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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Seeking Dr Gapper formerly of the N.S.W. Government Medical Office

14-09-2007 09:30

Serious human rights abuses have been reported in the past at the N.S.W. government medical office. In 2002 Dr Helia Gapper vanished from New South Wales and has not been seen since.

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Anti DSei Critical Mass penned under s12/14

13-09-2007 20:21

The Pen
How we all went cycling on a legal protest and got the law used against us. But without finding out why.

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DSEi related arrest in Rampart Street, London

13-09-2007 16:39

Several people were searched in the street. One had their vehicle searched and was arrested on the basis of tools found.

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The Guantánamo Transcripts: “Ghost” Prisoners Speak After Five And A Half Years

13-09-2007 15:55

The Guantánamo Transcripts: “Ghost” Prisoners Speak After Five And A Half Years, And “9/11 hijacker” Recants His Tortured Confession

In another resounding demonstration of the importance of legally constituted checks and balances on executive power in the United States, the Associated Press, after filing a request to the Pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act, has secured 58 transcripts from the latest round of annual Administrative Review Boards at Guantánamo, convened to assess whether the detainees still pose a threat to the US, or if they are still presumed to have ongoing “intelligence value.”

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Mori will be in town to hold a "drug chat"

13-09-2007 14:31

I think we should all leave our comments for Jacqui Smith , she wants our opinion .

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Fires burn During APEC Summit 2007.

13-09-2007 13:47

The APEC summit achieves nothing for Indigenous Australia. Millions of dollars have been spent for World leaders to purchase uranium in style, at precisely the same time that Australian Army and Police are sent to invade and occupy indigenous communities in the outback. Outback Communities are forced to sign mining leases under duress from a tyrannical Government refusing to legislate against Genocide, in direct violation of The United Nations convention on Genocide.

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13-09-2007 08:36

As part of a week of action against the DSEi arms fair there will be a ride on this evening for the arms dealers' dinner, leaving from the NFT under Waterloo Bridge at 6:00pm. Bikes and any other human-powered vehicle welcome.

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PAKISTAN : Struggling to live peacefully-- Senator Sana Baloch

12-09-2007 17:56

Balochistan Leader Senator Sanaulla Baloch
Baloch and Sindhi regions which are a supply source of 94 percent natural gas, total coast and commercial life line of country, are totally unrepresented in federal jobs like in gas companies, port and shipping, steel mill, coast guard and Pakistan navy.

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Pegah Emambakhsh is free!

12-09-2007 16:57

The Iranian woman is no longer considered an illegal immigrant, she is now
a refugee awaiting asylum. Her first thoughts went to the friends who have
helped her and rescued her three times from the plane deporting her to her death.

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Video of Critical Mass style ride to DSEi Arms Fair.

12-09-2007 12:27

The DSEi Arms Fair, reputed to be the biggest in the world, continues to be held every other year in London's Docklands, England, despite being allowed to sell horrendous weapons to rogue regimes.

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John Bowden – Support For A Prisoner Under Attack

12-09-2007 09:28

Solidarity demo at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh
From the latest issue of 'Class War'.

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Zimbabwean women on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood IRC

12-09-2007 00:52

The hunger strike by five Zimbabwean women who are being held in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Center enters it's third day today. The women are protesting against their continued detention and impending deportation to Malawi.

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Pegah Emambakhsh Granted Bail

11-09-2007 21:58

Following is a message from the Friends of Pegah, for background information about her case see: "Save Pegah Emambakhsh from British Prison and Iranian Lashes"

We have some good news at last! Pegah was granted bail this morning, is now out of Yarls Wood Detention Centre and back with people who will love and care for her. The Court of Appeal have also agreed to hear her case. It will be listed within the next couple of weeks and will be heard sometime in the next few months, we believe.

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Sheffield Guantanamo Protest

11-09-2007 21:50

Some photos from, Sheffield Guantanamo Campaign's 11th September 2007 protest outside the Town Hall.

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11-09-2007 20:41

This was the session two at the UK Defence System conference in Mayfair

SESSION 2: Protecting Freedom of the Seas, Littorals and Choke Points if Globalisation breaks down

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11-09-2007 17:47

Our speaker is an IndyOaxaca activist, indigenous to the mixed territory of oaxaca and an avid community radio, video and print and independent media activist.

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The Campaign Against Prison Slavery & ITN News

11-09-2007 16:05

Are you a recently released ex-con and want to both help CAPS and be on prime-time TV news?

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Britain's Detention Estate

11-09-2007 11:54

Thousands of refugees and migrants are locked up in special prisons, disguised under various names, for committing the 'crime' of fleeing wars or persecution or wanting to improve their lives. Without trial and with no automatic bail review, they can face months and years of incarceration before being forcibly deported to unsafe countries. Detention has become an integral part of the UK immigration system and is certainly one of its most brutal and dehumanising aspects, whereby innocent and vulnerable people are interned in prison for political ends.

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Leeds ABC - Annual Report

11-09-2007 11:45

A report on the work this year of Leeds Anarchist Black Cross.