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On the Frontline with the Mayr-Melnhof Night-Pickets

15-03-2012 12:14

Locked Out at Mayr-Melnhof !
And the Night was not Unruly ......
Night Pickets at the Mayr-Melnhof Packaging plant in Bootle, Merseside.

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Sri-Lanka: flawed UNHRC resolution still gives overdue exposure of SL war crimes

14-03-2012 03:41

On the 7th March, the United States submitted the draft resolution against Sri-Lanka to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) at its 19th session in Geneva, which began on February 27. The resolution notes that Sri Lanka has failed to implement the reconciliation measures recommended by the country’s own Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and calls for Sri Lanka to take more concrete actions towards reconciliation and especially, addressing the accountability issue and implementing the recommendations put forward by the LLRC.

Though the resolution seeks to address alleged violations of international law, critics point to the fact that the resolution, in giving credibility to the LLRC, will only entrench Sinhala state rule over Tamil territories and provide it a fraudulent legitimacy to do so (see below). Irrespective of this, Sri Lanka is confident that the country has support from enough of the UN Council`s member states to vote against the resolution, such as China, Russia and Pakistan as well as from African states, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International have just issued a report saying human rights violations remain routine in Sri-Lanka almost three years after the end of the war Ref: Channel 4 broadcast the 2nd part of their documentary of what has been happening in Sri Lanka later this evening (Wednesday 14th March 2012 - 10.55pm), alleging that several war crimes suspects are now in senior government posts. Part-1 of their investigation "Sri Lanka: The Killing Fields" broadcast on Tue 14 June 2011 showed gruesome footage of summary executions and other abuses of Tamils at the end of the war.

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Extradition Watch: Richard’s Story

12-03-2012 22:30

A Liberty Extradition Watch event, chaired by Shami Chakrabarti, Thursday, 29 March 2012 from 18:30 to 20:00 Sheffield Hallan University, Stoddart Lecture Theatre, Howard Street, please register in advance on the web site for a ticket

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Angie Zelter arrested on Jeju Island

12-03-2012 18:52

Angie Zelter
British peace activist and nobel prize nominee Angie Zelter is amongst those who have been arrested in ongoing protests against the building of a new naval base on Jeju Island in South Korea. The military base is due to be built on the island which was named an “Island of World Peace” by the South Korean government in 2005. Local villagers and activists have raised concerns over the environmental destruction of the island, which has several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and its potential to escalate military tensions in the region.

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Greece, Athens: Anarchist demo in memory of comrade Lambros Foundas

12-03-2012 18:23

Greece, Athens: Anarchist demo in memory of comrade Lambros Foundas

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Swp hijack's workfare protest newcastle

12-03-2012 03:54

As per normall the swp HIJACK a demonstration in newcastle

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UG#584 - Why Occupy (Rebellion or Slavery?)

11-03-2012 04:14

Our second episode on the Occupy movement includes two veterans of the show. Firstly, Chris Hedges presents an address entitled "Nonviolent Citizen Resistance to War and Globalization". Secondly we hear a range of voices addressing Occupy Oakland on the need for concerted resistance, including Derrick Jensen. We hear music by David Rovics and Mankana.

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Death & Devil

10-03-2012 12:01

This is a message to everybody and nobody from no one in particular. I am writing because you need to know that I have no voice, no face and no identity. I only have a presence. But this includes all the world, even these who continue to abuse it. My past has been stolen from me, since I was looking at the future without an experience of abuse. Now history itself is revisionist because everything in the present is a lie in the flow of time. Any truth has become a target for evil, and the closest thing to evil on Earth, the regime, has attacked the closest thing to truth here, the human yearning. This means you because only you can abolish the regime, clear its legacies and rehabilitate the targeted. You have to decide upon what is to be done and how this can be successfully prevented in the future. Just like there already is a first amendment to the categorical imperative, you can add another one.

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Culture or politics? Feminism’s Answer (repost)

09-03-2012 18:25

As Claire from Oxford said ...

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Volunteer for Oxford's rape crisis centre (repost)

09-03-2012 17:23

OSARCC is now recruiting volunteers.

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Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously

09-03-2012 17:00

On March 8, women worldwide commemorate International Women's Day. It celebrates over a century of economic, political, and social achievements. This year for Palestinians, Hana Shalabi's hunger strike for justice is highlighted. After three weeks, it's taken a toll. Nonetheless, she's determined to resist Israel's lawless arrest, detention, torture, and degrading treatment. Since arrested on February 16, she's only ingested water. However, for the past five days, extreme nausea prevents her from drinking more than 1.5 liters daily. .......

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Genoa G8 2001 Human Rights Watch Film Festival

08-03-2012 22:38

Through gripping testimony of those who experienced the raid on the Diaz school at the 2001 Genoa G8 Summit, Black Block provides a case study of police violence and arbitrary detention that could happen anywhere.

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Urgent: Collective letter: Stop the repression against the Zapatistas and the Ot

08-03-2012 20:42

Please sign this collective letter as soon as possible

Signatures to be sent to

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Is Stratfor spying on you? Wikileaks.

07-03-2012 16:59

Private American spy agency Stratfor outed by Wikileaks. Audio of Julian Assange, Yes Men, Bhopal charities, Spanish & Italian Press reveal privatization of government docs for sale to corporations, spying on charities & NGO's, and more. Are you being spied on by this American company? Best of press conference London Feb 27th, 2012. Radio Ecoshock show 120307

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New evidence casts doubt in Lockerbie case

04-03-2012 16:36

This documentary film investigates the case against Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, and finds new evidence to suggest that he and Libya may have fallen victim to a huge miscarriage of justice.

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Boat Dwellers in Oxford under threat

04-03-2012 14:27

Information to help boat dwellers whose homes are threatened by the Unlawfully Moored Boats Enforcement Group