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zap06 | 11.09.2007 17:47 | Ecology | Repression | Zapatista | London

Our speaker is an IndyOaxaca activist, indigenous to the mixed territory of oaxaca and an avid community radio, video and print and independent media activist.

He will present the documentary from Mal de Ojo TV "True to my Pledge".
The video denounce the violation of human right committed by the governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz. This documentary has been produce to rise founds to help the widows of those murdered during the popular struggle.

We will see behind the reasons for last years events in Oaxaca, bad governments, land struggles, exploitation, migration, the destruction of the environment, the continuing annihilation of indigenous cultures, ways of life and in mexico, their eternal refusal to conveniently make way to projects like the Plan Puebla Panama and disappear for the benefit of the rich and for “the North”. we will look at what this means, to be indigenous,to be autonomous, to be rebellious, to organize and resist. resist dams, roads and agribusiness, biodiesel plantations or corporate T.V.

Wednesday 12th from 7 pm @ LARC -62 fieldgate st. E1-


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