wednesday, March 12th) at the Syrian embassy in London to commemorate the so-called Qamishly Uprising in 2004, where tens of Kurdish rioters were killed and thousands arrested by the Syrian police and army. The demo was again restricted and 'penned in' but one protester, wearing traditional Kurdish cloths, was allowed to deliver a protest letter to the embassy.

A digital video camera was seen in the embassy's windows filming protesters, presumably to profile and punish them, either directly, if they ever returned to Syria, or by proxy, through intimidating their families back home.

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Iraq to end food-rationing system

13-03-2008 01:23

It is estimated that over 5 million Iraqis will be denied assistance!

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4 men assassinated in Bethlehem

12-03-2008 22:18

Bethlehem residents rally in shock and grief at the assassination of 4 men from their city.

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Fitwatch call for 15th March

12-03-2008 20:11

Fed up with marching from A to B?
Fed up with being horded around Central London?
Fed up with being filmed for attending a march

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NSPM announce Civil Liberties Conference- April 19th- Maya Evans & more

12-03-2008 17:34

Instead of this years annual peace conference Nottingham Student Peace Movement will be hosting a Civil Liberties Conference centered around analysing and forming a response to the consistent erosion of our human rights and civil liberties in the UK and abroad.

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Mehdi,The Iranian Gay Refugee And Activist Will Be Deported

11-03-2008 22:16

Mehdi, Member of the Gruppo EvryOne (Italy)

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Amnesty Protest in Nottingham City Centre - Close Guantanamo Bay

11-03-2008 21:22

Still open six years on, The University of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society's held a protest against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay. From 12-2pm in the Market Square On Sunday 9th March.

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Orwell's Sisters

11-03-2008 20:42

Knowing me, Knowing you
Lancaster had a carnival of culture and the authorities were out in full force to record all the movements of the people - even the council had people out with little black books taking notes and conspiring with the police - at least so it seems, because the council is threatening the carnival (which is a loose voluntary association of people with no titles and no names) with legal procedings if certain pictures are not removed from the web....

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Australia's hidden Empire

11-03-2008 19:54

In his latest article for the New Statesman, John Pilger reports from his homeland on Australia's hidden empire - a 'sphere of influence' that stretches from the Aboriginal slums of Sydney to East Timor and Afghanistan. The arrival of a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, offers important continuity.

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Nottingham Library Assistant Speaks Out About Uniforms And Bully Tactics

11-03-2008 14:37

Last week we spoke with Barbara, who has worked in Nottingham's libraries for many years. In this interview she voices her anger over the decision by the City Council to introduce uniforms for library staff. More so, she talks about the ever degrading library service and the bully tactics deployed by City Council managers to keep its staff in line..

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Fois Gras back on the Menu

11-03-2008 13:57

Blue Bicycle return popular dish to menu.

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Mother with children violently deported on Virgin flight

11-03-2008 13:11

No Borders London has learnt that a young mother with two children, one aged about two and the other about 3 months old, were violently deported on Virgin Atlantic flight VS651 on 18/01/08 from London Heathrow to Lagos.

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UK Citizenship : Lord Goldsmith's Sinister Suggestion

11-03-2008 11:19

I’m currently copying the audio from this morning’s Today Programme (a serious, incisive news show on BBC Radio 4). Jon Humphries interviewed the UK Attorney General — a sort of super lawyer for the government — about his suggestion (on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s instruction) that UK schoolchildren should swear allegiance to the monarch upon leaving school.

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Media Lens Alert: Israeli Deaths Matter More

11-03-2008 10:21

The horrific shooting of eight young people at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem last Thursday was followed by saturation media coverage. International statesmen lined up with condemnations of the attack and condolences for the victims and their families.

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Paddy's Day of Action Against shell (Meeting & Update)

10-03-2008 22:59

This Saturday (15th March) @ 5pm there will be a meeting and info night hosted by people from Ireland about the struggle of the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland, to stop shell from destroying their beautiful & pristine environment by building a high pressure gas pipeline through their land.

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Proposal for Coordination of European Campaign of Solidarity to the Zapatistas

10-03-2008 22:07


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A first shadow of G8 repression goes through Siberian Russia and Japan

10-03-2008 19:26

After leaving Russian FSB detention, left activists is returned to sea by Sapporo authorities

Sapporo-Otaru. 10.03.08 – 13:00 GMT: The German left activist Dr. Martin Kraemer has been refused landing in the port of Sapporo-Otaru. He has been condemned by Japanese authorities to remain stay put on the Panama vessel BM-2, which had brought him from Sakhalin on Friday, 7th of March. “Just released from special confinement by the Russian political police FSB, it’s now the Japanese repressive forces who try to top them.

In Russia, I got kicked and received an official death threat in custody, but this is worse,” says Martin: “Today’s blow against Japanese dignity set in before I could even open my mouth in this splendid country.” The surprising decision by Japanese immigration officers was announced today after receiving central instructions at 16:00 o’clock local time (8:00 GMT). At that time, Dr. Kraemer had already spent 66 hours waiting in the port of Otaru to get landing permission.